Daniel Maxwell and Amanda Ross in jai...

Parkersburg, WV

#66 Feb 13, 2013
It's a damn shame that people get on here and they think the computer makes them ten foot tall and bullet proof. Daniel is a straight up guy always has been, everyone makes mistakes, we are human that's what we are programmed to do. So what Daniels made is mistakes and that was his choice it's nobody's business but his own, I've known the dude for a long time and he's a straight shooter he does what Daniel wants to do and be has that right, so if your going to get on here and talk [email protected] a out him have some balls to same your name and be a man or woman about it. Daniel I wish the best for you bro and if u need me you always have a friend in me, I'm out if the game but I don't judge unlike a lot of u so-called friends. It's just such a [email protected] shame there are so many pu$$y out here that use the Internet as their backbone. Keep ur head up bro, I'll keep the faith.
noo 1

Howell, MI

#67 Feb 13, 2013
maxwell wrote:
these [email protected]$s on here are running there mouth like there solid and everybody else are snitchs. I done 5 yrs for robbery my first felony and about to go back because a co-operating witness set me up and i got caught with 106 oxycodone pills and they was my personal use but it is what it is ill do what they give me and keep my pride can u say that?u wear a wire on dewayne for not fronting to u damn snitch u know who u are say something now fake ass [email protected] go somewhere.Im not sure who set me up and dont really care i knew the chances that came with it and life goes on.
Heard from jail that Brent Mays, Amanda's ex had his people that has been in trouble to set you up Bub and I wouldn't admit to shit since they are the ones that apparently put that shit in your ride an ratted to cops to pull you over
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east lynn friend

United States

#69 Feb 14, 2013
randy pacman pack wrote:
if he was a straight shooter and solid he wudnt be slingin dope from his mommies trailer on kenova ave.he was doin the same $hit when he lived above ginos
Next time use your own name and not Randy's your IP adress is Wayne and Randy lives in Florida. Shows you who the trouble making rat is whoever you are.

Chesapeake, OH

#70 Feb 14, 2013
I got a bj from amanda once

Oceana, WV

#71 Feb 19, 2013
ur all fckin STUPID... Just gotta outta jail for a felony like that's cool or something. dude that's time away from ur kids & fam that u can never get back. ur not how long n get caught with 100 oxy's?? u deserve to get locked up. Talkin all gangster like ur cool. OMG! DANIEL ur NOT COOL & never will have a life except prison life. wft? u must like them bro's in their with cocks down to their knees. ahh.. Take it like a man. LMFAO! all u all r FOOLS!!!
PS.. Daniel, grow the fck up, dude, be a man get a job take care of ur kids... Time 2 man up!
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Saint Albans, WV

#73 Feb 20, 2013
hes never had a real job and neether has amanda
Lonely People

Wexford, PA

#74 Feb 21, 2013
Ya'll must have a lot of time on your hands to be on Topix talking sh!t about people, so obviously none of you have a job either.

What difference does it make what Amanda or Daniel do? Neither of them are effecting you or your lives, so stfu. It also doesn't matter that they were or were not in jail, that Daniel has been in jail before, or anything either of them do.

Until you have nothing at all to talk about regarding your lives, stop talking about other people and how they live their lives. According to some of the posts on this thread, none of you have anything to say about anyone else.

Saint Albans, WV

#75 Feb 21, 2013
Lonely People wrote:
Ya'll must have a lot of time on your hands to be on Topix talking sh!t about people, so obviously none of you have a job either.
What difference does it make what Amanda or Daniel do? Neither of them are effecting you or your lives, so stfu. It also doesn't matter that they were or were not in jail, that Daniel has been in jail before, or anything either of them do.
Until you have nothing at all to talk about regarding your lives, stop talking about other people and how they live their lives. According to some of the posts on this thread, none of you have anything to say about anyone else.
You are so ignorant. There drug dealing does affect everyones lives. It brings thieves and pilled out drivers into neighborhoods where kids are playing in the streets. They use the system. Pure trash, lock em up.

Kimberly, WV

#76 Feb 21, 2013
Hell yeah, people who deal pills ruin so many lives it fckin ridiculous.. & a lot of those lives r innocent children. So lock em up & throw away the key! As a matter of fact I do have a job, I work my a$$ off for everything I have. Trust me I gotta nail down everything I can to keep dang pill heads from carrying it off. People didn't sell pills, people wouldn't get addicted in the first place. When that loser is in jail my tax $ gives him 3 hots & cot. So if I had a choice after 3 strikes I'd gas their a$$.. People like Daniel & Amanda will NEVER be contributing members of society... so u need STFU! U r probably a pill head 2 or family to them. No1 else could take for trash like that. FU!
Lonely People

Wexford, PA

#77 Feb 21, 2013
It would seem to me that the only way you know anything about what either of them are doing, then you must either be a pillhead yourself, or know someone very well that is and knows what, if anything, they are doing.

If you would have read all of my post, and not just jumped to conclusions, you would have read where I wasn't necessarily taking up for them and their alleged lifestyle, I was saying that it doesn't matter what they do and it's not up to you to judge them, whether it be on your front porch, in your living room, on your telephone or on Topix. The only way it affects you, is when it's brought into your house. There is always a way to keep pillheads off your property and off the streets. It's called 911. How do you think any of these dealers and takers get put away? It takes action on your part, not just you spreading crap online.

