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#1 Nov 17, 2012
What does everyone think of him?

Star Lake, NY

#3 Sep 10, 2013
i think people need a chance to straighten out their lifes . don't you ? why judge ? life is to darn short for any of us !

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Star Lake, NY

#4 Sep 12, 2013
mememe wrote:
i think people need a chance to straighten out their lifes . don't you ? why judge ? life is to darn short for any of us !
I hope he does straighten up his life and stays away from his old friends and some of his family!

Star Lake, NY

#5 Sep 13, 2013
He also needs to loose that thing that is supposed to be his woman and mother of his child , she is nothing but a friggin hoe,she been sleeping with everything now, shes is even sleeping with his Uncle now for drugs with his Mom right next door,wtf nasty skanky hoe! Talk about family loyaltys,wtf!

Star Lake, NY

#6 Sep 13, 2013
I dont understand why ppl have to always judge others,lives mind your own and you might get somewhere in your own.

Star Lake, NY

#7 Sep 13, 2013
are you to afraid to put your name on here?

Star Lake, NY

#8 Sep 14, 2013
ppl like to talk,well she is the mother of my grandkids and she is trying hard to make things right,there must be something going on in your own life that you need to start stuff on here and for your information my brother has more morals then that.Get a life. Ppl makes mistakes and that is what forgiveness is for try it sometime.

Star Lake, NY

#9 Sep 15, 2013
Well if she is so great let Matt find out about Buzzy Hall,Mike Huckle,Mike Hooven and Greg Lanphear now thats being faithful to Matt and Brad Finley who likes little kids real nice,People dont really know her at all ,Matts family better wake up.

Star Lake, NY

#10 Sep 15, 2013
you forgot D.J Peobody
to laugh

Star Lake, NY

#11 Sep 16, 2013
Hey Nikki you might as well just use your name since everyone knows its you and that snobby ugly p.o.s. Melissa..nice to throw something about Brad in there when for almost a week straight your kids were staying at his house because you were to busy to take care of them, or even be there for your daughters first day of school!

Star Lake, NY

#12 Sep 16, 2013
Nice, Those who talk Shit Should Clean out her own Back-Door Nikki Peabody ! Everyone knows you Don;t Take Care or You're Children ... Every-one else does !!!!! you are a good one to talk about who lays around, look at ur self . not a good name for your-self anywhere around these towns girlfriend .
mike hooven

Star Lake, NY

#13 Sep 16, 2013
keep my name out of all this bull**** i have nothing to do with any of this crap and i don t need the drama in my life

Star Lake, NY

#14 Sep 16, 2013
I dont know who keeps putting stupied shit on here, but I pray to god my grandkids never see this shit,thats all they need, please stop with the lies,anyone who knows our family knows that D.J.,Mike and Mike H. are close to Matt and wouldnt do him like that, also Buzzy and Greg are also family are you really that bored that you have to come up with bullshit.Stop it is enough please this shit is gone on to long.

Troy, NY

#16 Sep 17, 2013
First off this is the first time. i have got on this pathetic site for the fact that i do have a life. i hear from. others about this nasty shit that people have. to put on here. seriously. Grow up.. if i was to get on this site prior, i would. have gladly put my real name cause. if i want to say something I SURE. AS FUCK wouldn't hide behind. a fake name . my kids. are my world and i have. to work for a fucking living to support. my children .. unlike u lazy pieces of shit that don't. work for a living, i actually. have to in order. to support. my children.. I don't. sleep. around. either, i have been with the same person for over a year and a half and am happier in my life now than i have ever been. so if by sleeping around. means having. crazy wild sex with the love. of my life than consider me a whore!!!! and the brad thing!! you want to eun your mouth where it doesn't belong,welk honey fet your facts straight cause if i remenber the so called victim tried it on others and keeps trying to ruin men's lives!! and for my daughters first day of school! i was there, if you knew anything about my life than you would know it is my daughters. 2nd year.of school so no i didn't miss her first day. do i feel like shit because I couldn't be there her first day this. year? Yes. but you know what? I would feel worse if i couldn't keep her warm at night. or food in her belly so back off bitch and AND why don't YOU use a real name cause HERE I AM!!!!!!!

Star Lake, NY

#17 Sep 17, 2013
I just would like to know how Nikki was put down apparently you dont know her as a mother.She is there when noone else was there.She puts her kids first.
to Nikki

Star Lake, NY

#18 Sep 17, 2013
Welt it's obvious you are not Nikki because one Nikki has been on here before, two Nikki can actually spell. Need to work to feed and cloth the kids, thats a lie, between what her man makes and what she gets every month off her son she don't need to work. Only needs to work in order to support her drinking and weed habit. It was her daughters first day of kindergarten and anybody in their right minds wouldn't have missed that for ANYTHING! So if you are gonna stick up for her and use her name get the facts straight because you look as useless and pathetic as she does. She might not be a whore but wasn't it her boyfriend threw her out of the vehicle I heard because Danielle was all over him at the canoe poker run?? Hmm sounds a little fishy to me. And furthermore anybody that sticks up for Danielle looks pretty dumb considering all she does is lie, and I heard yesterday out of Brads mouth that she was pregnant and hit herself til she lost the baby. Matt and his family need to wake up and realize what is really going on around them.
Nikki Peabody

Wanakena, NY

#20 Sep 18, 2013
Obviously I was on a fuckin phone last night that did auto correct crap, here I am on a computer if my spelling is that fucking important!!!! Yes, I do feed and cloth my fucking kids you idiot!! I work 40 plus hours a week and so does my MAN!! So get your fucking facts straight before you LIE some more!!!! My son doesn't get anything any more because I have done what I needed to do to help him over come obstacles!! Your really that low that all you have to do is type your mouth away??? Come find me honey cause I'd LOVE to see you run it to me face to face!!!!!! In my right mind I worked her first day of school because their FATHER bought summer cloths for them, not winter/fall cloths so I unfortunately couldn't be there, because now I have to buy an entire wardrobe for my children!!! Like I said on MY last post, yes I felt like shit, but I'd rather have my children taken care of. Her aunt put her on the bus that morning, not some stranger!!!! Useless and pathetic??? I'd say it's you!! At least I put my real name on here you chicken shit!!!!!! Danielle wasn't all over him on the canoe poker run sweetie, she was fucking Brad in the woods!! So yet another thing you need to get your facts straight about!!!! With that said I DOUBLE DARE YOU to either put your real name on here, or come find me, you obviously know where I live since you supposedly know so much about me, so bring it on bitch!!! Let's see if you can handle this can of worms that you so gladly opened.... NIKKI JO PEABODY!!!!

Washington, DC

#21 Sep 18, 2013
We know ur one of the people starting shit heather baldwin so guess what ur a coward try a box cutter with one of us u stank ho and for the other person we will figure that out to and yall life will go to more shit then it already is so u guys keep pushing and will be pushed out of commission. stank hos

Star Lake, NY

#22 Sep 18, 2013
Wow now i'm getting blamed once again for shit that I never said. DJ what are you talking about box cutter cause last I checked i've never threatened anybody with a knife or a box cutter so maybe you should get stories straight. I never have once said anything on here about Nikki if I wanted to I would have used my real name sorry I have nothing to hide or need to use a fake name to hide behind. So if you want to accuse me like Nikki did last time shit was said on here go ahead but I know I haven't said shit this is the first time since that was said that I have gotten on here to read this b.s. so believe what you want no sweat off my back!

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