Review: 610 Carwash
adolf monjious

Washington, DC

#62 Feb 27, 2011
You see alot of the licenes plate metal frames that say 610 car wash so that was someones great idea maybe it was Kenny who thought it up its great advertising you see it everywhere. Also by taking the tips he is really helping to keep his people out of a higher income tax bracket. You also can barter with those Asian nail shop girls say give free car wash and wax including the once over inside and they walk on your back or trade car wash for say a load of laundy ect, or plate of chinese food

Chevy Chase, MD

#64 Mar 29, 2011
I've been there a few months and I like it. It's better than taco bell was. Teri is nice, Tree's funny if you do what you're supposed to and Jeff is ok. They really just do thier job. I've seen people get stupid over stupid stuff and they keep cool. and if someone gets their tips taken for not shaving or whatever it goes to the rest of us. I get more money than my friends do and they work sucky hours. I cant believe people complain about working there. Go work somewhere else and see how much it sucks.
Child Labor Abuse

Washington, DC

#65 Apr 15, 2011
These kids work hard for their pay and tips and the management, specifically the owner, rips the hard working kids off by not giving them our tips. This has been ongoing for years and still occuring. When asked for their policy on tip distribution management could not produce a single document and the employees continue to say it is at the owners discretion. This owner needs to be investigated under Virginia law.
Former Employee

Stafford, VA

#66 May 18, 2011
Everyone who works at the car wash is aware that Gary is a cocaine dealer and performs illegal employee practices; however, since he washes all of the police's cars for free, they tend to turn a blind eye. And yes, they DO withhold tips under their discretion, and if a customer individually tips you and you don't put it in the bucket you will get fired. I only worked here for the summer because I had sports commitments my senior year of high school, and asking for days of work was a process that lead to a lot of bitching from Tree. Even though getting a lot of hours was great and all, getting paid $8 an hour and then getting a twenty five cent "raise" when minimum wage increased to $8.25 was a joke.
I will never work at this place again, and have never gotten my car washed here since. Oh, and some of the workers steal regularly -- hide your personal belongings!! I remember someone stole a few individual wrapped cigars before.

Manassas, VA

#67 Jun 10, 2011
I had a run in with the the owner of 610 one day last Sept 2010. I was a customer at a new place in that plaza. Apparantly this guy owns the entire plaza also. Anyway, he came storming in, yelling and threatening, while we were right in the middle of a high energy workout. He was extremely RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to us patrons. What a hot head jerk, think he can boss customers around just cause he owns the place!!
Hampton Roads guy

Bladensburg, MD

#68 Jul 28, 2011
I am glad that I read these posts. I have 610 advertised on plates and was thinking of taking my car there. I come up to this area a lot and like to have a clean car in front of my customers. But after reading the comments, why bother to be disappointed and disrepected. I feel as if I have dodged a big bullet.

Woodbridge, VA

#69 Sep 29, 2011
I agree, service is just ok, almost bad. Are there any other carwash places here in Stafford?
Carwash Employee

Upper Marlboro, MD

#70 Jan 4, 2012
I work there now and I have yet to see anyone treated unfairly. The workers do not get treated unfairly. If you do your work correctly and don't be lazy you will have no problems. (just like any other job). As to the complaining customers if you have problems then don't come back. Its as simple as that. It usually slows the car wash down for the supporting customers And causes more of a hassle for us teenagers.
previous worker

Stafford, VA

#71 Jan 11, 2012
He has a coke problem actually
Not a Fan

United States

#72 Jan 15, 2012
The story about the car accident is true and DEFINITELY unfair. Good, the kid who caused the accident had it taken out of his paycheck, but the other kids DID NOTHING WRONG! I would have quit after that incident. Also, the manager is very unpleasant, and was rude to me when I would ask basic questions...

