Gower Residents Shocked After Deadly ...

Gower Residents Shocked After Deadly Bar Fight

There are 73 comments on the KQTV story from Oct 20, 2007, titled Gower Residents Shocked After Deadly Bar Fight. In it, KQTV reports that:

“Everybody is just devasted. I haven't heard anything specific other than we had a fatality due to an altercation”

People in Gower are shocked after Clinton County's second murder this year. Gower is known as a small, rural community, but the tragic events that happened outside Katie's Pub left the town in shock. via KQTV

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Jarrod Smith

El Dorado Springs, MO

#1 Nov 8, 2007
I live in Gower And i would just like to say i hope he gets What he deserves Him and Kurt were friends But BEER CAUSED ALL OF IT
M Siela

Jacksonville, TX

#2 Nov 20, 2007
Jarrod Smith wrote:
I live in Gower And i would just like to say i hope he gets What he deserves Him and Kurt were friends But BEER CAUSED ALL OF IT

No they were NOT friends..Kurt was standing up for Garrett Grier, who he thought was a friend.Kyle just liked to pick someone out to fight with...that night it was Kurt.Kurt tried to walk away & go home..Kyle had help outside the bar. Everyone who hit or touched Kurt needs to be in jail!
M Siela

Jacksonville, TX

#3 Nov 20, 2007
Why did no one call 911 to help Kurt? There were 8 to 10 people present that night including Katie's Pub owner, and no one called for help.
Kurt was thrown in the back of a dirty truck by at least 4 of those witnesses, driven to his house, and when discovered that he wasn't breathing, his girlfriend had to call for help.(Not one would offer her their cell phone, she had to run back into the house to get a phone to call and all of them had a phone on them) The family asked questions, as did the emergency staff responding. Not one of the 3 men who moved him would tell the truth to help save his life.Not one of the 3 told the truth to the police to help solve this murder either. The family expects justice and accountabilty to all who touched and violated his body that night! Animals are treated better than he was...and some of these men he thought were his friends! God knows & be assured, if the truth is never revealed by them,ultimately punishment will be his.
M Siela

Jacksonville, TX

#4 Nov 23, 2007
The family of Kurt Brinton would invite anyone who knew Kurt or who would like to support the family in obtaining the rest of the story and pushing for more arrests in his case to please speak out and come & show your support the 19th of every month at 6pm downtown. The community needs to use Kurt's death as a catalyst to cleaning up the undesirable element in the area.
This can only be done if the majority stands up for what is right and make a difference. We need your support. Kurt deserves for the truth to come out and for justice to those who have lied about what happened October 18th, to be punished to the max. Please come support our effort.

Kansas City, MO

#5 Nov 26, 2007
Jarrod Smith wrote:
I live in Gower And i would just like to say i hope he gets What he deserves Him and Kurt were friends But BEER CAUSED ALL OF IT
Do not be a dummy

United States

#6 Dec 2, 2007
What a sad story. Adults fighting = retarded.
Kyle certainly is not the brightest bulb. Too bad they (Musser children) didn't have better role models in their formative years... consider the parents.

I would be interested to know the names of the 4 witnesses who drove Mr. Brinton to his home. I am sure all involved are borderline retarded. That no one in the group or the bar for that matter called the police speaks volumes. I understand that the bar this happened at frequently stays open past closing time. I would assume there is a liquor license issue there.

Do they Gower police (ha!) still park themselves and help close down the Kwik Korner (I can barely bring myself to spell it that way...)?

In any event, I hope that there is a county prosecutor in the area who will push this case. I'm not clear on whether this is a Clinton or Buchanan county case.
M Siela

Jacksonville, TX

#7 Dec 3, 2007
I was told that Kyle himself was one of the 4 men who took Kurt home. Bobbie Holt, Jeffrey Holder and Garrett Grier were the 3 remaining when a neighbor, Latishia arrived to try & help before 1st responders could get there. She told them to stay put, she could hear the sirens, and they made the decision to move him to the ballfield so the responders and ambulance had to be called and re-routed. Not one would call or lend their phone to Kurt's girlfriend to use, yet Latishia witnessed them using their phones on the way to the ballpark...getting stories straight, huh?
We have been told by many that Jeffrey Holder also hit Kurt and assisted Kyle, yet he is still free. It is Clinton County and we have yet to see any further arrests besides Kyles. Please write or call anyone you know to complain as we have about this situation. We need justice for Kurt and to know this community is willing to fight for what's right instead of allowing this criminal nonsense to go on.

