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THE SPECTRUM Promotes Watchtower Cult Conventions

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Redmond, WA

#1 Jul 1, 2012
Just two weeks ago, between 100-200 newspapers across the United States either published their own version or republished the AP version of the breaking news that the WATCHTOWER CULT OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES had just become the subject of the LARGEST JURY VERDICT EVER AGAINST A RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION in the United States, FOR A SINGLE VICTIM OF CHILD SEX ABUSE. THE SPECTRUM evidently did not feel that story was "newsworthy" to its readership given that no archived article can be located.

However, numerous responsible newspapers reported the June 2012 civil court case which involved a then 9 year-old Jehovah's Witness Girl who had been repeatedly sexually molested by a fellow Jehovah's Witness congregant, and one-time congregation Ministerial Servant, who was known to the organization to have been previously convicted on child molestation charges. However, that fact had been kept a SECRET from the victim, her parents, and other regular members of their local congregation due to the secrecy policies issued from WATCHTOWER CULT Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

The California civil court jury was so disgusted with WATCHTOWER CULT internal policies that it not only granted a large civil damages award against the Perpetrator, but the jury also granted a $21 MILLION DOLLARS PUNITIVE DAMAGES AWARD -- stacked on top of an approximate $2 MILLION DOLLARS ACTUAL DAMAGES AWARD -- against WATCHTOWER CULT HEADQUARTERS.

In the very wake of that recent DISGRACEFUL NEWS about the WATCHTOWER CULT and its internal policies --- that have led critics to call the Watchtower Cult a "pedophile's paradise" --- THE SPECTRUM finally decided to publish an article about the Watchtower Cult of Jehovah's Witnesses.

On Sunday, THE SPECTRUM published an article PROMOTING the WATCHTOWER CULT's upcoming four weekend conventions being held at Dixie State College's Burns Arena. THE SPECTRUM is inviting local non-JWs to attend alongside JWs, but FAILS to inform local non-JWs that two of the four Conventions are SPANISH LANGUAGE ONLY.

THE SPECTRUM possibly even published a LIE, when it stated in the article, "Conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses are supported entirely by voluntary donations."

Interesting, is the fact that the Convention Department at Watchtower Cult Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, is requiring Jehovah's Witnesses from other states to travel all the way to St. George to hold their own local "District Convention".

Maybe it is time for local TAXPAYERS to ask the QUESTION which THE SPECTRUM's reporters apparently failed to ask:

WHY are Jehovah's Witnesses who live in Las Vegas and Henderson being forced to travel to St. George for their own local "District Convention"? Are there no local convention facilities in Las Vegas?

Could it be because the CITY OF ST. GEORGE is PAYING the Watchtower Cult's RENTAL BILL at Dixie State College?

An older city webpage indictates that in past years, that was exactly what was occurring. In fact, the number of conventions being held at Dixie State College have even been increased by the Watchtower Cult --- leading one to suspect that not only is the CITY OF ST. GEORGE paying the Watchtower Cult's RENTAL BILL, but even may be providing additional funding to the Cult in the form of CASH motel tax kickbacks?

Local churches may want to call City Hall and see how their own LOCAL CHURCH can receive the same GOVERNMENT FUNDING from local politicians that the out-of-town Watchtower Cult is receiving.

Surely, no local politician would be stupid enought to tell local VOTERS and local TAXPAYERS that the Watchtower Cult deserves GOVERNMENT FUNDING due to the four weekends spent in St. George, while Churches who serve local residents 24/7/365 do NOT deserve EQUAL TREATMENT?

Redmond, WA

#2 Jul 1, 2012
Local VOTERS and TAXPAYERS are entitled to know what BELIEFS and PRACTICES their local Politicians are FUNDIND.

In the mid 1930s, the Watch Tower Society started forbidding Jehovah's Witnesses to salute the American Flag, or recite the Pledge Of Allegiance, or stand for the playing of the National Anthem, or engage in any other patriotic activity. Jehovah's Witnesses were taught to tell the news media, courts, and other outsiders that the American Flag is a false idol, and doing any of the aforementioned activities is performing "worship" to a false idol. This "public relations" reasoning is actually the LEAST of all the reasons that Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to engage in any patriotic or political activities. This secondary, ancillary reasoning was developed because the WatchTower Society did not dare to have its Jehovah's Witness members running around repeating for the news media and courtroom judges the PRIMARY doctrine on this subject, which would outrage the American public.

What Jehovah's Witnesses intentionally do NOT publically explain to non-JWs is that the Watch Tower Society teaches Jehovah's Witnesses that the Government of the United States is governing ILLEGITIMATELY. The Watch Tower Society teaches that the Government of the United States is under the control of Satan the Devil as his partner in Satan's universal rebellion against GOD. The Watch Tower Society teaches that GOD granted humans the authority to rule the earth only for a period of 2520 years -- starting in 607 B.C. and ending in October, 1914 A.D.  The Watch Tower Society teaches that in October, 1914, the authority to rule the earth reverted back to GOD, and that He then formed a heavenly government to rule the earth -- with Jesus Christ as King.

The Watch Tower Society teaches that in 1919 that Jesus Christ selected the Watch Tower Society as his sole earthly representative of that heavenly government.  The Watch Tower Society teaches that the Government of the United States (as well as all other governments), is its' enemy, because it has failed to surrender governmental power that rightfully belongs to the Watch Tower Society.

