The first time I visited this barbershop, I had Irfan, the Turkish guy, cut my hair. He's supposedly a 'master barber'. He did a pretty good job (the first time).
On my second visit, I asked for him and the lady who runs the shop called over to him telling him there is a customer waiting for you. I couldn't believe this guy's attitude--He had this look on his face like he didn't want to be bothered. Customers were interrupting his TV watching.
He's the only 'barber' in this place that charges $16 for haircuts. I literally had patches of hair that weren't cut just so he could finish and go back watching TV. After noticing how effed up of a haircut he gave me, I went back in and told him to fix it. I will probably never go back to this place again.
I hope the lady who runs this barbershop reads this posting and cans this idiot.