Stanton, MI.
I think that the Stanton Police dept should be look at much closer when they are not intelligence enough to fine out the truth about who has set off a fire alarm in there Police Dept where they put one prisoner with Hiv-Positive in with another and one set off the fire alarm they are told that both will have to go to court on the 29 of Dec with additionally time up to five years add to there sentence the one that dose not have hiv has not miss church or bilble study and knows that his fanily dose not have alot of money but have work very hard to help him with a lawyer and now the police have corner him with these charges that are just unfair no time or money for a another lawyer and the court appointed lawyers are worse of all becouse to them its all a big joke they are not there in this small town to be to be the judge and jury of there prisoners I feel that all the prisoners there are treated badly befor they are even convicted of a crime I would like to see the Dept investigated by the U S Marshall , the FBI or the Montcalm SHERIFF DEPT