Police: Vampire freaks site leads to ...

Police: Vampire freaks site leads to sex assault

There are 27 comments on the KHOU-TV Houston story from Jun 8, 2007, titled Police: Vampire freaks site leads to sex assault. In it, KHOU-TV Houston reports that:

“I guess it's really kind of disturbing to think that a 23-year-old can meet somebody online, arrange for a meeting with a 16-year-old, and think they're going to engage in some kind of sexual activity”

Summertime is prime time for teens who like to while away the hours surfing the Web. via KHOU-TV Houston

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IOn Bodom

United States

#1 Jul 16, 2007
Hmm. VampireFreaks.com is one of the worst sites ever. It is so judged upon whether you are a premium member or not. You arelovd and thought of if you pring that extra$50 a month to become a premium member. I am not the only one who has noticed this. All these gothic kids claim to have it bad. Well, what's so bad? As they were saying that thereparents were paying there fucking cell phone bill. There roomphone bill. T1 internet bill, and there brand-spanking new SK3. They are so pathetic, it is unbearable. All of you make me want to vomit. You spoiled rotten, ignorant brats.
IOn Bodom

United States

#2 Jul 16, 2007
And they ignore all the warnings and they sit on there computers equiped with T1 internet and talk to this boy who sends you pictures of some gothic-emo kid in another country. But you don't know that. You start to "Fall in love" with him. Okay! You cannot fall inlove over the internet. Love at first sight is possible, despite what everyone says. But it is love at first site, not love at first online cyber. If you fall for some pedofiliac gothic wannbe over the internet, than it sucks to be you. Like I said. You're ignorant.

Mexico, Mexico

#3 Sep 20, 2007
Yeah but that doesn't make the site band, it has many options for recreation and yeah everywhere there's a poor child dumb enough to fall in those lies, that doesn't mean it's admin's Jet problem, you're so wise to judge people huh? Man I'd say you just envy rich kids who have what you don't and instead of bitchin out your life you keep bitchin other's flaws, you're pathetic and if someone offered me to be spoiled or live in envy.. well I guess you know which side I'd choose.
Velheim the VF renegade

Janesville, WI

#4 Nov 6, 2007
What makes the site bad is that they don't update rules. Yeah, I'm a member and I should know that your profiles activity and views really don't matter if your not putting effort into saying hi to other people. So don't bitch about how having a premium equals love from the site. Thats what they WANT you to think. Your premiums help them advertise shows of their own genre and also help maintain the site. The site is made for the industrial scene, nothing else. So don't buy their premiums, don't buy their clothes. Because THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU. They just want your money. Yeah all the controversy is unneeded what with the press trying to catogorize us as satanists and shit. What makes the site bad is how they lay out these rules for you, and you think you got them all down. But no, they suspend you for their own reasons. It doesn't have to be violating a rule thats in the rules section, it can be a rule that they FORGOT TO ADD to the rules section. And thats what pisses me off most about that site. You would think that a site like VF.com which is run independantly by Jet and synthtec would treat its contributors well but they don't. Its not as bad as myspace. But its still bad.
Velheim the VF renegade

Janesville, WI

#5 Nov 6, 2007
I'll give you guys an example.
Its against rules to downrate on the site. But if you leave a comment its not. I got suspended for downrating with two accounts. Yeah, at first I thought I couldn't have two accounts. But since I'm premium I can have a main account and a music account and from what an admin has told me I can have one other. But you see, nowhere in the rules does it say anything about having more than one account and nowhere in there does it say that you can't downrate with both. They can suspend you for whatever reason they feel like. Even if you caused an itch in their ass, I gurantee you they would suspend you for it. They treat their members like SHIT.

Cartago, Costa Rica

#7 Dec 13, 2007
YEs I got suspended... they didn't care that I am a Premium Member and that the admin just believed some stupid drama queen! I told them to please track my profile actions to proof that I didn't do all the things she said... but instead they believed her!

I think they don't know how to take care of customers coz I am a customer! I wish I could refund the fokin premium sht!

Dayton, OH

#8 Jan 7, 2008

United States

#9 Sep 23, 2008
I am on a few sites.

One....Yes, you CAN fall in love online. I met my now fiance online and we fell in love well before we met. Over time we met, moved in together and are planning a wedding. He is great with my children and is a hardworking loving man. He is not a psycho that mistreats me in any way. I know his family and they are wonderful also.