Saint Joseph, MO

#8 Jan 7, 2008
I hope there is justice and obviously kyle wasnt the only one involved in this crazy mess!!!! And for the "dont be a dummy" maybe u ought not judge the parents. Every parent makes mistakes but as adults we make our own decisions!!!! Dont judge until all comes out!!!! And for the family of kurt my heart goes out to u.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#9 Jan 8, 2008
Thank God the judge decided to keep Kyle locked up. He ruled NOT to reduce his bond and to not allow him to be released. The family is truly grateful for that. That has to tell Kyle that this time he's not going to get off so easily as he has in the past. I know Kurt is smiling over that one! Keep your prayers coming that the other men and or women involved also are charged appropriately for their negligence and involvement. We go to court again on Jan 29th...we are pushing for the Clinton County Prosecutor to step back and allow a Special Prosecutor take over so we can be assured Mitch Elliott does not stay involved and the good ole boy system doesn't take over this case.
The family is dedicated to fight for justice for Kurt so he can rest in peace. Keep your prayers with us please.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#10 Jan 15, 2008
We will be commemorating the 3rd month anniversary of Kurt's brutal death downtown Gower,
Friday Jan 18th at 6:30pm. Friends, family, and concerned community members are welcome. We come together in support of one another and in loving memory of a loyal father, son, brother and friend.
We pray for the truth and justice for Kurt and his family. Together, we will be heard and a better community will result. God help the Gower Community if the lies and coverup continues. The wrong message will be sent to the younger generation that will become the Gower of tomorrow. Do we not owe it to everyone in the Community to demand the truth and punishment for those who killed and violated a fellow resident that night? How can we just ignore what is going on all around us? It is wrong to watch a man be killed and do nothing. It is wrong to know who and how he died, and to say nothing. The family will NOT stop our quest until everyone involved is brought to justice this year or 10 years from now. At some point they will have to testify...we will not go away...you can count on that. And ultimately they will be judged by a far greater power...and there is no covering up to him!
a friend of a friend

Lawrence, KS

#11 Jan 18, 2008
(msiela)Where can i email you?

Columbia, MO

#13 Jan 29, 2008
My heart goes out for all of kurts family.
Before you go around talking crap on the musser's why don't you think before you talk. Every parent isn't perfect and half the time something ever happens its not the parents fault. i was raised with good parents and i still have a brother in jail. So don't start blaming the parents for the kids action.
Kansas city

Tampa, FL

#14 Jan 29, 2008
M Siela wrote:
<quoted text>
No they were NOT friends..Kurt was standing up for Garrett Grier, who he thought was a friend.Kyle just liked to pick someone out to fight with...that night it was Kurt.Kurt tried to walk away & go home..Kyle had help outside the bar. Everyone who hit or touched Kurt needs to be in jail!
You seem to know allot about what was going on that night. Were you at the bar as well? Why did Kurt need to stand up for Garrett? And you are saying that Kyle just started a fight with Kurt for no reason. That Kyle would start fights all the time.

Midland, TX

#15 Feb 5, 2008
Kansas city wrote:
<quoted text>
You seem to know allot about what was going on that night. Were you at the bar as well? Why did Kurt need to stand up for Garrett? And you are saying that Kyle just started a fight with Kurt for no reason. That Kyle would start fights all the time.
I can only go by what is told me by the authorities, other witnesses, Kyles family & girlfriend quotes.
Kurt was listening to Garrett's story of his longtime girlfriend leaving him and how upset he was. Kurt had gone through a tough divorce and was trying to support Garrett. Kyle was making fun of them both and that started the argument initually. Kurt was a loyal friend always and couldn't understand how Kyle could say he was Garretts' friend and say & do what he was that night. Others tell me that Kyle loves to fight, that he will keep up arguing until that person eventually fights him...however rarely alone or face to face. Kurt's family simply expects those who witnessed his murder to come forward and do the right thing. Kurt wouldn't have hesitated to stop a fight like this one to save someone, nor would he hesitate to do whatever it took to bring
about justice. We pray for answers and truth for Kurt, this community and our family.

Midland, TX

#16 Feb 10, 2008
Great, now the city council is considering giving another liquor license out just 4 months after they let our family down by letting Katie's Pub stay open after repeated violence. Pray someone down there has some sense and votes no.

