Who are the guys with motorcycle club...

Clayton, NC

#1085 Jun 12, 2011
Who is dominant in Raleigh area? I joined an MCC (Not an MC) Beret Vert started by French Foreign Legion Vets in France that supports Special Force Vets and Soldiers all over the world. They do not use a rocker just a patch and have cleared the color of the patch with the MC's in Europe and England so no trouble there but I don't need the problem here. They don't have many members in the States yet so probably aren't well known here. Again, NOT AN MC they are an MOTOR CYCLE CLUB much different and akin to HOG, American Legion Riders etc. and do not hold themselves out as an MC in any way.

Clayton, NC

#1086 Jun 12, 2011

Kansas City, MO

#1087 Jun 13, 2011
Yayyyyy! I want to play Happy Spanky's Clubhouse time too!! I remmeber when I was ten years old and got an old washer machine box and played clubhouse.

Seems that some people never grew out of playing club house. LOL!!!!!
Danielle rusticchic777

Las Vegas, NV

#1088 Jun 23, 2011
just call me rusty i had family in Indiana i have met a few of the guys in white and my mom and I met one when she took me to see a doctor and his ol lady are nice people they respect each other and are one big family met another couple with theyre kid at a car show in Griffith Indiana hope they get nationwide

Huntsville, AL

#1089 Jul 2, 2011
i am in kansas city and the drifters up here are takeing care of business like men from what I see
Lady D

Chicago, IL

#1090 Jul 18, 2011
Trying to get a way to contact the Wheels of Choice MC club. Stickdaddy, Sin City Disciples out of St. Louis they had given a benefit for with their annual dance a couple of months ago passed yesterday. Wake is Friday 7/22 at 4 pm and funeral Saturday 11 am Granberry Funeral Home Jennings Station Road and Hord Avenue.

Lumberton, NC

#1091 Aug 1, 2011
Ok, I seen a post earlier reagarding soldiers comming home from LONG tours overseas and comming home and buying bikes, then joining or forming Clubs and I have this to say.....Ok smart guy! How do you think, or what do you think the origin of an MC is Jackass?

Just because in the 70's and 80's there were not any major conflicts..... so you white trash meth heads who were bullied ih school and never had any friends gravitated towrds MC's and what followed???? most respectible members retired. Such is true with a certain VET club in Fayetteville where you can get in even with a dishonerable discharge. They dont even deserve to carry the name!

You are right, soldiers go on long tours, save money...bikes are a lot more commercial these days and yes they buy bikes. If you ever served in the military or went to COMBAT then you would KNOW what BROTHERHOOD is, and this is what soldiers seek, and AGAIN, this was they VERY origin of the MC. What you call brotherhood is NOT brotherhood!

Why do you feel thretend by this? do you feel inadaquit becaue you didnt serve in combat? do these returning soldiers make you feel like a pice of shit because they have acually looked into the eyes of a dying enemy or brother for reason they couldnt even explain?

Traditional MC's today are a JOKE! filled with, like I said, a bunch of Meth head white trash losers.

But, you will see this change as the war goes on, and more so when its over. WE COMBAT Veterans from any branch of service, look at you like a petty piece of shit and are NOT scared of you or your MC!

We will join, form and eventually take over your petty criminal enterprise and you will be a thing of the past! A mere stain on the history of Bikers and MC's, the LOST years when Vets Grew up, raised familys and white trash thugs took over because, they simply had nothing else to do, and no where else to go..........Times are changing, and yes we are law abiding citizens, but make no mistake, we will not back down, and we are NOT thretend by you punks! We will beat your ass and if you so desire to take it to the next level and TCB......we will meet you in the middle and may the best man win.....I said MAN, so your already out gunned!

your most likly the kid we picked on in HS, or didnt even know you existed because you were a reclusive punk, until you found fellowship in the dormant MC world.

Yes my brother, times are changing, and you hate it because you fucking KNOW it!

You are a bi-product of a Miltary tradition and WE ARE FUCKING BACK! when we grow up and raise familys and the war ends after 10 years of so......you and your kind will most likly get your little punk ass white trash meth head clubs back, but in the meantime, just be happy that for the first time in 30 years, there are accually HOT CHICKS hanging around bikers. Not the skinny-fat white, trailor trash with blown out hair whores your used to!

See ya out in the ville!

TRUE Veteran Forever, Forever TRUE Veteran!

Fayetteville, NC

#1092 Aug 6, 2011
And what club are speaking for Cochise? I am David Tope, an Army SGM in Special Forces. You speak with strength, why hide behind a screen name. Tell us all how strong you are, who you are and what club you are with. Again, I am David Tope and I am a member of the Wingmen MC. Who the f--- are you?

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#1093 Aug 6, 2011
SMG, I kinda feel like I defended your club, even though you will most likely say.... "You don't need me defending your Club"

Your a SMG. In SF SMG Tope.........do you really subscribe to the claiming of territory? I understand the tradition of the bottom rocker, but c'mon do you really think you own "Fayetteville NC" I don't think you do!

