Karen from the show Bridezilla

Karen from the show Bridezilla

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Murray, KY

#1 Nov 1, 2009
I just got done watching an episode of Bridezilla and I must say Karen from Staten Island...You are a b!tch. I can't believe Lee, that gorgeous beautiful man actually married that raving shrew!! How sad for women everywhere that this is how we are being represented on television. This woman was so low she actually made fun of some on in a wheel chair, poor people, and those who are making minimum wage. Karen you are a stuck wanna be important wh0re. You don't even have your own money! You have to spend daddy's. Get a clue, get a brain, get a job, and get a heart you hateful moron. People of Staten Island you owe it to the rest of this country to throw rotten fruit at this woman if you get the chance. Trust me, she deserves it!

Attleboro, MA

#2 Nov 7, 2009
That girl was a mess! Her parents should be in prison for allowing her to behave like that. I was hoping the daughter of the seamstress clocked her in the eye. I give her marriage 1 year, max.

Hicksville, NY

#3 Nov 7, 2009
I seriously want to believe that after watching an episode of Bridezilla featuring Karen, that it has got to be really really superb acting. But I am probably just being naive. Karen, I hope you are reading everything. You are a good for nothing, drugged up, ugly, soul-suckered pig! You look down on "poor people", well you pathetic pig, these minimum wage workers are the ones who drive your ugly ass all around the city, feed your ugly ass when you crave burgers and fries, and stand on their feet all day long at dress stores to ensure your materialistic satisfaction. Your bridesmaids are nothing but terriers, and shame on you for lashing out at your seamstress in her own house! You are a good for nothing skank and you wouldn't last two seconds with me. If it wasn't for your pushover sugar daddy, you'd be living on the streets too cleaning up my driveway for $.50 and hour! You are a waste of human flesh, if any part of you at all is human that is. And please don't insult dogs by saying you look like one after your hairdresser tried countless times to fix your greasy stringy hair, because it is a mere insult to our beloved docile pets. I bet if anything, Lee was held at gunpoint by Daddy to put a $100K ring on your finger, because what could somebody that human possibly see in a worthless douche like you? If you and your ugly puppy dog "friends" were ever in my town, it would be the last time for any of you. But of course it's probably not entirely their fault, I mean Daddy must have paid them too. All they see is dollar signs when they look at you. But I wouldn't even be your friend if I was paid to do it or if I was held at gun point! You are a poor and putrid excuse for an organism (can't exactly call you a human being can I?) You are just this breathing creature who has venom oozing out of her breath. I think if anything, they were taping Lee's funeral. You give women a bad name and yet you're not even a woman. You are a tranny who still taints femininity worldwide. In the end, money and material things will not keep any desperate man close at bay. Lee is only getting his feet wet in the boiling water from Hell, but soon he will break the chains of dollar bills your Sugar Daddy put around him and he will find a REAL WOMAN! And I hope it's a woman who is a hard worker and makes $9 an hour. I guarantee she will make him happy in the end unlike you! Adios you pathetic bitch!

Northbrook, IL

#4 Nov 11, 2009
Her in laws hate her. Which is why one of them made an effort "welcoming" her to the family. She is a pig and she looks like cinderella's ugliest step sister.

Murray, KY

#5 Nov 12, 2009
I love the part when she is mad at the hair dresser and tells her daddy he doesn't understand because she is stunning. What a laugh. She is so ugly inside that it makes her plain looking outside down right unbearable. Get a clue Karen you are not better than the rest of us. You are a poor excuse for a human being! And I can totally understand why your inlaws hate you. I will say I did enjoy the part of the show where Lee ripped into you! He has your friends pegged to the letter. As for why I he still married you.... one can only assume that your daddy paid him and he looked at it as an investment. In his mind the price was right to make you a FIRST wife!!!

