Foco, Mosciski look to take public sa...

Foco, Mosciski look to take public safety 'back to the people'

There are 60 comments on the Bay City Times story from Oct 6, 2008, titled Foco, Mosciski look to take public safety 'back to the people'. In it, Bay City Times reports that:

Gary Foco made his foray into public safety as a teen, breaking into Bay City homes.

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Saginaw, MI

#1 Oct 10, 2008
Why elect James Mosciski as Sheriff of Arenac County???? Ron Bouldin was called jackass of the State Sheriff's Association ????? Now you people of Arenac County is electing an GOOD OLD BOY who was in jail for 15 days in Roscommmon County for STEALING MONEY from the taxpayers of Arenac County !!!!!! My-my, people sure forget, now lets not call Sheriff Bouldin any names, lets look at the electors of Arenac County, jackasses for electing James Mosciski, your right !!!!!419
Mosciski Supporter

West Branch, MI

#2 Oct 12, 2008
It was the POAM who gave Ronnie his Horse's Ass Award, not the Sheriff Association. It was Robert Fitzgerald that stole the receipt book that had the information for the money that was in Jim Mosciski's desk drawer. No money was ever missing, it just couldn't be stated where the money came from in his desk drawer. Remember there were no secretaries or computers back then.

Laws changed-sheriffs couldn't do car inspections anymore. That is why some people were told to write checks to Jim and some to the county.

The problem was Jim Mosciski WASN'T a good ole boy that is why they went after him.

I'm proud to be a jackass for voting for Jim Mosciski! I will continue to do it ever time he runs for an office!

Saginaw, MI

#3 Oct 12, 2008
Mosciski Supporter, mmmmmmmm, thats funny, maybe you should read the MSP Det. report, matter of that I have a copy of it ( Under Freedom of Information ) Mosciski lied stated by the MSP Detective, no money in his desk, wow, direct deposit to Jims personal account, then missing, showed back in his desk. If you want a copy of this report, its available, thats why Jim stated the 5TH and went to JAIL for 15 days. Come on Mosciski Supporter, Fitagerald stole the receipt book, that was never stated in the MSP report. Well anyway, ANOTHER HORSE's ASS being elected again.

Saginaw, MI

#7 Oct 13, 2008
ArenacCrezQ, I agree, I hope FOCO becomes Sheriff in Arenac County. The Idiot Mosciski (who was in Jail in Roscommon County for 15 days, woooooooooooo, people in Arenac County forget that) should not, repeat, SHOULD NOT BE RE-ELECTED as Sheriff. He has a record and can't be hired any where else, well, got laid-off for being a cleaner at the school. They need new blood in the County, start over and run a tight ship, Arenac County needs that.
justice for who

West Branch, MI

#10 Oct 17, 2008
justice for Foco? yeah right, maybe Justice you should talk to Foco's victims who went to jail because Foco lied on warrents to get drug busts on mentally challenged people. yup Arenac County will have another horse's ass award come next summer if Foco gets in.

there are NO excuses to lie to bust someone and that is what Foco did. this truth will come out to. doesn't take much of a man to go after mentally handicapped people who can't stand up for themselves just to get a trumped up drug charge to stick

yeah right justice will be served if Foco gets in.
Come On

United States

#13 Oct 24, 2008
Is someone putting down being a cleaner? You probably don't even have a job!!! He can't get hired anywhere else?? Maybe he didn't want to, after the shit that those people in that county put him through. You need to check into things a little better!!!!

Saginaw, MI

#15 Oct 25, 2008
Geeezzzzzzzzzzz Come On, Ex Sheriff Mosciski was in jail for 15 days in Roscommon County for lets say, stealing money and taking the 5th, oh well, now was laid off from the Standish-Sterling High School as a jantorial server. Jim has stab various people in Arenac County, both elected and non-elected and this person cannot be trusted. I have known this person over 20+ years and we DON'T need Jim back as Sheriff. WHY????? He lost to Boldnuts and lost even in his own Deep River Township for votes where he lives. Jim, take a damn good look and don't fu*k Arenac County anymore. Even under FOIA, JAMES MOSCISKI even lied to the damn MSP Det. about stealing or mmmmmmmmmmmm misplacing monies. His ass went to jail in Roscommon for 15 days, and even got re-elected as Sheriff. We need new blood through out Arenac County and even Edward G. Rohn, write down your times, training, classes, and wiping your ass for all of Arenac County.

