Karen from the show Bridezilla

Acworth, GA

#83 Jun 8, 2012
Aristotelis wrote:
I love Karen!
That's all I can say.
We have a lot of girls like her out here in SoCal and underneath all of that is a genuine heart.
There is no way someone with a genuine heart,could behave in that manner. so if that's what the people in your area act like. let's hope these chick's with the so called genuine heart stay in your Socal,because none of them including Karen would last six seconds in the bronx, in fact if they opened there mouths they would be personally escorted to the hospital. And when they got there once they were recognized. They probably would not even be treated properly. it is all about respect in certain neighbor hoods. something karen clearly lacks..

Houston, TX

#84 Jun 10, 2012
Shes not rich wrote:
My wedding dress costed more than her ENTIRE wedding. I am from a very wealthy, elite and respected family in Ky. I have never wanted for anything in my life. I am appalled that anyone can act like such an animal. Rich people do not act like that. She is trash.
LOL @ "costed"

Saint Albans, WV

#85 Jun 10, 2012
Doorman wrote:
Shame on her father for raising a spoiled, entitled little snot. Good job dad! She lookts like Susan Dey from the Partridge family. LOL Someone please cut that V off her hairline so people can stop confusing her with Eddie Munster?
doorman you are right Karen is a. Royal bitch I felt like going through the TV after her she is so spoiled if I was Lee I would divorce her ugly ass

Since: Jun 12

Location hidden

#86 Jun 13, 2012
This bitch was born mad at the world and set on destroying it b/c she seemed miserable every signle second she had to come into contact with other human beings that arent the suck up slaves she kept around. I would think it woudl be exhausting to be that irritated all the time. I cant say if she really rich or not but she's not penniless I'm sure. And if that hair is all hers, it was nice, but if not, then thats the best weave ever

Boston, MA

#87 Jun 27, 2012
Shes not rich wrote:
I hope WE T.V. airs a follow-up on this classless act and airs her divorce on National TV.
LMFAO!!! This is good.

Boston, MA

#88 Jun 27, 2012
I couldn't believe it watching that episode. Like all of the others said she has no class, she's a low-life cocksucking bitch!! People who are RICH don't act out like this they don't insult people callin them $9hr human being.
I mostly feel sorry for that husband of hers I hope he leaves her as soon as he cashes on her daddy's so called "FORTUNE" and finds a beautiful woman inside & out to be with and have kids. She claims she's hot. No ur not ur a fukin tramp! Notice how flat she is she's got no shape to her nothing. She should be ashamed of herself and ashamed to even wanna watch herself on that show.
PS: lee if u manage to get that tramp knocked up make her get an abortion asap cz u wouldn't want ur future children to be evil. Take my advice take her mondy & run for ur LIFE!!

Bloomingburg, NY

#89 Jun 27, 2012
This episode just came on & wow! What a disgrace for a human being. 27 yrs old & this is how she treats people!? She's a waste of space. Hope some DOOR MAN has an off day & lets the door smack in her face!! Lol.. great job mom & Dad. U must be proud ;-)
Jackie Simmons


#90 Jul 1, 2012
For all of her so called "high class crap" I wonder how she feels knowing that the 9 dollar an hour people look down on her. The last laugh is on her. We all think she is a tasteless, classless, piece of crap.

Gadsden, AL

#91 Nov 11, 2012
Don't know how anyone could love such a heartless bitch.

Since: Sep 11

Weeki Wachee, Florida

#92 Nov 23, 2012
As of two years ago, Karen was attempting to get Septmber Films to produce her own reality show. They declined. Apparently, what you saw was the real Karen and not an act. At this time, she is still married.

Lithia Springs, GA

#93 May 4, 2013
Muffy wrote:
Karen is not good-looking! Oh, I forgot beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
Her house in a working-class neighbor, and the inside looks like my aunt's apartment in the GHETTO back in the 90s, plus her ring looked CZ. Karen and her brown nosing friends are sub-human.
You are so right! That furniture looked old as hell!
concerns viewer

Strasburg, PA

#95 Jul 10, 2013
Sydney wrote:
<quoted text>
See this has got to be one of the most selfish people i've ever seen in my life. She's too selfish to have kids, and if she does, I feel sorry for them because they aren't gonna be first. She's gonna put herself first before the kids. But you're right, definitely a train wreck. lol
people like that you can't loose sleep over,or hold grudges cuz then at the end of the day they win...simply pray for them in hopes that they see the area of their ways..an change before its too late...u know about today but not tomorrow..give them to god to handle.. his wrath is way worse than ours.

