A Warning - Again!
George the Great

Olympia, WA

#226 Nov 1, 2012
Wondering if Doctor Dunn understands this Washington state; where he wishes to live someday. The same state where King county goes so does the rest of the state. Never mind the questionable election returns in that county; King county is good for furnishing their returns after everyone else...mind you, let us not forget the 2004 questionable election (Rossi was screwed with questionable ballots found during the third recount); pay no attention to the election fraud being committed. But why Vancouver? Heavy union city while the good doctor ignores the truth in one campaign is negative campaign mode while the other is campaigning on truth.

Omaha, NE

#227 Nov 6, 2012
DrJEDunn wrote:
Romney wants badly to eliminate FEMA from the federal budget, as he has said so over and over again during the presidentaial campaign!
What an ultra super duper Republican TEA Party Ding-bat!!!
Dr. James E. Dunn
More mental diarrhea from Dr.Dung. He's not a real doctor but he likes poking his fingers into the asses of homeless guys.

Santee, SC

#228 Nov 7, 2012
Your statement says something about yur level of intelligence, Besara!

Obama won!!!

YEA----------YEA----------YEA- ---------etc.


Portland, OR

#229 Nov 8, 2012
DrJEDunn wrote:
DrJEDunn said...
Eisenhower warned us about "Beware of the Military-Industrial Complex," and we still haven't listened and acted: we had Viet Nam, we had Kosovo, we had Iraq, we had ... and on it goes all to make those in the military, and those corporations who supply them, even richer.
Now the protroleum companines are doing the very same thing! Their money literally controls our federal government - corporations are "people," - remember the Supreme Court's 5 to 4 decision recently!- and other countries are now ahead of us in implimenting the electric car, the magnetic train, the ....
This is why I have joined the OCCUPY movement, and this is why so many more millions of Americans have joined it as well!
How about YOU?
Are you really happy with the rest of the world getting socially and technologically well ahead of us, all for the sake of THEIR corporate profits???
Dr. James E. Dunn
Read more here: http://thesunnews.typepad.com/opinionblog/201...

What recent Supreme Court's 5 to 4 decision?

Santee, SC

#230 Nov 11, 2012

It is difficult for me to actually believe the final outcome of the just run Presidential Election!

It is so difficult to believe, because Obama had so much working against him that it took a noble purpose for each and every American person to vote for him in the massive numbers in which they did.

It seemed as though most all of the American press – the newspapers, the Radio, and the television – were positively focusing on what Romney said he was going to do, and on the supposedly little that Obama had accomplished and/or done in the four previous years he worked as president.

Little was said about Obama’s killing of this nation’s number 1 enemy, bin Laden, and little was said about Obama’s saving the American economy from its near financial collapse.

Little was said about the stock market nearly doubling itself since Bush left office.

Little has been said about the unemployment rate going significantly down while he has been in the office of the presidency.

In fact, not much was said about Obama want to increase the taxes the VERY rich will pay, he is in favor of “pro-choice” legislation, he is not in favor of reducing requirements for off shore drilling, he supports same-sex marriage, and many other concepts.

While the thoughts and concepts of Mitt Romney opposed all of those issues just mentioned, these positions got little play in the press,

I don’t believe that most of the press – especially FOX – ever focused upon what the very real issue was against Barack Obama/

Supposedly he wasn’t born in the United States.

Supposedly he isn’t a United States citizen.

Supposedly he is a :socialist,”

No one opposing Barack Obama, however, told the truth:

He is a Black man!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Olympia, WA

#231 Nov 12, 2012
Who cares he is a black man? He's a hard left liberal. Hillary would have been better suited as President and welcomed more...not by the color of his skin but by his politics. BTW...give up your leftist agenda and realize that he never really compromised with the Republicans. It has always been...'he's a black man' that influenced the left's hatred of the right. Never mind that he was left of Clinton, both of them, it was the color of his skin. Some people need to get over the racial issue and realize that it's about the politics.

Santee, SC

#232 Nov 15, 2012
Really George!

George the Great

Olympia, WA

#233 Nov 16, 2012
He's hard left, with OFA, he was not open to compromise in his first term. Sorry, he's left of Hillary and has always been that way.

Georgetown, SC

#234 Dec 1, 2012
I'm not sorry, George!

