Karen from the show Bridezilla

United States

#22 Jan 18, 2010
Oops, could have rented them. :-)
lina M

Bronx, NY

#24 Feb 3, 2010
simply put: god dont like ugly...

Lexington, KY

#25 Feb 12, 2010
Karen Raefelli was the most evil Bridezilla I've ever seen. Some aren't even that dramatic but Karen is in a league of evilness of her own.

She passes by complete strangers and makes fun of them for "making $9 an hour." Well these people are working hard for their money and are more respectable than Karen who does NOTHING.

Maybe these $9 an hour ppl need to quit their jobs and rob Karens home instead, would that be better. I mean these ppl are trying to put clothes on their kids back and pay the bills, why does she harass and scream at strangers?

Then whenever someone tries to compliment her or be nice to her,she screams and insults them. Someone admired some room she was gettin married in or something and Karen says, yeah you can't afford it bitch. Some from Lee's family welcomes her to the family and she starts screaming "how dare her talk to me".

And I felt sorry for that elderly seamstress. She looked like a deer in headlights when Karen and her friend went off screaming at the top of their lungs for her. If I was her I would have given her daddy his money back and burned the dress.

Karen's daddy should stop supporting that bitch. In that case Karen couldn't even get a $9 an hour job.

Karen Raefelli is evil and Lee is just plain stupid. He's gonna be miserable with her.

I realize some of these bridezillas will play up for the camera, but nobody has made my blood boil like Karen. Some are actually entertaining. Karen was just pure evil and made me wanna strangle her and her daddy.

Hackensack, NJ

#26 Mar 9, 2010
I really hope that she was playing it up for the cameras and saying the things she was saying for shock value. I refuse to believe that any human being can be that obnoxious. What a horrible representation of Jewish women.

San Jose, CA

#27 Mar 29, 2010
My father used to always say this to me growing up and it has always stayed with me,'pretty is as pretty does'. It's so true beauty comes from the way you treat people and the way you carry yourself. I was horrified by this women! And by the end of all the episodes I think I figured out why she kept throwing fits about everything. She didn't want to pay up!! So she would make up some bogus story that her hair was frizzy, the dress was stained, the vest needs to be here now! Oh and I want a discount! Lol, yeah and your familys worth how much? So tacky.....

Tallmadge, OH

#28 Mar 31, 2010
OMG!!!! Karen reminds me of my best friends daughter-in-law..WHAT A BITCH!!!! there are actually people like her and it must be some kind of mental issues?! How strange that no one at wedding posted anything on her! someone HAD to be talking! I wonder how many men looked at their spouse with more respect after watching that blooming idoit?!! Her husband must be some whimp to put up with that kind of trash!!! there's something not right about him going through with marrying her.


#29 Apr 4, 2010
If u one of my kids acted like that i would be very mad and do everything to change her look on other people. Bring her to one of the TV-shows were they train dogs there cant behaive right.
Bethany D

Crystal Lake, IL

#30 May 30, 2010
People like Karen make me feel better about myself.

Spring Branch, TX

#31 May 30, 2010
Let me tell you that if this girl showed up in Texas, she would last five minutes. The first person she called poor would have been an oil barron and stuffed in her in a well.
Blown Away

Doylestown, PA

#32 May 30, 2010
I am watching the Karen and Lee episode for the 3rd time and each time it gets worse and worse. I am ashamed to be the same gender as this wretched bitch. Act or not, the pure anger and hatred in her face has to be coming from somewhere. She is absolutely low-class, low-life and most of all low-intelligence. If she is so top notched than why she couldn’t think of "cut my finger and write in blood" is beyond me. No, she is going to "cut blood and write in blood". If I had been the seamstress, I would have ruined her dress and left her with no dress. Take me to court because in the end, she wouldn’t have had a dress to wear. If I had been the hairdresser I would have walked out so there was not enough time to find a replacement. I don’t care how much money Daddy has, I don’t sell my soul to the Devil or his Demons and Karen is a Demon. When I watch these shows it makes me want to run in and kiss my fiancé(he refuses to watch these women make asses out of themselves). As a future bride, I would hope all my friends would back out, my family refuse to support me and my fiancé leave me if I ever acted 10% as bad as Karen.

Florence, MA

#33 Jun 1, 2010

Is she real? I, too, for a bit, thought that she was putting on a show for the cameras (she ended up with three episodes after all). But you can't fake that animosity and aggression. You could sense her hatred for everything that wasn't Karen. If your eyes are about to pop out, you're breathing like a dragon, and veins are throbbing on your hairy forehead, you MUST pause and rewind.

