Should I let my white daughter date a...
st charles

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#173 Jul 16, 2014
Stats is right on that post. and a lot of people won't admit it.

Cranston, RI

#174 Jul 27, 2014
I don't want my daughter dating this Dominican black kid, they are both 16, should I call the police?
st charles

Saint Charles, MO

#175 Jul 28, 2014
Read the history of Liberia for your answer to that question. Its not good.
African with White Woman

Catonsville, MD

#176 Aug 12, 2014
A Failed Society wrote:
The black race is a failed society that still cant feed,dress,teach or house their own.It has been over 150 yrs since they have been freed.The black race has been supported by whitey since then.Just think the Italians built Rome several hundred years ago.The Chinese build the great wall on and on .The Africans still build with mud ,stray and zebra shit ....What does that tell you?
Hi I am from Lagos, Nigeria and our city looks pretty similar to New York City........I have never once in my 27 years of living there lived in a mud, STRAW, or ZEBRA SHIT house. Also I attended University here in America in Colombia University and graduated magna cum laude so i also am a doctor getting $150,000 per year......... please tell me how all black men are insufficient and how all Africans live in Zebra Shit homes.....
African with White Woman

Catonsville, MD

#177 Aug 12, 2014
joe bob wrote:
n***ers work at gas stations.
I work in a hospital as a licensed Medical Doctor. DO TELL ME MORE.

Wentzville, MO

#178 Aug 14, 2014
educated wrote:
<quoted text>
Little typos are one thing, but when somebody has no clue as to grammar, spelling, etc. then they should either hire someone to proof read or just not post.
Oh Shut-Up
Chiming In

College Station, TX

#179 Sep 18, 2014
Father of white daughter wrote:
I would not let my white daughter date a black boy. It is just simple numbers game with me. Black males between the ages of 18-30 which represent 2% of the population represent 50% of the jail population. I hate the rap culture and the way treat women. More than 75% of babies born form black men are out of wedlock. Every time I make a statement like this someone says that not all black people are _________(you fill in the blank). I understand that there are no absolutes but I need to protect my daughter. One simple rule does just that, stay away from blacks.
So, "Father" I'm curious. I am a black (as in descendant of slaves) finance major at one of the top schools in the nation, I have a 3.8 GPA (After all, it is a numbers game with you, right?), loving, affluent parents whom are still married, a fan of both 2Pac and George Strait, don't do drugs, I'm an Eagle Scout, don't have as much as a speeding ticket on my record, and I'm pretty good looking, if I do say so myself.
So what about me should you stay away from? Who of any race should be protected from me? Im curious...

Martinsville, IL

#180 Jan 3, 2015
If he has more co ck than she is old it is ok

Saint Peters, MO

#181 Jan 3, 2015
NO, they are not human and carry diseases. They are the direct descendants of Cain having the mark of Cain (being black) and carrying the curse (Africa is a barren shithole) that God handed down to them for killing Able and then lying about it. This is why the only thing that comes out of Africa is AIDS and EBOLA.

The narrative of the curse of Cain is in the text of Genesis 4:11-16. The curse was a result of Cain murdering his brother Abel and lying about the murder to God. When Cain spilled his brother's blood, the earth became cursed as soon as the blood hit the ground. In a sense, the earth was left "drinking Abel's blood". Genesis 4:12 gives a two part sentencing for Cain's curse. The first concerns the earth that was cursed by Abel's blood. Should Cain attempt to farm the land, the earth would not yield produce for him.

Martinsville, IL

#182 Mar 13, 2015
Disgusted wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you kidding me? I guess that means that every black American has NO job, NO integrity, NO ambition... that's sooo funny. Except wait, what color is our president? ha ha ha... You're a complete idiot! All people no matter what color or race or gender are the same. Please do everyone a favor and go get an education and stop spreading hate!!!
He is only half a chimp. But half a chimp is only half worthless.
Disgusted dad

Ferndale, MI

#183 Mar 21, 2015
Another Concerned Parent wrote:
Should I let my Black son date a White girl? I just want to know the consensus of other people. What do you think? What would you do?
You would really never see a question like this! I guess we (white) people are the ones with the problem!
Its a step up for you

