You're setting up your children for failure. Can you honestly say in your heart that your marriage is a good role model? Setting good examples and great morals??? You're hurting not only your children but their future partners bc of what they've witnessed. All for your pride, your fear of failure or being alone. All because you dont want to LOSE against the girls???? He'll never change no matter the amt of kids you have. He's not tied down by you marriage certificate or not.

Ladies! Dont mess w Brad b! He has no respect for women. Instead of apologizing or being embarrassed about his adultery he says "he went a little hard" and now has 2 children on the way! A women wont change this man...please stop trying! Save the human race by shunning people like this. If people put up with his crap nothing will stop him

Is no one else concerned for the children involved??? I hope the 2nd mother cuts ties with him completely, hopefully she'll be more cautious than missy is.

Domestic abuse is CHILD ABUSE if the child witnesses it!!