What makes a good retardpublican?
Mary Kaye

United States

#609 Sep 21, 2012
Republicans are not for education. If you read their mission statements from various states, particularly from Texas, they state very clearly that they are against public education because it takes the power of education out of the hands of parents and puts it in the hands of government. They want to be able to raise their children to be scientifically illiterate.

Coweta, OK

#610 Sep 21, 2012
Opinionated wrote:
Most people on this thread are having an intelligent debate. Then there is simple. Says the same thing over and over. Simple never actually brings up any facts, just spews repug rhetoric. I can tell simple is an avid listener of Rush, can't think for himself. Can only repeat what Rush says.
Yea I read alot of these intelligent debates on here, don't make me laugh. My dad was a businessman and I am a businessman, and I'm getting tired of trying to explain how business works to 2nd and 3rd generation welfare cases. One thing my dad would always say was if you educate a fool you have an educated fool.

Andrews, TX

#612 Sep 21, 2012
Veteran newsman Ted Koppel appeared as a special contributor to NBC’s “Rock Center” on Thursday to launch an apparent war on what he believes is “partisan ranting” masquerading as news coverage at Fox News, MSNBC and other partisan media. But, first he sat down for an interview Bill O’Reilly and told him to his face that he’s hurting the country.

His conclusions: Fox News and MSNBC seem to only market “fear”; the partisan divide has actually become impossible to bridge; and it’s now up to the American people to reject it or suffer the consequences.

United States

#613 Sep 23, 2012
In short, here are some hard truths I have learned:

1. Not everyone even cares about politics.

2. Those that do care a little bit may pick a side (or a party) and just stop there, never questioning their choice.

3. Those that don’t stop there may not delve far afield from one source of information, which may have serious flaws (such as FOX News, which repeatedly gets criticized in studies for misinforming its faithful viewers).

4. Those who do draw their conclusions from more than one source of information may refuse to read information that is known (or suspected) to have a political slant or bias opposite to that of their pet political party.(How many Liberals do you know who will willingly read a book by David Barton, Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh? How many Conservatives will read an Al Franken, Barbara Ehrenreich or Molly Ivins book?)

5. Those who are willing to read both sides’ points of view may still be filtering information through psychological and moral filters that are radically different from those of the opposing party.

United States

#614 Sep 23, 2012
6. Some people care about politics only as a means to an end: they care strongly about a particular social issue or policy (such as pro-lifers, or people who want to legalize pot, or people who are angry about Monsanto and GMOs, or people who advocate for minorities or the disadvantaged or disabled), and will therefore vote for whichever politician seems to be most in line with their views about their pet issue. That politician’s political party will not figure into their decision.

7. It behooves us — especially where political differences are concerned — to expand our “monkeyspheres” to include other “outside-of-our-personal-spher e” monkeys, but it is difficult to do, given our limitations.

8. It helps to frame political issues in “this is what this will mean for you” terms for people who don’t typically care about politics. If you say,“Romney’s tax plan will cost you $2000 more a year,” they listen. If you say,“Obamacare means you can’t be denied healthcare insurance for preexisting conditions” or “Obama believes in equal pay for equal work, meaning women doing the exact same jobs as men should be paid the same salary those men earn,” or “Obama believes that your non-straight friends and family members and co-workers and neighbors are human beings, too, and that they deserve equal rights,” they may hear that, too. People who don’t care about politics much simply don’t give a shit about the Debt Ceiling, or who is more to blame for obstructionism in the House and Senate or White House, or want to look at a ton of facts and figures and graphs. What they want to hear is “this is what this policy will mean for you.”

9. Again, if you want people who typically aren’t into politics to care, you must make a political issue personally relevant to them.

10. There will always be more people who care about, say, Shaquille O’ Neal than Bernie Sanders. So it goes.

United States

#615 Sep 24, 2012
The meme of every major Republican distancing themselves from their very own nominee doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon, as there are 44 days left for the Romney machine to offend even more voting blocs. It’s gotten to the point where in only a matter of days, Rep. Todd Akin will be calling for Romney to step down for the good of the Republican party.

A fairly good indicator of knowing you stepped in a heaping mountain of dancing horse dung is when conservative luminary, David Brooks, is calling you out. From his totally inappropriate comments on the embassy crisis in Libya, to his Monty Burns-esque “f*#k you” to 47 percent of the country and even to his going brown face at a Univision sponsored event, the Romney campaign appears to be run by Trumph the Insult Comic Dog.

United States

#616 Sep 24, 2012
Appearing on “Meet the Press,” the conservative New York Times columnist joined many Republicans on a panel to lay into Romney.

Brooks did not mince words, calling Romney “the least popular candidate in history.”“He has to look at what the president’s weakness is,” Brooks said.“He’s never gonna win a popularity contest.”

Brooks added that Romney “does not have the passion for the stuff he’s talking about.”“He’s a problem solver,” Brooks said.“I think he’s a non-ideological person running in an extremely ideological age, and he’s faking it.”
Stench Romney

Lubbock, TX

#617 Sep 26, 2012

The Cherokee Nation principal chief on Wednesday demanded an apology from Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) after his staffers mocked Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren’s heritage by shouting war whoops and doing the â Tomahawk Chop at a campaign rally.

“The Cherokee Nation is disappointed in and denounces the disrespectful actions of staffers and supporters of Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown,” Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation Bill John Baker said in a statement obtained by National Journal.“The conduct of these individuals goes far beyond what is appropriate and proper in political discourse.”