Saint Peters, MO

#184 Aug 12, 2015
Should u or more like- are you going To change how you treat her? She's still your daughter- would it e different if she said she was gay -

Mountain View, CA

#185 Nov 9, 2015
Yes... Yes! Everything will be fine. Don't worry.:)
We have to do better

Ocala, FL

#186 Dec 13, 2015
All of this hate comes from misinformation passed on from generation to generation. Everyone posting hateful comments here seriously need to go out and do some research. Good research; not based on biased stats and reports that feed people what they want to hear. Everyone human being is equal and we need to all grow up so we can realize the real disease people spread which is all of this hate! As someone stated above, the game here is divide and conquer and if we as a people (speaking to all races) don't realize this and start taking care of some real serious issues we have within our government, the ones succeeding to divide us, we're really going to regret not using our common sense. After reading this whole thread, the one thing that concerned me the most is that the 16 year old girl that posted here seems to have more common sense than a lot of grown children on here. Let's grow up people and put our focus on some real issues! And yes, I'm Black.
bad dad numbers

United States

#187 Jun 1, 2016
it may be her life but it's the children I think will be hurt later in life black people don't want them white people don't want them so they're the ones that get hurt and then there's all the drama that goes along with it and I don't like Snickers

Kent, WA

#188 Jun 2, 2016
I'd say this racist question was written by a troll trying to bait people into making more racist statements.

Phenix City, AL

#190 Jun 3, 2016
I am reading this because like u I am asking myself this question as well. I am not concerned with his color as much as I am concerned of what society and cruel ass kids will say and do to her. Like it or not people who have made comments on this probably do not live in Chilton County, AL nor have they had to face this question so I can't see where there opinion is helpful in any way other than causing stupid debates. Now if anyone has actually dealt with this situation I would like to hear there reply.
Back Again

Festus, MO

#191 Jul 19, 2016
Well,if you don't want your grandchildren resembling you,that's fine. Because wants she gets a taste of the Black Dick, it's all over. She'll be in to Black Guys,and eventually have a kid with one. And it won't look like you,or your Daughter.

Enterprise, AL

#192 Jul 23, 2016
Jim Bob wrote:
Hell NO. Nothing but trouble, they are violent, and you are trusting your daughters safety to a wild animal.
Yeah don't date white boys eather there no good killing poor blacks you jerk watch the news ass
mom in crisis

Columbia, SC

#194 Jul 29, 2016
Stats wrote:
The Negro / Black /African American race has been a failure since the days that their own sold them off as slaves.Never has there been such a failed society.For close to 150 years of freedom they have yet learned how to master social responsibility.I realize this does not cover all of the race just 95% of them.Take the Irish,Italians,Poles I can go on and on that have succeded in this great land. It only took them a few years to become benefitual contributing members of this great country.The black race has there own agenda and it has failed miserably.It isnt the one person that your daughter may want to date along with it is his family ,his beliefs,his ethics. Truth is black women hate the fact that black men are dating ,marrying white women.There is a lot more to this than just dating.My vote is NO stay with your own.Life will be a lot easier less problems and not co-mingling such diverse cultures.Many blacks feel the same about mixed relationships so dont call the racial card please.
My heart goes out to the author of the original question of interracial dating. I, too,live in the south. My lovely, generous, smart 19 yo daughter has chosen a young black man to date. I feel a fool but I have not yet met him by my own choice. I struggle with outdated ideas of judgement and hatred. Life and relationships are hard enough without the struggle of the biases of others. I trust my daughter's judgement. What she says of her young man seems good and sound. He is in college, he has goals for his future, he eschews drugs and alcohol and the "party life". In short, he and my daughter are of like mind. This should be perfect and cause for me to rejoice. I hate my misgivings, I see my prejudices for what they are and yet I am struggling to release them. I am a person stuck. My parents were not bigots. My parents were fair but believed in "different". By that I mean that races should "stick" with their own "kind". I desperately want to change this deeply ingrained message. I really do believe that it is the quality of the person that is most important, not a skin color and yet, here I am, stuck in my own hypocrisy. I would appreciate thoughtful replies.

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