I have been buying on ebay for about 6 months now. How I had forgot about ebay. Wow the Stuff I have gotten so cheap and the thrill of bidding is like gambling to see if I can get what I want. What a high it is bidding back and forth with somebody. Instead of buying a phone charger for 30. I'm getting it on ebay for 5 and new clothes for my whole family. sporting goods, I'm looking to get a boat right now. my wife's Easter Gifts Just ordered. I'm a good husband. Looking for my kids some easter stuff and found CAMO Pink, Camouflage Green & Camouflage Blue Easter Baskets just now. Also we are supporting our postal service that is in need of America to support it. MAILBOX -I love to go see if I have a goody now rather than a bill. No store Lines and Fighting a crowd. Why pay full price with money so tight. wanted to Post something positive on here for a change. Help one another that's what we all should do. But warning its addicting but the money I would have saved on is unbelievable. I have saved so many Dollars on everyday stuff I would be buying full price at the store. In todays economy, every penny helps me. I honestly would have been underwater if I hadn't started getting things I need at a cheaper price on ebay.(warning: Its addicting in a good way) Hope you find this helpful.