Detroit, MI

#73 Feb 12, 2012
Doug wrote:
You guys are funny. I worked for 2 YEARS STRAIGHT at that place in the early 90's.
You guys are a bunch of pussies. Deal with it. It's not that bad.
You want BAD? Go work for a moving company (Like United). You will wish that you had gone to hell as it would be easier.
Two years straight? Way to go, nice potential.
Car still dirty

Stafford, VA

#74 Feb 13, 2012
This place is very expensive and my car is never clean when I am get home. I have addressed this with several people there,(front desk worker and outside inspector) an it still happens. They also need to clean up the toxic oil slick in there parking lot from the tire shine!!! My wheels are too slick and I spin for the next two miles and my feet slide off the pedels because you have to walk through the slick! Drop the price and clean you act up!!! You have lost a lot of patrons because of this. To bad they don't care enough to change. Make a point and stay away!!!
Jed Orloff

Stafford, VA

#75 Mar 5, 2012
I have taken all my cars to this place since it opened.

I have a large Ford Excursion. After several times having th ecarpets and running board get soiled badly with greasy foot prints.

I wrote a letter of complaint and included photos. The manager called me and apologized and gave me some free washes.

Two times back and guess what the manager was putting her greasy footprints on my vehicle herself.

I cannot wait till the new Car wash opens on Courthouse Road!

Seems like the best solution.

Debie from Stafford

Fredericksburg, VA

#76 Mar 14, 2012
I was there yesterday and noticed change was missing from my change in the was only a quarter but it's the principle. Also, the back of my car (it's white) was full of black I went back. The lady with the english accent tells me it's because I don't get my car washed enough. I paid for a service and I expected it to be clean and she was blaming me. So she wiped it down and replaced my quarter, she said the vacuum probably got it and I hope that's what happened. I too have the license frame but I think I might get rid of it. Why advertize for some place that I probably won't go back to?

Hyattsville, MD

#77 Aug 11, 2012
I go there all the time and have been a customer for over 5 years. I buy their cards to get discounts, I advertise with the license plate bracket which gets me a discount. I know the young man that works outside on the line, the two women, Tree and Terry, the cashier young lady inside as well. I have never seen anything but polite, conscientious workers doing a good job.
This is a automatic car wash and you should NEVER expect perfection. If you want perfection you should hand detail the vehicle yourself plain and simple. For ten bucks you are not going to get that type of quality nor should you expect it.
Honestly, for a full service car wash of its type, they do a very decent job and always seem respectful and courteous and I have a good rapport with them. Sometimes it is the customer's approach to a situation that can be off putting and sets the tone for a negative outcome. I am in the customer service business and have been for over 30 years and I see this every day and it amazes me how people treat others and then expect good service just because they are the customer. IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY FOLKS, THESE ARE PEOPLE FIRST AND EVERYONE MUST BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT IF YOU EXPECT TO GET RESPECT BACK.
To the allegations that they deceived the person regarding the charity, I call BS! If it isn't in writing, it doesn't exist. And further more, any smart business person would take the coupon as it defeats the purpose of couponing of this nature to begin with. Coupons are a way to get customers in the door and should always be honored or other accommodation made as the major battle in retail is to get someone to walk in your door in the first place.
Credible Source

Stafford, VA

#78 Sep 12, 2012
Anyone who is a regular to that place is just as much of a terrible human being as the management that works there. They are all soulless people. As you can probably guess, I am a recent employee of that hell hole. Honestly, the work isn't that bad, but no one gives enough of a shit to do a good job. Don't blame the workers though (most of them). If they weren't being managed by immature, cheapskates, then they probably would do a better job.

If that was too long and you didnt read what I said, let me break it down for you.

It's ran by a two-faced woman that's hopped up on happy pills, a greedy filthy tyrant, a mormon with a self righteous pompous attitude and a slightly old lady that deals with too much bullshit and is a little power crazy (funny, right?)