Another thing, it's not up to you to say whether or not Amanda or Daniel will be contributing members of society. Just keep in mind, as the good Book says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged" and "Ye without sin cast the first stone." I'm pretty sure there aren't many in Wayne County who haven't or aren't sinning, myself included, but I'm not judging someone's future and completely livelyhood on one mistake or what the other gossips in the trailer park say.
marilyn wilson

Lerona, WV

#78 Feb 23, 2013
Somegirl like the other post stated judge not unless you be judged have you ever thought that maybe Daniel and Amanda might need help if you are a christian or a good person as you stated then instead of putting someone down why dont you help them, everyone thinks they sell drugs like crazy when in fact they have drug problems and it is not that easy to get off drugs and jail will not help maybe drug rehab because as you stated he has been in there many many years and this was the reason
judge dread

Saint Albans, WV

#79 Feb 23, 2013
ur right marilyn, they have to sell drugs to support their habit.people should be judged so dont pull that bible stuff out.has either of them ever had a job
marilyn wilson

Bluefield, WV

#80 Feb 24, 2013
judge dread I did not say as you will notice that it is right to do drugs i said that people like this need rehab and people should be christian like and not say put in jail besides I study criminal justice you know how much it cost taxpayers to pay for drug addicts in jail compared to rehab as matter of fact I am Danielsa mom and he goes to college huh bet you did not know that?
judge dread

Saint Albans, WV

#81 Feb 24, 2013
stand up people n straight shooters work their way through college.he should have a masters degree by now if jail time counts.rehab starts at home.is he going to be a brain surgeon or marketing director to better manage his drug dealing?has he ever had a job.death penalty for druggies, bullets are cheaper than rehab
marilyn wilson

Bluefield, WV

#82 Feb 24, 2013
Yes as a matter of fact you must not know him he worked as a production worker for three years and he is doing accounting and you think he sells drugs huh he does them, that is why he needs help and as I stated a prime example why jail time does not work and when the war on drugs huh was brought up I bet you taxpayers thought jail was a good ideal but compare the cost it cost 100,000 a year to house drug addicts and rehab is only 40,000 a year so who loses yall
marilyn wilson

Bluefield, WV

#83 Feb 24, 2013
The authors of the new report focused on ways to deal with the rapidly growing prison population in West Virginia will be in Charleston for the 2013 Regular Legislative Session.

Carl Reynolds, the Senior Legal and Policy Counsel for the Council of State Governments Justice Center, says he and others are now working on draft legislation based on the study’s findings.

Overall, the report says the state’s prison overcrowding problems can be eased by better assessing those convicted of crimes and improving the monitoring of people once they are released.

Reynolds says it’s very clear any bill will have to include additional funding for substance abuse treatment programs.

“The problem of substance abuse is really overwhelming the criminal justice system in West Virginia,” Reynolds said on Wednesday’s MetroNews Talkline.

“Frankly, I felt like some of the people we were talking to, who work in the system, are beginning to be traumatized by the level of and the severity of the problems that they’re seeing in the people that come before them on the bench.”

For the past decade, the incarceration rate in West Virginia has been three times the national average, with many prison inmates forced to stay in regional jails because of a lack of space.

According to current estimates, the state’s prison population is expected to grow by another 24% over the next five years and, Reynolds says, many of those future prisoners will be addicts.

“We heard comments about, many times, from judges and prosecutors basically saying,‘I’m not trying to be hard on these people, I’m locking them up to save their lives,’” he said.

Estimates show substance abuse programs cost $1,000 to $7,000 per person, depending on the level of severity. Housing an inmate for a year in a West Virginia prison costs $24,000.

Reynolds says investments in substance abuse treatment programs will pay off in the long run.

He points to Texas where, he says, some of the recommendations they’ve made for West Virginia are already working.“People are actually seeking even more of the same, more reform in the same direction,” he said from Austin on Wednesday.

You can see the full report from the Council of State Governments Justice Center at www.justicereinvestment.org .

The 2013 Regular Legislative Session opens on Wednesday, February 13th at the State Capitol.

Shauna Johnson

[email protected]

Shauna Johnson, a Fairmont native, is an award winning reporter who has been covering news in West Virginia for more than a decade.


marilyn wilson

Bluefield, WV

#84 Feb 24, 2013
sorry wrong on cost but being in criminal justice i know most taxpayers are not aware of that

Charleston, WV

#85 Mar 1, 2013
WELL ifyou think more of the drugs thenyour children then what do you expect.she deserved to have her kids taken away.this message goes to any one who does drugs.its the kids who gets the bad end of the stick. so before you take those drugs STOPand look your kids in the face and say to yourself is it worth having your precious children taken from you
marilyn wilson

Bluefield, WV

#86 Mar 1, 2013
Look anyone that does drugs causes families grief and one can not blame it on a drug dealer they are hooked and will find the drugs anywhere, yes they take money out of their childrens mouth and sometimes make them miss xmas as I know a couple that did. The only way to change this process is to help the people by drug enforced commitment to drug rehab cos jail does not help seen it to many times they come out start all over again
need to know

Ashburn, VA

#87 Mar 2, 2013
wait i'm lost who got her kids taken away?

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