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Stanton, KY

#1 Dec 11, 2009
What's your opinion about Drug Court?
Corn Cob Mafia

Chesterfield, MO

#2 Dec 11, 2009
From what I hear from a friend it's where the rats report to.
It Could

United States

#3 Dec 11, 2009
TellmeTellme wrote:
What's your opinion about Drug Court?
It could be, however in order for it to be any good to anyone it needs to be used more. I really think that instead of putting people in jail for drugs they should use an altertive sentencing plan. The jails are already running over. I believe that only those who commit a violent crime should do time. People who do drugs need help, they are sick. We need to have more programs out there, ones that people can afford. Yes, it is true that allot of drug addicts end up doing crimes to others, like robbery. These addicts should have to get into a program lke drug court. It just seems to me that we should put up more places other than jails to house and help addicts. There are allot of good people who have given into drugs, and alcohol. For what ever reason they have allowed these things to destory their lives. So yeah i think drug court could work. In fact i would like to see it used more. Putting sick people in jail is not the solution. Sometimes this people end up dying while in jail.That is a shame, no one should ever have to die when their under the watch of officials who know that they have over dosed and then just turn a cold shoulder, stating something utterly stupid, like "They should have known better" or "one less druggie to fed" Yeah crazy but true, allot of people hate so much that they do not value human life. Remember......"If Not For The Grace Of GOD Go You Or I"
Corn Cob Mafia

Chesterfield, MO

#4 Dec 11, 2009
No, it's where the ones who have narced on other people go once a week and turn in their "homework", take that however ya'll want to and they also get random tested.

Macon, GA

#5 Dec 11, 2009
f ya'll
du wha

United States

#6 Dec 11, 2009
people wrote:
f ya'll
"people" says "f ya'll"??? Would that not be telling the "people" to "f ya'll"??? If people tell people this, that, the other and f ya, is that not like an individual person telling themselves "f me"???

The people told the people f'ya ... wonderful!!!

Onto the topic, there are narcs, rats, shitkabobs, everywhere. Even if they are there would drug court not be a positive if even one of the piw parasites beat satan and the piw curse???
"people" ... well as seen here seem to enjoy their misery. Want to not have to deal with the rats??? Get of the "f'n" pills!

Seems the pilled piper led the rats out of the streets ... but the "people" followed. Hardy har har!!!

United States

#7 Dec 11, 2009
U have know clue about drug court untill
u've been in it... It can save lives if u want
forcibly alone

Clarksville, TN

#8 Dec 11, 2009
i know about drug court first hand, they manipulate the whole familys life. if one member of your family is in it, your all in it, thats bullshit.
I know

Jackson, KY

#9 Dec 11, 2009
you sign agreements to follow requirements.the program is truely for the ones who want it,not the ones who need it just to stay out of jail.GOOD LUCK to everyone and GOD be with them all.
good deal

Jackson, KY

#10 Dec 12, 2009
drug court sounds like a good deal,they are offering people a second chance at life.and that my friend is no joke to me.
someone who cares

East Berlin, CT

#11 Dec 17, 2009
Corn Cob Mafia wrote:
From what I hear from a friend it's where the rats report to.
If you were in drug court you would know that there is no rats in there. It's a hell of alot of work and a person cannot be a rat while in drug court. Until you know your facts then it would be a good idea to keep your mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!
what ever

Anderson, SC

#12 Dec 17, 2009
you people should not talk about this unless you know what you are talking about. These people are getting a 2nd chance at life. If you would stop pointing fingers and help us all stop this drug dealing in our County and give our children a better start in life we would all be better off. Stop putting people down and start doing something about the drugs. Give me a chance i will turn them all in and give my child a chance plus the fact that at least 18 months they will not be poisoning our community.
forcible alone

United States

#13 Dec 17, 2009
they told my wife that she cant have contact with me,her husband because i relapsed.ive been clean eight months.thats bull shit.we love each other and i need her for support.they cant make us divorce and were not.if i have to wait forever i will. this is killing me. i love her so much. i miss u princess.
not happy


#14 Dec 25, 2009
drug court is not what people think ! they help a few, but run your life, and you have no real legal rights , once you are in the program, they say , you fail a pee test, you have no right to fight them, test are not always right, they tell you, when and if you can see your kids and family. And its a year program my butt!! i know people that have been in there for years. They are always right, and you are never right. I know first handed, that this program, takes all your rights !!

Winchester, KY

#15 Dec 25, 2009
yes drug court runs ur life. It's unreal! They tell u when and where to pee..they tell u who to hang out with, u have so many rules to go by it's insane. u have a curfew, have to attend 6 meeting a week...3 tests a home work...30 hours community service...court twice a month...cant take tylenol pm, nyquil, nothing that has alcohol in it or marked may cause drowsiness, cant take anything a doctor prescribes u either so if u get sick u gota suck it up. When u go to a doctor u even have to give them a piece of paper that tells them u are in drug court and cant take any medications. If you miss a drug test u go to jail, if u miss a meeting u go to jail, if u are late for a meeting u go to jail, if u cant pee u go to jail, if u dont pee enough u go to jail, if u drink to much water and make ur pee deluted u go to jail and get tampering with evidence charges, if u are short 30 minutes on your community service u go to jail...if u get 3 sanctions u risk being terminated from the program completely and when terminated u get 5 years in jail. You cant work as a informant, and if u have ever done it before u cant be in drug court. u cant talk about another drug court participant or u can get terminated from the program. If drug court comes by ur house and someone there was drinking a beer YOU would be the one going to jail. They tell you who u can be around, live with, talk to, and look at and if u dont like it u go to jail. It's the craziest most insane aggrivating program in this entire world and it sucks!!!
It's basicly set up for FAILURE...they don't want you to complete it!
sounds like

United States

#16 Dec 26, 2009
Sounds like they think these people have to walk the line. Best advice is to do your time get probated and abide by the probation officers rules. Looks like parolees have it better. I be damned if somebody would tell me I couldn't take over the counter medication. That's BULLSHIT!!!! Just like the person above said "it's set up for failure". Good luck to all of those who are in the drug court program, you're gonna need it.

United States

#17 Dec 27, 2009
The rules and requirements are there for a reason. No one is being set up to fail...they are given an opportunity to get clean and avoid prison. Our criminal justice system is not perfect. People go to jail who don't need to go to jail, but right now drug court is the best thing going for Powell county!!!
suck it up

Clarksville, TN

#18 Dec 27, 2009
If you all crying about the way the program is run then stay in jail. Or I know this is hard concept to grasp stay off the pills. You people put the pills and crap ahead of your kids and family then when you get caught yell to the highest mountain that you have such a problem and need help. Well thats what it is for then you cry about how it runs your life and all the things you have to do to be in the program. Hello you all proved you cant run your own life so they do.
Recovering addict

United States

#19 Dec 28, 2009
Suck it up ur a piece of shit... How many of
ur family members and friends have been
affected by drugs in one way or another? I
bet more than u care to mention. If the truth
be known u need help to...

Richmond, KY

#20 Dec 28, 2009
Recovering addict wrote:
Suck it up ur a piece of shit... How many of
ur family members and friends have been
affected by drugs in one way or another? I
bet more than u care to mention. If the truth
be known u need help to...
It's funny how addicts hate anyone who doesn't see addicts as victims. I agree with suck it up. If you're dumb enough to end up in drug court don't cry about being in drug court. Take advantage of it and get off the pills.

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