Midland, TX

#17 Feb 26, 2008
Kurt's family spoke at the Gower City Council meeting prior to the new liquor license being approved to no avail. We simply hoped the council would show the slightest effort toward preventing another death as a result of a liquor license in Gower. Not the case. They were not interested in adding anything to ordinances that would even prevent minors in the cafe/bar/gameroom that is proposd after a certain time at night or without an adult. In fact the push is for hard liquor by the drink on the April ballot. Now Kurt's death means nothing to these people. Its all about a place for them to party more! It's time this town realizes the direction it's ;eaders are taking them... New aldermen need to be elected that have the safety and well being of the residents as a priority. The Good Ole Boy mentality has been in control long enough. They were disrespectful to my son by even having another bar open so soon after his death. Gower obviously won't enforce state liquor licensing laws or choses to ignore them so the drugs and alcohol can keep flowing on main street. My family is soooo very disappointed in this town. It has a very ugly side that surfaced after Kurt's death. The council just re-enforced our opinion of their unwillingness to expect bar owners to be accountable for their actions. Until one of their family members is a victim too, they won't ever get it.

Midland, TX

#18 Mar 12, 2008
Friday the 14th of March is the preliminary hearing for Kyle Musser. It is such a dreaded day for the family of Kurt Brinton's. We will have to hear partial truths and autopsy details. Kurt's 13 yr old daughter will be there and will be with her as it will the rest of us forever.
Please pray that the judge sees through the attempts to clear Kyle and hold fast to the reality that Kurt was taken out of our lives by Kyle Musser and his reckless acts. We are told to prepare for the fact that he will be likely released after the hearing. Pray for justice and truth for our family and this community. Those men and women trying to cover up the true events need to do the right thing now or forever be held responsible along with Kyle.

Columbia, MO

#19 Mar 18, 2008
this woman will sit and type on here all day until she is blue in the face about how nobody helped, and nobody called 911. its funny tho because she was not at the bar when all of this took place so would she know the so called "truth" that she thinks everyone is hiding??...NO!!!! so its about time to quit blaming everyone that was at the bar that night..it was a mutual fight between kurt and kyle and if you need to blame someone it should be kyle. also, another thing that is funny to me is about the city council and how you are so upset with them for issuing and beer license to jackie...but yet you will bury your son with beer in his hand??? doesnt quite make sence..

Laredo, TX

#20 Mar 20, 2008
I have finally worked up the nerve to get on here and read what people have wrote. I am Kurt's girlfriend and the mother of his 7 month old daughter. I don't know what happened that night at the bar and I may never know what actually happened. All I know is that these so called friends of Kurt's are lying. They brought him to me and at court they lied about who talked to me, who was doing cpr, and who all was actually there. Therefore, my thoughts are if they are lying about what happened after his death, why aren't they lying about how he died and how the fight occurred. Gower cannot handle a bar and that is why our family is going against a liquor license for another bar. Kurt was buried with a beer and many other things that he enjoyed. There were pictures of his 3 beautiful girls, a picture of him and I, tractors, oreo's and reese's, just to name a few. Kurt meant so much to so many people and I wish I could put into words how much he means to me. He will always be my number 1 and he cannot be replaced. I will do my best to teach my daughter about how wonderful her father is and how much he means to me and the love that I have for him. Not a second goes by that he isn't on my mind or in my dreams. I still wait for him to knock on my door everyday and just give me one of those smiles he always gave me. I pray everyday that Kyle gets the maximum sentence he can get. It may have been a bar fight but Kyle hit him and knocked him out which soon there after killed him. But while Kurt was down, Kyle continued to beat him. Kurt was defenseless and to me that is someone trying to murder someone else. Kyle deserves to be charged with murder 2 and should rot in prison for the rest of his life for killing a man who loved his family more than anything. He worked as hard as he could for us and on occasion took sometime for himself and went to the bar to have a drink with his friends. I see nothing wrong with that and I admire Kurt more than anyone else. He will forever be the love of my life and my hero.
sad story

Columbia, MO

#21 Mar 27, 2008
I feel badly for both parties involved. A bar fight is a bar fight---no one plans on calling someone out and dying--nor does a person enter into a bar fight such as this one and truly mean to kill--if so why wouldn't one use a weapon? I think emtions are understandably high for the victims families--but remember God is the ultimate judge of of us--Kurt has already faced Him--Kyle will as well one day---we are not his judge nor his jury. It is wrong for ANYONE (Kurt family or Kyle's or friends or complete strangers) to think they "know what really happened"--only God knows and He will see to it that justice prevails.

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