George the Great

Olympia, WA

#235 Dec 2, 2012
Wrong, doc...but don't be sorry. Be sorry for the next generation.
Doc is a Blumpkin

La Mesa, CA

#238 Dec 28, 2012
Doc, you should move to Washington state with your boyfriend. You could both legally get married, collect welfare and butt hump all day in the rain.

Bowman, SC

#239 Dec 30, 2012
You'd have to teach me how to do it, Bumpkin, but I really don't think I want to learn!

Dr. JEDunn
El Verga

La Mesa, CA

#240 Jan 1, 2013
Dr Dunn taught me what a Blumpkin was. He is old and grose but does a good job at it. Uhh, uhhhh. Plop.splash !. Thanks doc
George thth Great

Olympia, WA

#241 Jan 16, 2013
The problem with the Doc is that he expects others, our grandchildren but not his since he doesn't have any, to pay for today's bills. The Doc doesn't think about who's being harmed tomorrow but thinks about today. Same problem that our Prez has...it's not his problem but the next President's problem.

Elloree, SC

#242 Feb 20, 2013
I firmly believe that this country’s historians are making a classical mistake by totally ignoring the relevant teachings of the late American motivational psychologist, Dr. Abraham Maslow,(Ph.D.)
Maslow postulated that each human’s behavior was determined by which one of Maslow’s five Basic Need Levels the individual finds him/herself functioning on at the moment.

These five Need Levels include: Physical Needs, Safety Needs, the Need for Love, the Need for esteem, and finally the Need for Self Actualization.

These five Needs are in a hierarchy. In other words, a person who is starving to death won’t be enticed by a shiny new car, but he will be very interested in a ham sandwich. And the same is true regarding the other Need Levels.

I offer you the following for a clearer understanding of the five Need Levels:

1. Physical Needs: The need for oxygen, for food, for water, for warmth. The Need for most anything which is necessary for human survival.

2. The Need to proceed at a reasonable speed along a winding road, staying away from a very steep cliff, to not play with loaded guns, and others.

3. Love and Belongingness is the third Need Level, and it is here that a person will seek out approval and acceptance for his or her actions and/or opinions

4. Esteem is the next Need Level. What are the things which make you feel important? Your house? Your car? The way you dress?

5. Self actualization is the highest level of functioning any human being may achieve. It is characterized by complete self satisfaction without depending upon any objects or other persons doing something to make the person in question happy, sad, mellow or whatever in some way.

If we take this personality theory and change it to a social/political theory for a moment, we may then arrive at a firm understanding of many of our worldwide social concerns and problems.

We have, here to fore, two opposing economic systems: 1 socialism/communism and 2.capitalism.
Socialism/communism involves the supposed sharing of your wealth with others in the society or nation. Capitalism, however, represents take all that you can get and screw the other guy in order to get what you want, if need be if you quite seriously want it.

If one views every Communistic/socialistic county, one must agree that the vast majority of the population there were on one of the first two levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy, and were functioning on the physical or safety need levels most of the time before they started a revolution.

On the other hand, in any society where most of the people are functioning on the third and/or fourth levels Maslow’s Hierarchy – Love and Belongingness and Esteem – Capitalism seems to rule the roust.

Following this argument then, it would have made much more scents to have supplied the Soviet Union with food, energy, building supplies, warm clothing, etc. after World War II, rather than having General George Patten publically exclaim that we ought to keep right on going to Moscow now that we have conquered the Nazis – particularly since we were the only country in the world with the A-Bomb at the time.

In my mind, there is little wonder then that they constructed the “Iron Curtain back following WWII. Now, however, and very regrettably, we are doing the very same kind of thing to Iran

It is long past time that our men and women dressed in a military uniform, and those who work in the Defense Department but wear civilian clothes, began to use their heads for something more that HAT RACKS!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Redlands, CA

#245 Feb 28, 2013
Dr Dunn is a crazy nut. He also asks Men if he can give them a Blumpkin. Sick Bastard. Dr Dunns Dad is the famous Zoo keeper who had sex with monkeys

Myrtle Beach, SC

#246 Mar 8, 2013
Very good Tommy!

It really tells us something about your level of intelligence!


Myrtle Beach, SC

#247 Apr 3, 2013

“Right”“Left,”“Democrat”“Repub lican,”“Liberal”“Conservative, ”“Capitalist”“Socialist” these are all words that are in the newspapers and on television most every day now, and almost all Americans are sick and tired of hearing them over and over again and again!