Union, NJ

#96 Jul 13, 2013
Carlie wrote:
She is Italian and I have done her hair and YES they are extensions. You can see them on the show when they are doing her hair.
No, she just married a Jewish guy. Everyone feels bad for him.
This bitch was a scream. Her grammer was that of a 3rd grader. And that "doorman" was an absolute pisser & had her pegged from the minute she opened that big mouth of hers. Telling her to get get back into her cheap ass limo & that he didn't give a f#ck about her was hilarious. I know they ham it up for these shows, but she was unbelieveable if this is how she really acts in everyday life. Someone should smack the shit out of her just once. Very unclassy to say the very least. And as far as Lee is concerned, nobody had a gun to his head to marry this low class bitch. Hopefully he'll wake up & realize what a huge mistake he made. I also think her ring was QZ.$100,000 my ass. Don't think so!

Charlottesville, VA

#97 Aug 8, 2013
Shes not rich wrote:
My wedding dress costed more than her ENTIRE wedding. I am from a very wealthy, elite and respected family in Ky. I have never wanted for anything in my life. I am appalled that anyone can act like such an animal. Rich people do not act like that. She is trash.
LOL! "Costed'? Your family should have spent less on the dress and more on your education!!! &#128522;

Milford, MI

#98 Oct 15, 2013
Karen is the most disgusting person I have ever laid eyes on. She was rude and insulting. Doesn't she have any other line besides "you $9.00 an hour person" ? She's not apologizing to a doorman? She was just embarrassed that they wouldn't let her broke ass into the club. Guaranteed her parents went into debt paying for that wedding. She couldn't be more ungrateful!! What she did and said to the seamstress was beyond disrespectful to an elderly person!!!! She called that sweet old lady a pig!! Karen is the true definition of pig!! I have never written on a blog or said mean things about anyone on line, however, I am now and this will be the last time unless I ever see or here anything about this disgusting pig. I have never been so grossed out by any one in my life!!! Referring to seamstress as a retard with no brain??? I just cannot contain my disgust and anger! I hope Karen has read what everyone has said, although I'm sure she won't care one bit, but she should know the only people who probably really love her are her parents, because they have to! Se definitely has zero true friends!!!!! I pray she does not have children so she can't pass on her gross traits to an innocent child!!!! After this show airing she should have wanted to beat her own ass and crawl into a hole. There is no excuse and no forgiveness for what an awful human being she is!! She is ok looking but definitely not beautiful!! And the ok status completely disappears when she opens her mouth or even looks at someone! Her parents should be so ashamed!!!! Karen should be ashamed as well, nut we all know she has no humility!!!! Good job Karen!!!

