NOT CORRECT! Swoope ALL Volunteer Fire Company was FIRST ON SCENE of the trailer fire that claimed 4 lives. They had 4 members on that FIRST ARRIVING engine, and 2 more on the first arriving tanker - which arrived shorlty behind Staunton FD engine! The evidence that a quick response and attack was made is that a single wide mobile home has all four walls and the roof still standing - practiaclly unheard of in an "working" fire of a mobile home. Additionally - Swoope ALL VOLUNTEER was at each of the mentioned working fires.

As for the "Statistics" that Mr. Pyles will have in hand - they are MANIPULATED, and he SHOULD know that! What does that mean??? Well when a fire company "adds" themselves to a "rescue" call for example - they automatically get 2 calls out of a single call. They also get PAID by the county for TWO CALLS instead of a single call *&* they have added a zero min "response time" thereby drasitcally decreasing their annual times!**FACT**

Lastly - as a point to ponder - they currently have PAID STAFF (at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually) Monday - Friday 0600 - 1800 hrs.

We'll save the infrastructure monies and other 'county benefits' they have received for another discussion!