The Thomas Family would like to thank everyone for your calls, kind words, and acts of kindness and most of all for your prayers. Our dear love ones will be greatly missed but their love will always be with us. We may not be able to physically see them or speak to them but in our hearts we will always hear their jolly laughter and kind words spoken. We thank God for the opportunity to have had both of them in our lives for this short time and our life has truly been blessed by both of them. It was truly amazing to see how people from all over, not only in Louisiana but from other states that showed love and kindness through words, deeds and prayers; we thank you from the bottom of our hears. Our goal now is not to have their deaths be in vain but to honor them by continuing our loved ones efforts in working toward getting the proper instruments needed for the tracks by the church to be safe. We know that they would have wanted it this way so that this tragedy will not happened to another personís family.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts thank you for you support, kind wordís, deeds and prayers.