These are the ACTUAL reasons that the Watch Tower Society forbids its Jehovah's Witness members to support the government of the United States -- no voting, no holding political office, no professing citizen loyalty via the Pledge of Allegiance or standing for the National Anthem, no joining the military to protect the United States, etc.

Jehovah's Witnesses do not profess to be "pacifists".  They claim to be "neutrals".  JWs consider themselves to be "citizens" of the government supposedly formed in heaven in 1919, and that they are only "resident aliens" of the United States. The Watch Tower Society teaches that Armageddon will occur "soon", and at the Battle of Armageddon, that Jesus Christ and his heavenly armies will destroy the armies and governments of the United States, and of all other countries -- including all people who did not convert to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses look forward to the day when they will rule the planet.

Edmond, OK

#3 Jul 5, 2012
there is no invisable god,there is no devil and jesus christs grave is in kasmire india. you all lose.

Edmond, OK

#4 Jul 5, 2012
mankind will destroy mankind

Redmond, WA

#5 Jul 22, 2012
On July 14, 2012, THE SPECTRUM NEWSPAPER published a SECOND article promoting the 4 WATCHTOWER CULT Conventions being hosted by DIXIE STATE COLLEGE, and FINANCED by YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

The Management and Editors at THE SPECTRUM sent reporter KEVIN JENKINS and crew to the second of the four weekend conventions to take the CULT's Media Officials "guided tour", and interviewed 4 or 5 Jehovah's Witnesses "cherry-picked" to provide pre-prepared "sound bites" to THE SPECTRUM's half-wit news crew.

In response to our first post POSTED above, at least this second THE SPECTRUM article ADMITTED that 2 of the 4 WATCHTOWER CULT Conventions being FINANCED with LOCAL TAX DOLLARS are SPANISH-SPEAKING ONLY.

However, the editors at THE SPECTRUM again decided to NOT PUBLISH the fact that LOCAL POLITICIANS decided to use LOCAL TAX DOLLARS to FINANCE these 4 WATCHTOWER CULT Conventions being hosted by DIXIE STATE COLLEGE.

That DECEPTION alone should reveal to local THE SPECTRUM readers, subscribers, and advertisers what type of moral and ethical character is possessed by the Management at THE SPECTRUM.

Redmond, WA

#6 Jun 22, 2013
In the June 21, 2013 edition of THE SPECTRUM & DAILY NEWS, St. George's newspaper once again featured its ANNUAL "puff piece" article PRAISING and PROMOTING the ANTI-AMERICAN WATCHTOWER CULT. This year's article is authored by staff reporter BRIAN PASSEY, and includes several photographs snapped by staff photographer TREVOR CHRISTENSEN.

However, this year's puff piece serves double-duty in that the Editors and Management of THE SPECTRUM were not satisfied with only promoting this year's upcoming FOUR WATCHTOWER CUT CONVENTIONS being hosted by Dixie State University at Burns Arena, but the Editors also decided to include a lengthy story about the past construction of a Kingdom Hall in Santa Clara back in November 2012. This article includes numerous quotes from JOHN SKURAT, who is not only the leader of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Washington County, but apparently a multi-state national leader within the WATCHTOWER CULT, who is responsible for construction of the Cult's "Kingdom Halls".

Redmond, WA

#7 Jun 22, 2013
Here are some recent examples of REAL WORLD Jehovah's Witnesses putting into practice the beliefs and practices of the WATCHTOWER CULT, which are being FINANCIALLY SUBSIDIZED by state and local taxes from both local City/County POLITICIANS, and the administration at DIXIE STATE UNIVERSITY. Keep in mind that this is what SPANISH-SPEAKING legal and illegal residents are being taught using your tax dollars.

Interested Readers can google the name "GRETA HAWKINS" -- to read June 2012 newspaper articles about a Jehovah's Witness public elementary school Principal who just recently refused to allow her students to sing Lee Greenwood's "GOD BLESS THE USA" at a recent graduation ceremony. Hawkins has also attempted to do away with her school's custom of daily reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL".

INTERESTINGLY, since Greta Hawkins could NOT use her Watchtower Cult beliefs as a PUBLIC EXCUSE for her decision, Hawkins CLAIMED that Lee Greenwood's song "GOD BLESS THE USA" was OFFENSIVE TO IMMIGRANTS. Hawkins is CORRECT -- EXCEPT that "GOD BLESS THE USA" is only OFFENSIVE to IMMIGRANTS WHO ARE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES.

Interested Readers also can google the name "LEROY McKELVEY" -- to read newspaper articles about a "devout Jehovah's Witness" who got into an argument with multiple attendees and ended up tasing a U.S. MARINE and others at a September 2011 Jets-Cowboys football game attended by past President George W. Bush and other public officials present to honor the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Interested Readers should google the phrase "JW Manager entered the apartment without permission and took down the Flag" to read about a Jehovah's Witness apartment building Manager who refused to allow tenants to display the American Flag after 9-11.

To read about all of the above on one single webpage, Google the names "Armando Perez",
"Tyler Templeton", and "Bruce Cooke" -- ALL IN THE SAME SEARCH -- to read about a dozen or so similar incidents involving Jehovah's Witnesses.

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