“The use of stereotypical ‘war whoop chants’ and ‘tomahawk chops’ are offensive and downright racist. It is those types of actions that perpetuate negative stereotypes and continue to minimize and degrade all native peoples.”

“We need individuals in the United States Senate who respect Native Americans and have an understanding of tribal issues,” he added.“For that reason, I call upon Sen. Brown to apologize for the offensive actions of his staff and their uneducated, unenlightened and racist portrayal of native peoples.”

Tyler, TX

#618 Sep 27, 2012
Americans are more likely to blame Bush for the financial crisis that started on his watch than to blame Obama for the slow recovery from it. And even before the financial crisis, the last period of Republican governance was not especially good for America’s middle class. Wages were flat for people in the middle of the income spectrum even when the economy was growing.

The Romney campaign acknowledges that the crisis began before Obama took office, but it has next to nothing to say about what Bush-era Republicans got wrong. The result is that Romney appears to be saying that everything was going swimmingly until Obama came along. That impression lends credence to Obama’s attempt to portray Romney as running for Bush’s third term. Romney’s silence about the errors of the Bush years is, on the other hand, understandable, since many Republicans continue to hold Bush in high esteem as a good man who tried to do a lot of good things. Since most Americans consider Bush a failure, Romney cannot embrace him either. So Bush has been an awkward non-presence in the campaign: the man who was not there.

United States

#619 Sep 29, 2012
So you know the guy who invaded the wrong country and caused the economic meltdown that we’re still feeling? Well, that guy is more popular than Mitt Romney.

Former President George Bush, who has the favorability somewhere in the range of herpes and syphilis, is evidently more popular with the American electorate than they guy who hasn’t even had a chance to make things worse. According to a poll conducted by Bloomberg News, Bush received a favorable rating of 46 percent, while Romney’s favorable rating was 43 percent. Further, 49 percent of respondents gave Bush an unfavorable rating, compared to 50 percent of respondents who gave Romney an unfavorable rating. So much for distancing yourself from the ex-president.

United States

#620 Sep 29, 2012
Although making so much noise during his 8 years in office, Bush left quietly into the night and spends most of his days cleaning up his dog Barney’s mess while Obama spends his days trying to clean up Bush’s mess. Bush joined Cheney and Palin among those in the witless protection program who were not invited to the RNC in Tampa. For his part, Romney has gone to great lengths to create his own vision (whatever the current poll is) and firmly separate himself from the destructive policies of the past. Even though Romney doesn’t want to physically have Bush near his side, he’s had no problem whatsoever using all of the destructive neocons from his administration.

“I’m interested in politics. I’m a supporter of Mitt Romney,”Bush said in an interview in July.“I hope he does well. But you know, he can do well without me.”(Huffington Post)

Not to worry, Mr. Bush. Romney is proving that he can do awful all own his own. But it’s very nice to see that you’re finally interested in politics after you served two terms.

Douglas, GA

#621 Sep 29, 2012
VOTE OBAMA, HE'II GIVE YOU A FREE PHONE!!!!!!!!! Thats the demwitts election plan. Wait till that crazy black woman gets her some redistibution money, every liquor store will be empty, they'll smoke cigs. and drink beer till its gone. GONNA GET ME ONE THEM FREE OBAMA PHONES!!!!!!!!

United States

#623 Sep 30, 2012
If SimpleMinded would do a little research, she and in her fatass mind (She sits on her brain) would understand that the free telephone for people, like her, was part of the Reagon experience.

George Bush, her idol, started the $1.oo per month cell phone kraze and I truly hope that she can get her second so-called Obama phone.

United States

#624 Sep 30, 2012
Wonder why SimpleMinded doesn't rave about the welfare Fat Cat Farmers and the oil companys that do not pay taxes.

Is she just a repugidiot on welfare that wants to cut her own throat?

Bet she is sitting in the ashes, wearing sack cloth, and beating her back with chains for atonement at the present time.

Broken Arrow, OK

#625 Sep 30, 2012
I can't wait for this redistibution deal, man with that and my free phone I'll be fine. All you demwits out there need to watch that free phone video. That crazy black woman is the new face of the demwit party, not you working idiots, its the freeloaders, crazies, occupy people, if you're gonna be in the demwit party you might as well join them.

United States

#626 Sep 30, 2012
I gottom my free cell phone and right away I gottom a free welfare check, free money for rent, and free groceries, but that dirty simple had the checks directly deposited into her acount at the bank of carsom, and had the groceries delivered to her fat cat farm.

Typical repugpig!!---Stealing from the poor!!!!

Haskell, OK

#627 Sep 30, 2012
Well you know what they say, a fool and his money shall soon part. So all you fools out there that have a good job, and are making lots of money go ahead and vote for osama--I mean obama, and redistribution will take all your hard earned money and give it to people like that black woman in the video holling OBAMA GAVE ALL US MINORITES IN CLEVELAND A FREE PHONE. Every liquir store and drug dealers business will triple.

Waco, TX

#628 Oct 1, 2012
I want part of simple's fat cat farmers check.

I think that I deserve it and want her free phone.
Jerry Bob

Andrews, TX

#629 Oct 1, 2012
All I ask is a chance to prove that Simple's money can't make me happy

Haskell, OK

#630 Oct 1, 2012
OBAMA GOT ME A FREE PHONE, VOTE FOR OBAMA IF YOU WANT A FREE PHONE!!!!!!!!!! The new face of the demwitt party.

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