Ps--love at first sight means the first time they see a person they know that person is the one for them and vice versus. No matter if it's in person, a picture or a web cam. It's still first sight. Sight is the act of seeing.

Yes, there are crazy people online. I'm not denying that. Thing is....video games, music, witchcraft, the devil, and now websites...people will blame anything that they can to avoid the real problem. People and society itself is to blame. How we grow up, the thoughts some people have that they cannot share, the way people treat these kids....all that is a factor.

I am in no way at all condoning school shootings. You have to see though. Once someone is bullied for so long...it is human nature that they will feel alienated and then will retaliate. Go ask any Good psychology professor.

Two, about these many different websites....myspace, vampire freaks, etc etc etc....Yes, they want you to pay money. DUH! But consider this....these sites DO offer some services for free. There are thousands of sites that you can go to and not be able to even see person #1 or chat or anything without subscribing.

Yes, they are admins. They govern the site. They can do basically what they want. So what? If you or I don't like it then we need to look around.

For those in the USA...we have a president along with his governing body. If they don't like something, guess what. It's gone. It's the same way in other countries. It's how places work. Why should the internet be any different than the real world in that aspect?

So with all that said, I just found this by doing a random search so I probably won't read all the responses. I just want to leave on this note.

Welcome to the real world.

La Junta, CO

#10 Sep 26, 2008
so if vampirefreaks is bad then wtf about Myspace and all this other shit thats out there why single out vampirefreaks when other sites have the same thing as other ones..

United States

#11 Dec 29, 2008
I just deleted my profile at VF. The site is a haven for 12-year-old wanna-be goths. Elitist "cults" and mindlessness is the foundation of that website. Creepy people, as well. By creepy, I don't mean "vampire-like", at all. Rather, pedophiles-in-the-making. A good example was a 30-something saying that this 12-year-old girl was his e-girlfriend. Something's not right, there. That site is SO not what I thought it would be.

It's got some great potential if the site admins gave a flying fork...

Yorkton, Canada

#12 Dec 31, 2008
its only 5 dollars a month or 20 dollars for a year for premium.
not 50 a month, it is not exactly creepy, but to most
adults it may come more stand off-ish. it is for people
with open minds, not everyone on vampirefreaks are freaks.
but don't get me wrong, there are really really messed up people
on there, you just have to be cautious, its just like any other website
dont release personal information.
Sigmund freud

Bridgwater, UK

#13 Apr 28, 2009
IOn Bodom wrote:
They are so pathetic, it is unbearable. All of you make me want to vomit. You spoiled rotten, ignorant brats.
And whats wrong with a site wanting money for a service? They need to support themselves for gods sake, money doesn't just appear in their hands.
And will you PLEASE stop saying T1?

Sugar Land, TX

#14 May 5, 2009
You know something? It doesn't matter what site you chat on or how bad the site is...it really has nothing at all to do with the site. It has to do with the fact that just because someone wants to meet up with someone else doesn't give the jerk the right to assault her...More and more this is happening, getting assault, scammed, killed, why don't you pathetic lossers who can't find a normal life all get together a shoot each other and leave the rest of us who just want to live life and respect the rights of others to not have to worry about everytime we talk to someone if you are the next asshole and are we the next victum alone and in peace!!!
Vf member

Logansport, IN

#15 May 21, 2009
Oh god you people and you snobbery toward sites.
Yeah.... why arent you flipping out about facebook or myspace infact they are probably known to be WORSE. what do you hear on the news
Yes.. every site will have some shit like that on it.... NOT EVERY WEBSITE IF PERFECT. and while your being a close minded twat. Why dont you think about the trafficing websites that no one catches OR how suicide girls get stalked YOU ARE FAIL.. Thank you very much... I am proudly a myspace. facebook, and vampirefreaks memeber and because you cant accept that there are people that are differant and probably more wise then you while your haveing your happy -go-lucky life. WE DONT THINK EVERYTHING SUCKS... you just put us all in a group. as if we all think the same. That is complete fail..I dont think life sucks I actually love where i am at life I just like differant things . and because people are differant from you its wrong? Here is news for you . The world is a big opportunity of nothing. HUMANS will not change anything but themselves and their own enviroment you are nothing special. So.. stop being a twit. And learn some facts here.

