This is absolute crap. I've known Chief for several years now and for him to mess with a child "get a life". I have a 15 yr old daughter that I would him with her life. He is not a child molester, maybe the judget should look at the accuser a little closer and see what her background is like. You know me being a woman everyone is always so quick to judge a man and never second doubt what a woman or young lady says. If I had my say someone is jealous because Mike wouldn't have anything to do with her!!! What more of a way to hurt a person than to ruin what he loves the most in his life and especially someone like Mike or any Fireman or police officer cuz it takes someone brave to be one of ya! than to ruin your whole cuz he will never be looked at the same it will always be tarnished now. Mike I will always LUV YA!