Obviously, the girl couldn't have possibly become such a hateful, self-absorbed, self-entitled mess without her puppy dog entourage (Tara, get a clue, or some self esteem, you looked like a spineless dweeb on TV. Congrats!). I can understand having doormat parents who can't discipline, who feel guilty, who just don't care, etc...but what's the deal with the "friends"? Are they that desperate to be on TV? Are they paid staff? And Lee???? I hope she gets her tubes tied. That creature shouldn't be allowed to procreate. I thought the doorman's reaction to her antics was priceless. He pegged the exact type of insecure, over-inflated crass that she is as soon as she opened her mouth, and he knew just what buttons to push. Amazing.

I'm sure she gobbles up the attention however she can get it, so let me make some things clear:

Karen, you're not hot, you're barely average--and when your true self shows, you're pretty much disgusting garbage--and you look smelly.

If this was a true portrayal of who you are, then you're in deep $hit. Nobody can like you, and those who do are even worse than you, so good job on picking out friends. If this is all an act to cover up some deep wound, then cut the $hit, and work out your issues before you land in jail or killed. You are literally NOBODY outside of the little "Daddy and his friends" psycho interest group.

Learn how to speak, learn how to behave, learn some grammar, quit the drugs (or seek mental help, cause the $hit you pulled isn't normal, and it's definitely not cute). Money isn't everything, and even if it were, you're not "rich" no matter how many times you repeat it, or how loud you yell it--you were haggling over FIFTY DOLLARS princess. Sounds not only poor to me, but classless. Also, rich people don't make fun of poor people, they share the wealth. You're just scared to lose the ten bucks your family has so you're acting out. Tantrums won't take you far. You're a poser, from a family of doormat posers. Come back when your wedding costs a couple million dollars that you've EARNED, then we'll talk. Until then, get back in your cheap A$$ limo and move the F on.
Shes not rich

Mayfield, KY

#34 Jun 1, 2010
My wedding dress costed more than her ENTIRE wedding. I am from a very wealthy, elite and respected family in Ky. I have never wanted for anything in my life. I am appalled that anyone can act like such an animal. Rich people do not act like that. She is trash.
Shes not rich

Mayfield, KY

#35 Jun 1, 2010
I hope WE T.V. airs a follow-up on this classless act and airs her divorce on National TV.

Lake City, FL

#36 Jun 1, 2010
Not only is she a parasitic bitch, but Lee is marrying her for her daddy's money. When he has enough he's gone!
She's planting onions, and come harvest time she will reap what she's planting.

Lake City, FL

#37 Jun 1, 2010
You said it right, she's nothing without daddy's money, and she will not age gracefully. She is one of those hags who will end up alone with only her cats chewing on her carcass.

Uvalde, TX

#38 Jun 2, 2010
Shes not rich wrote:
My wedding dress costed more than her ENTIRE wedding. I am from a very wealthy, elite and respected family in Ky. I have never wanted for anything in my life. I am appalled that anyone can act like such an animal. Rich people do not act like that. She is trash.
Good for you! I'm glad that all rich people are not just like Karen. You know the type, the type that brag about how much their useless things cost, how elite and respected their family is, and all of those stupid little nothings. I guess money can't buy everything, especially proper grammar. The word you were looking for was cost, not "costed". That is not even a word.
Annie from England uk


#39 Jun 2, 2010
Oh my god is this girl for real. That Karen needs committing to a mental hospital. She is rude, ugly, obnoxious and hope her husband leaves her for a real woman rather than a drugged up looking bitch who can't fend for herself and relies on her dad. God help her if he passes away she would be screwed. She's up her own ass- why who knows as she's a minger and a chav!! I've never seen a kid throw tamptrums like her! She's been brought up BADLY and is a disgrace to herself, her husband and her family. All I can say is stay away from the uk or she'd be a corpse in a day. Permanent PMT or what. She needs to get out more!!!
Annie from England uk


#40 Jun 2, 2010
Just seen her wedding and for the supposed cost she was ripped off- ha ha- proves she's stupid too. What a loser. It's great seeing how miserable she is - karma pays justice to the nob head!!

Saint Petersburg, FL

#41 Jun 6, 2010
I agree. How can she possibly afford a wedding for $125,000...which in and of itself is completely dumb.

She's probably charging her wedding on a VISA card.

PS: She's ugly.
Lisa D

Watchung, NJ

#42 Jun 6, 2010
Send that girl back to whatever country she came from.....America's doesn't need a person who.....
yes she is C word

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