It is a constant battle between the two philosophical positions, with a never ending conflict in sight.

Here in the United States, our government goes from being one sided to the other: from being too Liberal” to being too “Conservative.” And we seem to be in the middle of a rather “dramatic change philosophies right at the moment.

This nation seems to be moving from a very “Conservative” position to a rather “Liberal” one. The election just past validates this point.
Obama won the presidency – again - even though

Romney was favored; the Democrats picked up a couple of seats in the U.S. Senate, even though the so called experts said the Republicans might win control of that chamber, and the Democrats actually picked up several seats in the House of Representatives, even though those same so-called wise men were predicting otherwise.

The Republicans, however, since the election, don’t seem to understand that they lost, and lost rather badly.

And watching the various news broadcasts it is now very much apparent that while the Republicans all agree that something is very wrong with their party, it seems that no two of them can agree with each other as to just how to fix it. The Republicans are heading for major loses in the 2014 elections a little over a year from now.

And if one views an American history book critically, one will quickly understand that this country has vacillated from one position to the other ever since Adams and Jefferson opposed one another in the late 1700’s.

The LOSERS in all this unadulterated nonsense is “We, the People….”!

What is badly needed is a new and intelligent political party in this country.

Dr. James E. Dunn
Bean Boi

United States

#248 Aug 14, 2013
hey Doc, was the army takeover of Egypt a coup?

Santee, SC

#250 Oct 27, 2013
Guest Editorial:
The constant socialistic/capitalistic argument in this country isn’t really a disagreement at all. It is merely an age old vivid misunderstanding - at the very least - of human nature! And this figures, because the socialistic argument in this country is presented by someone who believes in socialism, and/or the capitalistic position is presented by someone who all ready strongly believes in capitalism. Makes sense, doesn’t it?
The constant differences and resulting conflicts may be explained by the late motivational psychologist, Abraham Maslow, Ph.D.; but if someone wants to fully understand Abraham Maslow, they must give up both political positions for the moment!
Maslow postulated that human behavior is determined by which Need Level each human - or the majority of any society - find themselves functioning on: Physical Needs, Safety Needs, Belongingness (Nationalism), Esteem Needs, and finally Self Actualization (which doesn’t concern us here).
These five Needs are in a hierarchy. In other words, someone who is starving to death - function on the Physical Need Level - is not going to be interested in buying a brand new car - buying the brand new car being on the Esteem Level.
And the same is true regarding Socialism and Capitalism!
If a country has the vast majority of its citizens hurting for fuel to keep warm during a long winter (Physical Needs), or enough food stuffs to sustain themselves (Safety Needs), they are going to be receptive to a Socialistic policy regarding any of these two Needs if there are shortages.
Examples include the rationing of gasoline in this country during World War II, and the rationing of some food stuffs in America during the same era. In other words, if it is necessary for human life for the majority of citizens of any country, then its delivery is usually Socialistic in nature.
The kibbutz in Israel, during the very late 1940s and early to mid 50s, is another classic example of Socialism helping a general population overcome some very severe physical and safety hardships resulting from the Death Camps of Germany during the late 1930s and the first half of the 1940s.
So when there are shortages and/or dangers occurring on the Physical and/or the Safety Levels, Socialistic policies are usually adopted by that society; and these Needs must be met before the Nationalistic and/or the Esteem Needs are perceptually dealt with by the majority of individuals in any political society.
On the other hand, the Nationalistic and Esteem Needs (the third and forth Need Levels) are hardly life threatening, so a Capitalistic Economic System works to the benefit of the entire society as compared to a Socialistic System.
In the not so distant past – around the turn of the 20th Century – personal medical care was minimal, and it did not really effectively treat almost all serious afflictions from Tuberculoses to Cancer. Therefore, medical treatment was not extensive, and it did not cost much at that time.
Today, however, the average age for death in this country has gone over 80 years of age because of scientific advancements in medical care, but it is – in most cases anyway – very, very expensive for every patient, therefore health insurance became a very vivid reality, FOR EVERYONE WHO CAN AFFORD IT!
And because the national law says that everyone must be treated whether insured or not, hospitals charge the insured patient more to make up for the cost of the non-insured patient; while the number of people nationally, therefore, capable of affording it, continues to diminish.
Dr. James E. Dunn

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