If someone from another club told you to take your colors off would you? I don't think you would.

I'm not speaking for any one club. I'm speaking on behalf of Adults and people that act like adults.

I actually support the Wingmen MC.

As for who I am.....Funny, you actually know me I bet if you re-read what I wrote and think real hard you could probably figure it out!

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#1094 Aug 6, 2011
Oh..and SMG Tope,...... nice number you did on that retired SF comrade at the association get together few years back. That showed some real Honor!
82 ABN Biker

Chicago, IL

#1095 Aug 10, 2011
Well said !!!!!!!! Cochise
In the know

Fitzgerald, GA

#1096 Sep 1, 2011
Desperados are the dominant club in Raleigh.

Fayetteville, NC

#1097 Sep 9, 2011
In the know wrote:
Desperados are the dominant club in Raleigh.
That's funny. The Desperates are clowns and puppets of the Angles. Trust me, the Desperates or NOT the dominant club anywhere, especially Raleigh

United States

#1098 Oct 1, 2011
Sounds like to me the Invaders mc is taking MO without firing a shot!!!
Steve B

United States

#1099 Oct 4, 2011
why cant MCs mind their on business and not get involved with other MCs? i can understand if one MC is cutting into the money making business of another MC; but non 1%er MCs aren't into making money outside of selling their T-shirts, hats, stickers and other club stuff.

so who is the dominant club in fayetteville, NC?

Lumberton, NC

#1100 Oct 4, 2011
I've seen the combat vets around Fayetteville alot... Struck up a conversation with one if them and they seem to be a good bunch of guys. Always see them when troops are coming home and deploying. They are not an MC or an RC, dude I talked to was very adamant about stressing that. When I asked why, he just simply said, there are plenty of MC's in Fayetteville if that's the route you want to take. Said they get on good with the local MC's but they are am association of combat vets. The only thing that turned me off was the fact that only "combat vets" can be Full Members. Anyone in the military that never deployed can be and wear "supporter" patches. But I would say to the questions being asked about motorcycle "groups" in the area that don't want to do the MC thing and are a combat vet, they seemed to be pretty cool. After that conversation, dude left with a group and I heard them say they were on the way to another groups club house, so I'm guessing they still hang around in the "kiddie club" world!

Poplar Bluff, MO

#1101 Oct 6, 2011
Bikerguy wrote:
Just wondering who the guys are that wear the white vests I have seen them around town JC
There called the Invaders MC there from up around St.Louis the EF dont like them Nor do the Saddle Tramps...and if they come to ILLINOS the HA will run them out

Dallas, TX

#1102 Oct 12, 2011
Insert witty name here wrote:
Yeah, I know or have met a few guys from each of the local clubs.
The guys in FORR (Freedom Of Road Riders) are generally ok. They are not a "club" though, there like ABATE if you know what that is.
The Warrior Brotherhood is a Veterans MC (VMC) and they're a good bunch of guys.
There Veterans MC (different club from above) are a true "MC". Those guys are cool too.
The Wingmen and the Midwest Drifters are the dicks you mentioned.
The drifters are a butt-boy club for the galloping gooses so they're typical 1%er wannabe garbage. All the members I met are white trash, not worth saying hello to.
The Wingmen are mostly guys in the military (vets or active duty) and they try to act like 1%ers too, but they're an "independant club". Now, yes, I know what that is, but doesn't it sound stupid? Compounded by the fact that I've met guys from other chapters (who are assholes too) when I was stationed other places, AND the other MCs dont like them...which speaks volumes. Also, the Wingmen seem to side with the Hells Angels because they're scared of them...so the Outlaws hate them (at least in Georgia, they do). Bottom line is they are a little club that tries to act like a big club. They talk a big game but didn't do a damn thing when other clubs moved into "the area...so, whatever.
I don't think u do know the drifters cause if u did u would know their really good guys. As far as ur shit talkin is stop that stupid shit

Worcester, MA

#1103 Oct 14, 2011
Nephew wrote:
<quoted text>
There called the Invaders MC there from up around St.Louis the EF dont like them Nor do the Saddle Tramps...and if they come to ILLINOS the HA will run them out
The invaders r all ready in Illinois and they r taking over MO too they claim to be one percent, I didn't thing the GG or EF allow national clubs in MO,I guess that's why they r called invaders!!!!
Allen WFFW

Fayetteville, NC

#1104 Oct 16, 2011
In the know wrote:
Desperados are the dominant club in Raleigh.
The Desperates are NOT the dominant club in Raleigh or anywhere else. At most the Desperates are a puppet club for the Angels and part of their little coalition of flunky clubs that cannot stand on their own. The Desperates being a dominant club, now thats funny.

PS - I know Preacher (Phil), Lenny and a bunch more of those losers.

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