The kids are the only decent part of their business and they are abused. If you want a good wash, do it yourself or go out of your way to thank the kids and they will do a good job.
Nunya business

Stafford, VA

#79 Sep 18, 2012
To anyone who doesn't believe the bad things being said, they are so very true. Gary does have a coke problem, Jeff needs to be reminded Mormonism is a joke and if he wasn't giving away half his paycheck to give to a church that worships a false god he would probably be much happier. Tree is nice though

Manassas, VA

#80 Oct 21, 2012
Not a Fan wrote:
The story about the car accident is true and DEFINITELY unfair. Good, the kid who caused the accident had it taken out of his paycheck, but the other kids DID NOTHING WRONG! I would have quit after that incident. Also, the manager is very unpleasant, and was rude to me when I would ask basic questions...
The car that got into an accident was a Jeep, do information on Jeeps and their excessive revving and you'll find other companies have the same problem. The car was started, shifted into drive, started shaking and hit a tree. I am a employee, we work our ass off and get underpaid for the abuse we get. I cant wait for the new car wash to open
Infrequent visitor

Cincinnati, OH

#81 Oct 29, 2012
I don't live in the area, but I have family who does. I know the place and I've used it once, maybe twice in the past few years when I was in town.

When I first started reading the comments from over 2 years ago, my first thought was that this "Gary" has a drug problem. Being a former drug user, it's always so clear, when I see behavior that I used to exhibit many times myself, that drugs are usually the reason.

Imagine my non-surprise when I finally got to the comments about drug dealing and drug use. I've seen it all too many times before. I guarantee that one day, something big will come back to bite him in the rear end. No matter HOW MUCH he thinks he does for the community, it isn't paying NEAR the debt to society that an influx of cocaine does to destroy it.

Another thing I guarantee is that drug dealing is not the ONLY form of criminal behavior being perpetrated. The spokes of the underground drug economy are many, and you can count on prostitution, illegal gambling, money laundering and many other criminal activities, that go along with the CASH and CRIMINALS that extend from this hub.

I won't go there again, and I'll make sure that my family knows not to either. And if the Stafford County Sheriff won't investigate the many allegations, maybe someone should notify the State. If the State isn't interested, then reach out to a Federal agency.

The reason they don't care about their customers, is probably because it's just a front for money laundering anyway. Nice people like you guys don't think like criminals, but you must do so in order to figure out the game they're really playing.

Prayers to all of you in the safe!!!
Employee and Customer

Washington, DC

#82 Nov 4, 2012
I worked for the Car Wash for the summer after my freshman year of college. After a little while they needed another cashier inside and I was "promoted." I loved that part because I got to be out of the heat.
-The management absolutely talks bad about employees.
-Tips are with held for seemingly inane reasons.
-I used to count the tips and then deposit them in Gary's safe after closing, there was never any documentation (except for a small handwritten note) of how much money there was or how it was distributed.
-Jeff is actually a good guy.
-Gary is absolutely a tyrant and difficult to work for. Any day he was working I was on edge constantly. He will yell for no reason at anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross his path.
-I spent a decent part of that summer helping redo the mulch in the whole shopping center (which Gary does own). At the end of one long day pulling weeds and spreading mulch he took the girls that had been helping to lunch and sent the boys back to work. I appreciated the lunch, but that was just wrong.
-The cars don't come out very clean. Even when I was working there I noticed dirty cars.
-The windows are always streaky afterwards.
My recent customer experience:
-I bought a new car at the very end of this summer and took it twice in two weeks to be washed there. I knew it wouldn't be perfect, but the car wasn't very dirty and I just wanted it to stay looking nice.
-The third time I took it there something happened to it in the car wash and the hub cap was bent when it came out.
-They took the car out back without saying anything to me as I watched in confusion. They ran it through again.
-Apparently my car had "hopped" the track inside the car wash and the conveyor kept moving. The vehicle behind it hit my car damaging the bumper (on a six week old vehicle). I was told I must have a severe alignment problem (which I had checked and I didn't, go figure)or low tire pressure (which they checked there and it was fine).
-They refused to do anything about the damage claiming if my vehicle operated correctly it wouldn't have been damaged.
I will NEVER be back. My family will never be back. Our many neighbors will never be back. If you choose to go there, definitely don't take any nice vehicle and go at your own risk.

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