Bridgeport, CT

#18 Oct 26, 2008
people of arenac you seem to be getting off the topic here. we already know bouldin is on his way out, but what about his side kick, foco? what foco thinks people didn't realize they acted like best friends for 2-3 years, well until his senses kicked in and realized bouldin was going down a dead end road. you people seem to be forgetting the fact that foco has all this experience behind him, yet when it benefited him, he was bouldin's right hand man. which isn't hard to figure out why, bouldin's people smelled an ass, why couldn't foco? listen closely, foco used bouldin, just as much as bouldin used foco! do you really think foco is any better? he's playing the same old political game bouldin did 4 years ago...we know where all that b.s. got us. foco is a man with all this so called experience, yet it's ok for him to follow in other peoples foot steps...gee that's the type of leader i want in charge of my family. what happen to being your own person and doing what is right? the only thing foco could do right was play house boy, so he could get what he wanted. they do have one thing in common though, they don't care who they screw...and i mean that in every way possible! foco must think that since no one has found his name on any documents, that people don't know he had some involvement with bouldin attacking his own people? oh don't worry arenac, you wont have to worry about that either, the county has insurance and besides they'll seal the $$$ amount...again!
Clint Dare MMCW

Olathe, KS

#21 Oct 26, 2008
Let em have it boys and girls ladies and gentlemen, cats and cuties. Burn them suckers down. When you get them out of office run em out of your town and KICK THEM OUT OF YOUR COUNTY.
Funny thing about the light. When you turn on the light the rats and cockroaches run for the darkness and the holes they came out of.Bye bye Bouldin you scum suckin dog. You and your webfooted friends can hit the road finally.
P.S. Why haven't you, YOU called me back Ronnie? Are you scared?
Clint Dare MMCW

Olathe, KS

#22 Oct 26, 2008
You don't have anything you can defend yourself with. That is why you keep letting your office ho call instead of you! Boy!

United States

#24 Oct 27, 2008
I have nothing bad to say about Bouldin, my first point if you pissed people off and nobody likes you. You are doing your job the few angry at him make more noise than the ones he protected and that is a shame. Now for Mosciscki he had his turn and we had enough of the good old boys crap. And Foco should be made to cut all ties with the tribe before he takes office
horses ass kicker

Jackson, MS

#25 Oct 27, 2008
wow wrote: "I have nothing bad to say about Bouldin, my first point if you pissed people off and nobody likes you. You are doing your job the few angry at him make more noise than the ones he protected and that is a shame. Now for Mosciscki he had his turn and we had enough of the good old boys crap. And Foco should be made to cut all ties with the tribe before he takes office "

Welly, welly, well....look who chimed that you Bowl-dung? Or one of your 3 little supporters?

Port Huron, MI

#26 Oct 27, 2008

Port Huron, MI

#27 Oct 27, 2008
Gee…can you come up with some thing new??? Gee walley, or is it sally, I didn’t know you could read…I mean if you want to be blunt, Justice from Saginaw, the man took the 5th because he was set up! Gee, I wonder who, maybe the guy who has been trying to gain his position for the last…oh I don’t know 8yrs? Good try Fitzgerald…go back to beating people up while playing doctor and driving the closest thing you could fit behind, besides a squad car. If you knew anything about politics, or the ex sheriff, then you would know he took it like a man…OH, AND THAT’S RIGHT GOT RE-ELECTED, did I mention BEHIND BARS! I think Arenac County has learned NOT to trust an outsider (Foco) who has to lie about running for sheriff…Gee, we didn’t see that one coming FOCO! So back to the money trail, how many sheriffs do anything closely related to the books? Last time I checked, that wasn’t there job! Hence why they hire people below them? Shame on him for trusting the wrong people! Shame on you for thinking Foco’s the man! He did make a good sandbagger for Boldnuts! Are we seeing a pattern? Have you people learned??? Getting snowballed from flakes like you (yes you bouldin/fitzgerald/now foco) well-should never happen again!!! Maybe that’s why Mosciski is the man; AGAIN, because we don’t need people like Boldnuts-Fo’nuts lying throughout the whole county, AGAIN! Fo’nuts, well he’s lied ever since he put his name down as a candidate? Are we really going to trust someone who kissed/worshiped the ground of a man with 2 wives? Your just like Boldnuts, nuts for thinking the people around you are as dumb and naive for lying about this whole election…Nope its not a rumor, I am running for sheriff! Tell us why there was a rumor?

