Should I let my white daughter date a...

Pittsburgh, PA

#152 May 28, 2013
And one last thing for people who are actually racist and are commenting... You should do some ancient black research(if you care to). You should find proven facts that africans use to rule over the world as great kings and such. i'm not saying we are better than any other race for this, but we were mainly first. I wish the slavery thing did not happen...if it didn't this world would be so much happier and we would have alot less racism and stereotypes.

Mount Pocono, PA

#153 Jun 13, 2013
Disgusted wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you kidding me? I guess that means that every black American has NO job, NO integrity, NO ambition... that's sooo funny. Except wait, what color is our president? ha ha ha... You're a complete idiot! All people no matter what color or race or gender are the same. Please do everyone a favor and go get an education and stop spreading hate!!!

Thats bullshit has nothing to do with putting him down cause hes black some people believe you stick to your own kind for reasons building your heritage making your family last I would help anyone if they needed it but when it comes to dating and marriage and kids Im sorry I have a right to believe what I choose to have my daughter stick with a Italian or Greek man which is my heritage

Troy, NY

#154 Jun 19, 2013
Why does everyone have a problem with this question? And why does the person automatically have to be a racist to ask it? There's some things that are exceptions to racism. The question isn't asking do you have a problem with a white girl dating a black girl. It's directed towards parents (namely fathers), having concerns with their daughter dating a black kid. It's not being racist, it's being concerned for their daughter and probably because black guys get a bad rap when it comes to relationships. And don't look at black people like they're the victims. Black people hate white guys dating black girls too. Same thing with Catholics dating outside their religion and Jews, Greeks, Chinese dating other religions. The only difference is we're centralizing it towards a specific race. The reason being is because we don't feel comfortable with it. We're not saying they can't hangout with our sons or daughters or eat at our house, we're all friends, just no screwin around. I like black chicks, I mostly like asian girls and desi girls so how is that racist? I'm not attracted to white girls at all.

London, UK

#155 Jul 4, 2013
Doc wrote:
No matter how much libtards attempt to humanize these animals, they are NOT HUMAN. Affirmative action = free jobs, money, and special treatment for being black. They are still slaves but now it is to the government that provides these freebies. Now we have a monkey president that wants us ALL to live like these groping, life-sucking animals. Blacks are the equivalent of pit bulls in the dog world, always attacking, raping, and murdering humans. Teach your children the truth about these apes before it's too late for them.
What a complete disdainful excuse of a human being are a slave to your own warped and twisted insecurities. You lack the education and intelligence to see beyond the nonsense instilled by your forefathers of whom you share the same defective gene and DNA which inflicted cruelty and suffering simply because they could...KARMA is wide awake and has the longest memory....

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

#156 Aug 18, 2013
Yes... I don't see why colour matters at all - we're not in the 1930s, are we? Maybe you should stop being so ignorant and forget the stereotypes because the only race is the human race. I'm guessing you would disapprove of your daughter dating someone with a different hair color? I'm a 16 year old girl and I can't believe grown ups ask such questions. I have my preferences and if my parents didn't want me to date someone just because of a factor as unimportant as their skin colour, I would look down on them for that. You're talking as if you're unsure whether or not to let your daughter date a psychopath! As long as she isn't getting into trouble or danger, let her make her own decisions. As a parent, you want her to be happy, don't you?

Charlotte, NC

#157 Aug 18, 2013
Martina, it's obvious that it isn't the 1930's. However, it would be nice if people still had the same morals and values as they did then. You probably don't know this but children actually respected their parents and their decisions much more than they do today. There is no reason to look down on your parents for wanting what is best for you. Your job as a child is to obey and honor them. That means you do not worry about what you think makes you so happy. Your parents are the reason you are on this earth to begin with so trust them to help you navigate through life life and live in consideration of their wishes. No need to try and belittle people from the 1930's. Young people today don't have even half the sense people had back in those days. The founding fathers of this country had a reason to keep people within their own races. Let me guess, you're an obama lover too? Grow up a little and get a few years under your belt before jumping in a conversation you know nothing about.
black man

Blue Springs, MO

#158 Aug 18, 2013
fear shall be your down fall for logic has left the building that's why you have people and sheepal of course the wolves. make sure you decorate and make your box look nice
Mr Relisted

Pomona, CA

#159 Sep 20, 2013
What about the social norms, anyone care abot the nasty looks, the back talk cooler conversations and most of all, the children being mocked at school and by friend.'' If black is black and white is white as the black librerals love to secttionalize them," then stick to your own race as fair as love and family. It's funny Tiger Woods, O.J. Simpsom (Kanye West,(racist pig) and many other black celebretry men love to show off their white trophy wifes and girlfriends. What hypocractic AHs My daughter is not going to be one of of them.
Father of white daughter

Florissant, MO

#160 Oct 2, 2013
I would not let my white daughter date a black boy. It is just simple numbers game with me. Black males between the ages of 18-30 which represent 2% of the population represent 50% of the jail population. I hate the rap culture and the way treat women. More than 75% of babies born form black men are out of wedlock. Every time I make a statement like this someone says that not all black people are _________(you fill in the blank). I understand that there are no absolutes but I need to protect my daughter. One simple rule does just that, stay away from blacks.
miley cryus

Blooming Grove, TX

#161 Oct 14, 2013
true dat jim bob

United States

#162 Oct 20, 2013
are you kidding me! there is no other way to o than HELL NO. No way in hell would my daughter date a savage. I grew up in a small suburb just outside of Detroit which is 90% black and later in life lived and worked in Detroit, I have lived and worked around the black plague for several years and nothing good is coming from it.

