To the Chick Family;

I, Jonathan La Salle and on behalf of my extended family including my Ex wife Anna Stuart-Harriman extend our sincere and profound condolences specificly to Suzanne Gillette and her daughter Mandy Chick, to Lucien Roberge and their extended family, to their friends and friends of friends, we unite in solidarity observing the untimely passing of Michael Chick on Friday December 17, 2010. We offer our prayers for comfort that only God can give to endure the pain for your loss.

We understand and can relate to you since we also endured the passing of Jonathan Kalani "Buggy" LaSalle, my firstborn son who passed away on March 12, 2008. We still struggle with the reality of his loss and on special times like these we miss him the most. Today we remember and rejoice in having him in our lives and consider him a gift for as long as we had him. Michael is not dead. His spirit and his memory live on and on in all of those who knew him. Now it is time to unite and mourn his passing and commit to care for his little baby who unfortunately will never physically know Dad but will always be reminded of who he was in life.
Life has twists and turns and my own lesson taught me to love daily as if it was my last day. To enjoy and be thankful for every day that I'm able to live and be able to be a source of inspiration to those around me. To mentor and to be a support to those when they are weak as those gave unto me in my time of tragedy and loss. Life is fragile and God holds the key. He waits to walk with us as we depart however way we do and even though he(Mike)never said goodbye, he will be around you at every turn.

God bless you all. May your pain be tolerable and may your tears flow warm. Just remember that you are not alone because there are other parents who are enduring the agony and the torment every day and every hour as myself and my ex wife have and our children are as well. We don't promise you that it will get easier, we promise you that it will be more tolerable as time goes by. Cry and don't hold it back, speak of him every chance you have and be proud. I leave you now with a shoulder to lean on for strength and don't hesitate to call me, Anna or Alanna and we will listen and comfort you as you did for us. God bless you for blessing us.

God give you comfort and strength!