old boy from town

United States

#28 Oct 27, 2008
jim paid his time for his crime,so the persons of arenac co.want him back!he must of done something good,i would not piss on ron or his but budd gary if they were on fire,there both a couple of horses asses.any way they cant stick it to the good persons of the county they will,maybe gary should hire ronnie,his wife and girlfriend,talk about morals,thats a whole another story!!!!!!!
Concerned in Bay County

Bay City, MI

#29 Oct 28, 2008
So it’s almost time for Bollnuts to let go. Only 9 weeks and your out. Sad to see you go. LOL. Let’s hope the voters of Arenac County can read between the lines and see what kind of contestants we have to replace you. An ex-sheriff that apparently got the job done but lost a re-election bid because of complacency and lack of campaigning, or a new candidate that has no clue on how to run a decent department with all his back biting and hanging on to Bollnut’s apron string. Especially with all the trumped up investigations Foco has been a part of that have taken place in the past four years and initiated by Bollnuts.(Wish I could elaborate).Why would an officer of the law,(Foco), give up a decent job with the tribal police, to run as sheriff in Arenac County. Maybe even his superior know what kind of a di##head he is. Thought you had it made, ha . Even though comments and rumors were spread that you did this as a lark to get even with Bollnuts and were not really going to be on the ballot come November 4th. Did you do this just to pi## off your ex buddy and co-conspirator Bollnuts?
All can see I do not live in Arenac County, but the same crap happens everyday where I live in Bay County, but just not on such a scale as I have seen in such a small county. Sure has been some interesting reading on my part. After the elections, I will miss all of this for the next four years. But I will log on to my computer and check this area of Michigan every day because I do believe sh## will happen with your county commissioners that will also make interesting reading such as Emergency Management Department. Another Bolldung and friends fiasco.
It’s late in the game but this link tells it all about Bollnuts and the real person/animal he truly was. Citizens of Arenac County do not do it again by electing Foco as your Sheriff.
Concerned in Bay County

Bay City, MI

#31 Oct 31, 2008
arenac county voters, get a load of this crap! foco can't run amuck thru arenac cuz bouldin pulled his deputy's card? well he still is and he turns a young nieve augres cop into his new found friend! this way he's not held accountable for his undercover sting operation? so he's back doing shady police work, once again!!! anyone else heard foco was in augres recently, doing a sting operation with drugs, and he wasn't with MSP, county, dnr, sting, oh wait we don't have sting anymore? does anyone know this person or anyone else in the county this happen to? i'd be calling the state police, Gov, mi sheriff assoc.(lansing-executive director), and diffentely the tribal police (Lt. Babcock, in case your wondering :) or someone with there head on straight? because if this happened to one of my family members i'd be pissed!!! you want to vote for this guy, he's not suppose to be doing ANYTHING outside of tribal property, so he bends the rules, wow! thats great, whats he going to do when elected and on patrol he doesn't have a reason to pull you over...pretty much anything he wants, he's doing that now? makes you really wonder since him and bouldin hate each other so much, then why does he continue to torment the county, whose making sure he's not doing anything illegal, or is he already? there ya go foco you've changed! Funny part is, during this drug sting he took a vehicle cuz he said this persons car was bought with drug money, he knew it had no insurance, and drove it all they way back towards case your was inherited due to a sad death, then foco told this person "my wife will look good driving in this car"...WTF? since when did a tribal cop, become a deputy, sting, sheriff, and now tow truck driver? not sure about you people, but if that was me, my personal items, being set up, i would be screaming bloody murder!!! this and everything foco and his crew does are done by someone who obviously has learned how to be as arrogant as bouldin, trained by foco, or work along with foco! gee...just think what will happen if he's elected, i'm sure he will treat the people of arenac deputizing the whole freaking tribe!
Concerned Individual

United States

#34 Oct 31, 2008
don't you freaking get it....

people concerned is right! bouldin tried to do whatever he wanted and we see where that got him! now its foco's turn! can't you see the writing on the wall? foco can't or isn't suppose to do anything outside of tribal property, yet goes and does what he wants. he uses the badge, the uniform, and the tribes money to the fullest extent...example last week he was in uniform, tribal car, and camped out in augres watching a football game (probably with his new butt buddy bob). you might think i'm an ass for him supporting us? but that's not the point...why can't he just do his duty's on tribal property, why is he out galavanting outside of the tribe, while on duty? oh that's right because he doesn't care! if you think he is going to drop all ties from the tribe your only kidding yourself! if that was the case then he would just go to the games, outside of work, to show he supports the county, and rub shoulders the old fashion way...instead he just uses the tribe, badge, power, and continues to do as he pleases! so you know its bad when his mentor, bouldin, calls dispatch and makes a stink about what tribal officer is in the county, hasn't checked in or out anywhere, and bouldin threatens to have foco's vehicle towed? that would be a good FOIA from the taped lines in dispatch? gee...i wonder if foco doesn't care now, after being with the tribe for so long and they pay him to pretty much disregard rules, what will he do when elected and the county tax payers are flipping the bill? maybe he'll take the wife, girlfriend, collegues, over to CMU or tiger stadium to watch a game in the county vehicle and let you pay for the gas? oh wait, maybe he can make national news and loose his gun to?
Concerned in Bay County