Blooming Grove, TX

#163 Oct 23, 2013
Tru dat jim bob

United States

#164 Oct 29, 2013
realist wrote:
are you kidding me! there is no other way to o than HELL NO. No way in hell would my daughter date a savage. I grew up in a small suburb just outside of Detroit which is 90% black and later in life lived and worked in Detroit, I have lived and worked around the black plague for several years and nothing good is coming from it.
You've obviously never had sexual relations with a black man because nothing compares to the BBC!

Sterling Heights, MI

#165 Dec 2, 2013
I would have raised my daughter right as to where she wouldn't want to date a negro.
Negro's are raised fatherless most of the time. They're feral.

Salisbury, Australia

#166 Mar 31, 2014
RW1980A wrote:
I would have raised my daughter right as to where she wouldn't want to date a negro.
Negro's are raised fatherless most of the time. They're feral.
I think it's disgusting how u can judge people because of the color of there skin. I'm white and know black people who are very respectful and hard working,educated more then some white people that are unemployed and milking it from the government. It comes down to the value of a person and we shouldn't stereotype people because the way we look. There's good and bad in everyone.(Australia )

O Fallon, MO

#167 Apr 7, 2014
First off, all the races have nothing in common with each other. The Caucasians, Africans, Mexicans, Asians, Etc.. all are distinctively different. God designed them that way or otherwise we would all be of the same tribe. Other than what your Socialist Government tells you, We are all not created equal. Note the Bell Curve. I believe i have the God given right to speak to, criticize, sell to, rent to, hire, or whatever without the government forcing me to do so. Go drop a visit to the cafeteria of any local college and see who sits with who. They all sit together {the races}. Yes I am a Separatist and proud of it. I do not believe in slavery or the mistreatment of my fellow man. Would I approve of my daughter dating or marrying a person from another race, absolutely not. Forgive me God but that the way it is.
What Is Wrong With You

San Diego, CA

#168 Apr 28, 2014
Why would you even ask such a question regardless of the skin color of the president, regardless of YOUR antiquated views, regardless of perceived societal/cultural beliefs? If your daughter is 18 years or older then it isn't your business nor does she need your permission. If your daughter is younger than 18 then why would you even want to pass your racist views to her? Regardless of skin color, why would you even let your daughter date ANY GUY that has baggy miskept clothes while in the presence of his girlfrien'ds parents? Demand respect for your daughter and for you from ALL & EVERY guy that desires your daughter for a date.

Plaquemine, LA

#169 Apr 29, 2014
I think you should ignore his skin color and get to know him personally. Invite him over for dinner. Meet his parents. Let your daughter do the same. Trust me, that Black family has similar feelings to yours. At the end of the day, you should want your daughter to get to know someone personally before making rash decisions based on their ethnicity. This should also be the steps you take before your daughter dates anyone, regardless of ethnicity. That white boy may be a thug, and that black boy may be a punk. Skin color doesn't equal good manners, beliefs, intelligence, etc. As a black mother, I have been asked plenty of times, from both blacks and whites, if I would allow my son to date a non-black. My answer is yes. A black girl or white girl or green girl may pass or fail the values and morals test I have for my son's perspective girlfriend. Don't feel ashamed for asking this question. It's something we all have to think about as parents. 70 years ago, this wouldn't be a possibility. I just hope that in 70, years we won't have to ask the question.

Duluth, GA

#170 May 14, 2014
It really doesnt matter about color.btw boracial people are very pretty.

Houston, MO

#172 Jul 7, 2014
Let me ask some very good qquestios-
Can you name ONE all African neighborhood that is safe or decent ?
Is it a coincidence that ALL African areas are, bad?
Why is it that-
The Vietnamese community in S St Louis will not allow Africans there?
The same goes for the Bosnians, Koreans, The Italians on the Hill, the Jewish communties...
Are they "racist" too??

Listen. Africans in St Louis are Racist, period. They are bullys. They cant be trusted no matter WHAT the circumstance.
Where ever Africans live, you will find bars on business windows, full time security guards in Walgreens like the one in Spanish Lake off Parker and 367.
Its no secret Africans are indeed STILL behind other races.
Every night there is some HE BOON firing random shots killing kids, llittle kids...need I research it and paste KMOV 4 links on here because I will. Theres HUNDREDS on KMOV website....

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