San Antonio, TX

#99 Oct 17, 2013
All I can say is I watched the repeat and just like you, I feel I cannot contain my disgust and I just saw this & had to write! I don't think out of ANY show I've ever seen in my life, I've ever seen or made such comments, always able to find the good in everyone but there's nothing remotely good to be found, editing my tush! She couldn't be a bigger ingrate! I see not ONE redeeming quality or trait in this "person" and I use the term loosely. As disgusting as she is, SHAME ON HER ENABLING PARENTS! Karen, you make every Jewish woman & person especially ashamed and embarrassed at the thought that anybody put there would believe that you represent, in the most minuscule way, anything resembling the Jewish community, or the human race for that matter. This girl is a card carrying narcissist, although you are the most vile creature I have had the misfortune of giving 30 min. of my life to that I'll never get back! You and your parents disgust me and had ZERO business bringing Judiasm or Israel into this show as they have failed terribly, raising such a monster. You can't be a good Jew without being a good person and allowing your daughter to use the word "ret*#d, w/such hatred and malice is a disgrace to every special needs person out there, my son included Mr. & Mrs. Rafelli, although I do believe your mother was agitated by your behavior, they both exposed what appeared to be your younger sister to your ego-centric & disgusting behavior. Where are the adults and examples in this household? It's called leading by example and you just set Jewish women back so far and I've got news for you Karen, w/o your hair, you are unattractive, G-D forgive me, but she's just so very ugly inside it's upsetting to have let her into my psyche for one moment and CHILDREN DON'T RAISE THEMSELVES, it infuriates me to see such irresponsible parenting. The rest of us have to live w/this insufferable woman in this world. Poor would be a just outcome for this lousy excuse of a human being, nothing I'd love more for her to have to be on the receiving end of her own behavior. I will gladly fund birth control for this couple, no one should continue her genes for ANY reason. So shallow, entitled, selfish and lacking in any humanity or moral high ground makes her the sum total of zip. Imagine if adversity comes knocking at her door, if your mother had breast cancer you'd be pissed if her hair fell out on you or if she had chemo on your beloved hair appointment day. I have a daughter your age and she stood by my side through illness, she is stunning, a knockout but her outer beauty us trumped by her inner beauty and her complete lack of awareness of her outer beauty and SHE IS A BLESSING TO HER FAMILY AND COMMUNITY. Karen will reap the old adage what goes around, comes around. The award for unbelievable restraint and professionalism should go to the hairstylist that tolerated, w/tongue in cheek (the true star of the show) this spoiled brat's unbearable, nauseating behavior you did an amazing job without ringing her neck, kudos to you! I am exhausted and so depressed to see someone of such low character/quality masquerading as a person. Her parents just might want to re-visit the Talmud, heck the 10 commandments, don't kid yourself, Lee is not going to stick around no matter how much money you throw at him, he will find someone that is human, and you will be your "Daddy's problem" once again, karma, just hope they haven't ruined the younger one too. To her parents, might want to invest some of that wealth you sold your souls to flaunt, to include a bit of hakarat hatov (Hebrew for "gratitude"), or the literal translation of "recognizing the good", you just have to create some to recognize! D I S G U S T I N G!!!!!!!

San Antonio, TX

#100 Oct 17, 2013
IsReally wrote:
This trash bag is a poor poor excuse for a Jewish Isrealie woman. Seriously, she's beyond a JAP-shes disgusting. How dare she treat her poor parents this way! Absolutely horrific! As for her husband- is he sick? She must be able to suck a cherry through a straw or her vigina is made of platinum! What's wrong with this guy? Maybe her Abba can buy her husband a fucking spine. Nasty! Shalom? Yeah right!
Haha, maybe once Lee reclaims his testicles, he will find a woman of valour. As for possible talents motivating Lee, please, her middle name could be Hoover, and there isn't a self-respecting man that would schtup (sp?) her, much less MARRY her! I couldn't watch another episode, I just saw one part, that was too much for me. I have never seen a person not exhibit one human trait, she wasn't mucking it up, she's just really is a waste of a life and resources. She's just no actress, she's just a horrible person and I have never said or felt this strongly about another "human being", monster is really a better word. I'm not giving her another minute or my time or thought, she's collectively taken more than the 12 min. she had to wait for that pen. It's a shame they didn't place that eon where it belonged, then little Karen will know just where to retrieve it when she signs her divorce papers!

New York, NY

#101 Jan 3, 2014
melissa wrote:
<quoted text>
LMFAO!!! This is good.
I know someone who worked on the show. They called for a follow up, she not so politely declined (called them pee ons & told them to f off). I asked if her behavior was genuine or encouraged. I was told "Nope, that was Karen in all her glory"

“Dont Play With Me”

Since: Jun 11

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#102 Jan 3, 2014
I thought that this woman's behavior was wretched, disgusting and intolerable and all the women who like her are probably the same way. This woman had no class, was extremely disrespectful, ill-mannered, vain, selfish, obnoxious, rude, and overall just not a good person at all. Honestly, I wouldn't even want to live next door to a person like her and if I were an employer there would be no way she would work for my company and her parents should have been embarassed about their daughter's behavior.

United States

#103 Jan 14, 2014
Plane and simple she needs her ass whipped . When you say your going to slap people ect.. If someone would call her on it and stomp a mudhole in her ass things would change.

All that bad ass persona would stop!!

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