Bay City, MI

#35 Oct 31, 2008
people of arenac smell the roses....a tribal officer elected as sheriff, has the power to SHUT DOWN THE SHERIFF DEPT, only by law does foco have to maintain a jail and to have someone serve papers from the courts!!!
if you elect foco you will only be signing your own fate to have the tribe run this whole county, traffic stops, complaints, arrest, all behind there money, power, and sergeant foco. he is not only having his officers run ramped thru the county now, as i am sure you seen tonight during halloween, but he has the power (if you make the mistake of electing him) to shut down the county sheriff department!!!
look it up, call michigan sheriff association...they will tell you; a sheriff and its department rules/standards/policy only have to maintain a jail and paper service for the courts. so what do you think will happen to half of the department, if foco wins, and he wants his boys to do all the police work throughout the whole county!!! that means all deputy's will be fired or laid off, no more school liaison, traffic car, etc...we already everything MOSCISKI had, no thanks to bouldin.
if foco does decide to keep the county as is, you can bet your ass it will be to the tribes liking, not the people. You need to make sure this does not happen! you need to make sure MOSCISKI wins the election so he can control the tribe, foco will not do anything, except get away with what ever loop hole he can to have the tribe dominate this county!!! Mosciski would never allow another agency to take over arenac...mark my words times have changed, MOSCISKI has changed, and he knows he didn't work this county for almost 20 years to watch it fall to politics or the tribe!
only shady, dirty, lying, jackasses, wanna be cops, would resort to making stencils up and spray painting election signs....they have proven there track record the past 4 years!!!
Concerned in Bay County

Bay City, MI

#36 Oct 31, 2008
Pay attention people of Arenac County. Here comes a big e-mail just received. It's so big ,it must be broken down many times. Here comes!(Yo HAK)
Foco must really think we are just a bunch of rednecks who are too stupid to figure out he is a spitting image of Ronald “Jackass” Bouldin. I hope you see that Bouldin/Foco are the same type of people (hype, lie’s, slander, etc…) if not please keep reading because I will make SEVERAL points. Well besides I don’t think Foco has 2 wives? All Foco is going to do is turn the county over to the tribe, cost us more money, and worse yet, help us lose more faith in others…thanks Bouldin! Now Foco thinks the people are too stupid to see his true motivation towards being the next sheriff.

I wonder…since a sheriff doesn’t have to be in office something like what, 1 day a year? Would Foco be foolish enough to work for the tribe (full-time, benefits, pension, etc.) and show up at the sheriff dept. maybe 1-2 days a week/month? I mean Mosciski had other duties outside of work, but at least he was in uniform, taking calls, and doing his job 24/7, 365 days a year, for oh what 18 years. Foco can’t even work for the tribe and follow the rules while assigned to its tribal property. So I really feel sorry for those of you who got arrested, lost job or family, and money due to Foco running shady police work from 2005-2008. Foco was allowed to enter Arenac County, investigate tribal property, reports, complaints, etc. and when only requested or needed was he allowed to assist the county deputies for assistance or an emergency. Gee way to go Bouldin for screwing the good people, better yet, way to go Foco for doing what your master says and not being man enough to say this isn’t right! Why would Foco do that? With all of his experience, training, morals/ethics, he wasn’t smart enough to see he was being used, or was he using us, at our expense? Getting harassed by Foco who knew the rules, yet didn’t care, did what ever he wanted, and how he wanted? Now plays dumb, acts like he’s going to restore this county, when he helped destroy it. I don’t feel safe with him being sheriff, bringing in more tribal officer’s, who trained under him, and who probably will run the same type of shady police work he did! Not sure about you, but having more police watching over the county, that we don’t pay for, can only be good if they are kept under control! Foco can’t be kept under control now, how do you plan on controlling him and his tribal buddy’s once elected…That is easy, you wont be able to!(Pt 1)

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