Montvale, NJ

#6 Nov 20, 2009
Karen is such a BITCH!!!!!she is a wanna be wealthy daddy's girl, just because she is a little more fortunate than others she thinks she is all of that oh please my daddy is a brain surgeon he makes way more money than karen's family combine.Having money doesn't give anyone the right to treat others like dirt we are all the same poor or rich. I hope Lee wakes up and see how shallow, selfish, ignorant, and hearthless this witch karen is.
Marilyn from LI NY

Hackettstown, NJ

#7 Nov 29, 2009
Sorry Karen your parents couldent raise u to respect people . You are a pretty girl with a rotton outlook . I am hurt to think u come from Ny . I lived here all my life and never came across a person like u . Remember u are judged on earth first and belive me i wouldent want to be you in the here after.

Hicksville, NY

#8 Nov 30, 2009
I wonder how she will react to karma putting her ugly ass in a wheel chair after she mocked her aunt! Karen is such a worthless low-life it just shocks me that there are people in the world like her. How this ugly broad has a father who cannot even raise her to respect people is a mystery. My guess is that he's feeling guilty about something and now he's trying to compensate for it by spoiling that pig of a daughter of his. As for Tana the terrier, after watching the episode again, I have to say that it's very possible she also has just about had enough of Karen and took out all her frustrations on the seamstress because she was too scared to take it out on Karen. Her blond friend looked so embarrassed and fed up, I wanted to just shake her and yank her out of there. To all of Karen's subordinates which includes her father, I am sorry you people have such a low and negative self outlook that you choose to have that putrid pig in your lives. And I laughed to myself when Karen kept claiming she was "hot and stunning". She is as hot and stunning as a donkey with it's ass in front of its face. And Karen of course puts the poor donkey to shame as well. Understand something honey, a wedding is just ONE DAY, and is NOT the reflection of the rest of your life! It is not worth burning people with all that venom you spew out of your mouth! You talk about never getting your big day back, well bitch, we are talking about the rest of Lee's LIFE that he will NEVER get back unless he decides to sever the noose your dad has around his neck! Lee, PLEASE GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE WITH THAT SKANK! And last but not least, all I gotta say to Karen is, Karma is a bitch and you're riding her coattails!

Schenectady, NY

#9 Dec 4, 2009
Shame on her father for raising a spoiled, entitled little snot. Good job dad! She looks like Susan Dey from the Partridge family. LOL Someone please cut that V off her hairline so people can stop confusing her with Eddie Munster?

Elgin, IL

#11 Dec 23, 2009
Karen is not good-looking! Oh, I forgot beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Her house in a working-class neighbor, and the inside looks like my aunt's apartment in the GHETTO back in the 90s, plus her ring looked CZ. Karen and her brown nosing friends are sub-human.
Samantha Jones

Warwick, RI

#12 Jan 3, 2010
Karen, you're typical. Honestly, you wouldn't know high class if it smacked you in your hairy face. You are a poor excuse for a woman and a perfect portrayal of typical staten island riff raff. Do they not teach grammar on staten island? Ew.

Soldotna, AK

#13 Jan 3, 2010
You are kidding, aren't you? this is acting, right? karen is an absolutely f****g bitch, and her husband to be, i feel no sympathy. why would someone endure this kind of idioticy --- nine dollar an hour human, back to the projects, what is sad is that some professionals actually allow this to happen to themselves .... for if professionals (as in dress makers, venue coordinators, etc) would not tolerate it, this would so not happen so often. If she was so damn rich, why wasn't a wedding coordinator called in? please someone tell me, she truly is not like this at all..... this had to be a big 'let's suck 'em in to watch all three episodes' bridezilla show ---- someone needs to come up with something else to watch on sunday besides this little trash...