Orange Park, FL

#16 Jun 7, 2009
Ummmm....I wanted to start Vampire Freaks, and didn't know if I should or shouldn't. But with all that aside, look at Myspace or FaceBook, or things like that. They are all the same. Not in all the applications, because they are so not. But in the fact that you have to be careful of what you say in the sites. Like giving out your phone number, or address,( which is obvious) is horribly stupid. They are also the same, because they are like chatting sites. Plus, because the topic and article is a little bit vague, it could have been the fact that the victim agreed to meeting in the first place. So, I think if you just be careful of what you say, it is fine. But like proudvamp, "Welcome to the real world." The world IS full of sick people like the 23 year old.

P.s Yes the site wants you to spend money. That is the whole point. They want to make you feel left out, so you spend money. But like all other sites, it is their own way of making the money.

Sydney, Australia

#17 Oct 18, 2009
yes we're all big and strong when we're hidden safely behind our blinking screens. If dressing up and plastering it over a sight to gain attention and individuality gives you pleasure then do so, if posting pictures of getting plastered gives you pleasure then do so, If fantasinsing over older ppl gives you pleasure than do so, and vice versa, and if your'e willing to pay for all this than yay! cos we're al going to die:)and nobody really gives a fuck about anybodyelse so it would be a waste to try, so do watever the fuck you want. Lets just all stop giving opinions now, cos there is no right or wrong, no maybe or what if, no hope, we're all doomed because myspace, face book and gothic sites are the hot topics of the day.
A proud Psychic Vampire

Newcastle, NE

#18 Jun 6, 2010
You are all as pathetic as your little minds cannot comprehend what is REALLY going on. We Vampires are spiritual and we will just have sex all willy nilly. Im getting sick of stupid people who may not or do not want to comprehend the truth, so you are going around and saying stupid bullcrap because you may think that we are "satanic" or "evil". Yes, sexuality is a part in the Vampire community, but not as a friggen way to exploit you people, its meerly a way to help in spirituality, got that. im not shure on that exact site, but the sites that I am going to, I can meet somebody in just about any state/country. You know, you people are exploiting our rights as people, I go to a "normal" school and live with "normal" people, and my biggest problem is that people shun me, spit in my face, I get my feelings torn to shreads, so how are we the bad guy? If anything, you are, it doesn't matter if you are a judge, senetor, or "normal" person on the streets, if you assult us with your dumbass ways, its a crime, and im going to tell you straight up, its disscrimination. But ive already wasted to much time on people who won't listen, so I will make this short now. Vampires, wether you believe, or not, we do exist, so stop with the name calling, stop waving crosses in our faces, and just chill, because we arent going to leave, ever.

Missouri City, TX

#19 Aug 8, 2011
Charlie the unicorn!!! Get a life!! Really, this thread is stupid.

Minden, LA

#20 Oct 4, 2011
I am 16 & have a VF account. Its NOT what people say, i get more friends on there & find LESS pervs then any other social website. People are only talking bad about this site because it is goth. In many peoples opinion yall are PATHETIC! Instead of casting your judgement on something you dont know about or have never used, cast it on Facebook, Myspace, Myyearbook..etc. They are the same damn thing but not goth. VF has some problems but if you look at Facebook & Myyearbook you will see it is FULL of fakes & harassment. Many fakes on there are over 30 trying to talk to young men/women. Stop with your christian bs, as i recall it is your Gods place to cast judgement NOT YOU! Do freaking research on something before you judge. Thank you!

Quarryville, PA

#21 Jul 3, 2012
Okay? If vampireFreaks is bad Which i dont think so, i am a member...then how come Facebook Allows people to find others just by status, 3 guys in one night( a 12 yr old, 33 yr old, and 27 yr old) found Me and 16 year old girl just because of a status looking for someone to skype me!!! Like WTF! They found me and I ask them if i knew them and all of them said " no but do you want to ;)" yea at vampirefreaks you meet who you want to meet, you put eveerything clearly on your profile. You know what to expect with others profiles. Facebook can be worse because i felt safe on there but you know what? It is worse i Have all my information on there for my Friends and Family, not on vampire freaks...So if a 16 yr old wants to fuck a 23 yr old that they met online it is their choice, let them learn from it!

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