Waterloo, Canada

#14 Jan 3, 2010
This trash bag is a poor poor excuse for a Jewish Isrealie woman. Seriously, she's beyond a JAP-shes disgusting. How dare she treat her poor parents this way! Absolutely horrific! As for her husband- is he sick? She must be able to suck a cherry through a straw or her vigina is made of platinum! What's wrong with this guy? Maybe her Abba can buy her husband a fucking spine. Nasty! Shalom? Yeah right!
A Joke

Waterloo, Canada

#15 Jan 3, 2010
Omg! She is obviously a classless low caliber human being but....Her husband? WTF is his excuse? Hello is he retarded? She's going to drag him around by what little balls he has left! He's a bigger joke then she is! Why would anyone want to marry this Eddie munster!!!!
Hairy Situation

Waterloo, Canada

#16 Jan 3, 2010
Dude seriously? She's a mut! She reminds me of a gremlin after they were exposed to water! Holy shit! What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Buddy, there's plenty of hot Jewish girls on the island, brooklyn and manhattan- you're selling your soul to the devil bro! Your kids are going to be little demons! Kish this G! She's a hairy trainwreck! Woooooo!

Brooklyn, MD

#17 Jan 4, 2010
I couldnt believe what I was seeing and came online to see if that man is still married to this BITCH! First of all How dare she and her friend to gang up on a woman in her own home thats twice her age and then some! WHat kind of parents raised you Karen?? I bet people shutter when you walk in a room.Theres no way people would intentionally be around you.You think your pretty? You look like the typical AVERAGE Jewish girl from NY nothing special sweetheart and id love for you to talk to me like that.You look washed up dear way to many drugs.All you wanna do is look pretty? Thats all you have is your looks and even that was at a mere nil.I hope your husband leaves you for an Average woman that has a personality which is far more then what you have.Grow up and get a job and stop living off of daddy.I hope someone knocks your teeth down your throat you pig! You have so many haters because of the way u treat your elders,the poor,the average Joes and Janes and of all people the disabled you sick filth!!

San Antonio, TX

#18 Jan 5, 2010
OMG.when i saw this episode i seriously wanted to hunt her down and beat the shit out of her,and i am sure many other people feel this way too. If she is so rich then why the fuck is her house so small! i make $9 an hour and have a way bigger house then her so she needs to stop smoking crack and know that there are people who are Wayyyy RICHER THEN HER.you are not the richest bitch on the planet and i bet every one is is thinking the same thing i am,YOU ARE GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL,cuz karma is a bitch.and i would like to find you so i can chop your nasty hair off.
NOT a Karen fan

United States

#19 Jan 9, 2010
Does anyone know if Karen's husband has wised up and left her yet??
Karen on Bridezillas is showing today and I just saw the part where her husband was so upset with her during their rehearsal. He looked genuinely disgusted with her, surely he has kicked her out by now!! Has anyone heard or know?

New Hyde Park, NY

#20 Jan 17, 2010
First off she isn't from staten island she's from west hempstead. I went to high school with her.... it was a public school. she was one of the nicest people I knew back then, if you can believe that.... she got hit by a car one time and her jerk boyfriend keith treated her like crap and she just took it. I don't know how rich she claims to be but i do know she worked at the source mall in westbury, ny operating the merry go round when they had it. I don't think she probably even made 9 dollars an hour. Either she turned into an evil shrew or it's all an act for television. I sure hope it's an act cause if it isn't i think she needs a beating. Her one Bridesmaid karen was a sweet girl in High School..... when she was a fatty. she got skinny after high school and turned into an horrible person. It sure does bother me seeing someone act like they're better than other people.....but hey karma's a bitch right?

United States

#21 Jan 18, 2010
I think the whole show was a scam. I don't think Karen had any money at all. As to her $120,000 wedding I must have missed something. I don't recall seeing a cake, place settings, food etc. The reception venue was just her local temple. All we ever saw were hanging beads and colored martini glasses (which are readily available at Target). Her house was small and ordinary. The mirrored clock on the stairwell looked like it came from WalMart. The only thing that looked like it took any money at all were the car rentals but anyone with a credit card could have done rented them. I'm also guessing her ring was a zirconia.

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