Casey Anthony maintains baby sitter w...

Casey Anthony maintains baby sitter was not fabricated

There are 316 comments on the Newsday story from Feb 26, 2014, titled Casey Anthony maintains baby sitter was not fabricated. In it, Newsday reports that:

A bankruptcy judge has ruled that Casey Anthony won't have to pay most of her debts.

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Chico, CA

#4 Feb 27, 2014
A liar just like her mother,the apple doesn't fall far from the tree,same arrogant attitude

Since: Oct 11

Location hidden

#5 Feb 28, 2014
T-REX wrote:
A liar just like her mother,the apple doesn't fall far from the tree,same arrogant attitude
Hey! Star can't put them all in the same basket buddy!
What if her mama's apple Kindle was infected by a worm called "Jose" ????

The Apple Tree needs to be Treated & Sprayed for BUGS....

Who Knows..Maybe The F.B.I did fumigated every TREES , in 2008!

Have a Blessed Day Star-Trex!
Laughing_MAO_Day s

United States

#6 Mar 2, 2014

Jesse Grunge introduced Casey to a sitter in 2006, while she was VISITING Universal. Someone "knicknamed" Zenaida Gonzalez.

"Everyone has a nickname, Mr. Mitnick".

Now, why would Jesse care about who watched over Caylee -- since Casey had already kicked his chump azz to the curb -- and since she didn't have a job to even need a babysitter ?

More importantly, why didn't he share it with law enforcement or the FBI?

He sure could have stepped up and cleared Morgan's client.

Lon Spector

New York, NY

#7 Apr 5, 2014
Whether Casey is guilty are innocent, she is STILL
deserving of our love. Nothing occurrs outside of God's
will. I believe that God allowed Casey to be accquited so we
could pratace "Christian Love."
Let's raise above hate! God says we must love all people,
even our "enemies."
Let's reconcile ourselves to God's almighty will, and love Casey
Say What

Caledon, Canada

#12 Apr 5, 2014
Sniff my Gloomy Darwin wrote:
Nobody cares stupid.
That is an excellent name for an adolescent, sexually frustrated and looking for attention. Have any of your sniffing hopefuls ever replied to you? Are we going to be forced to call you sticky fingers?



Since: Feb 09

Blue Lives Matter

#13 Apr 5, 2014
Say what, kc still has sticky fingers?!?! Is the house of horrors still in foreclosure?
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#15 Apr 6, 2014
All of Casey's actions are explicial based on her
personality. And there are many ways to acess
personality. The upshot, is the Casey is a very
tough and heartless woman. She will survive-at
least materially. Those that are hoping for an O.J.
like fall from grace are going to be dissapointed.
She has many helpers, be they family, or fans.
It's different with a female sociopath.

Since: Jan 09

Location hidden

#18 Apr 7, 2014
Guess "obamakkkare" works better than embezzling money to support a fake lifestyle and get caught. So sad when people resort to doing that.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#19 Apr 7, 2014
There are a multitude of reasons why Casey
"gets away with things."
Casey was born in the Year Of the Tiger. Tigers are
known for their "slight of hand escapes." Lindasy
Lohan is a Tiger. She has a Belle La Vita tatoo as well.
Personality typology tell s everything about the person.
There are reams of information throught the net
examining Casey eight ways to Sunday. People
pooh pooh these things and won't look for
themselves. But if they did, they could varify it.
Astrology, Chaldean numerology, the ennagram
Myers Briggs, graphology, face reading. EVERY
authentic personality system describes Casey to a tee.
Though she DID comitt the crime, you would NOT HATE
her once you understand everything that goes into her
As for her future, it is in a foreign land. She has Venus
in Aries in the 9th house. Anyone who knows anything
about Astrology knows that Casey's destiny resides
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#22 Apr 8, 2014
Casey is no ordinary person. And her case is no
ordinary case. You only need to study ONE person
to find out what systems work. For example take
Casey's first two names, Casey, and Marie. Each name
adds up to the number 13. A person's first name is the
"outer" name. It is the public impression that the person
makes. When the world views Casey, it sees a wicked
witchlike "evil" person. So much mystery and
inscrutibility. What was she up to that day? What is
she up to now? What is her fate?
Casey's middle or "innername," ALSO adds to 13.
Casey is a woman driven by passions that she, herself
can't understand or control. She has to be kept on a
very short leash to stay out of trouble, and she is.
Interestingly, Jodi Arias' first name ALSO adds to 13,
and the world viewed her in a simular way to Casey.
It is no accident that Jodi and Casey occurred at
approximately the same time. The hand of God was
involved in this-and in Casey's accquital.

Since: Sep 11

Weeki Wachee, Florida

#23 Apr 8, 2014
ROTFLMAO. This thread is funny.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#30 Apr 9, 2014
If I was to guess where Casey would be 10 years
from today, I would say in a Latin (Central) American
country, married with a husband and children and
speaking fluent Spanish.
Every composit piece of the puzzle points in that
direction. She MIGHT land an American sugar daddy,
but that's doubtful.
She is still driven by the hope that she can profit from
her crime, and be a celeberity of some sort.
There will ALWAYS be someone to care for her, because
like many females born in the Year of the Tiger she is
percieved as sexy and charasmatic. Most of the people
she befriends like her.
She is strong enough to prevail. And we are NOT her
judge. God is.

Since: Sep 11

Weeki Wachee, Florida

#35 Apr 9, 2014
The Real Missyfit wrote:
<quoted text>
Translation: Casey will never amount to anything but a baby killer and a loser. end of story.
On welfare, food stamps and section 8.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#38 Apr 10, 2014
Yes she DID kill her baby! But.... there's so much
more to learn! We can gleen so much from this
case about how America operates in the early 21st
century. It's more then a simple case about a
sociopathic child killer.
We can learn such things like:
Can a person be "read" correctly? Were there any
clues pointing to this? Knowing what I know about
such areas as Astrology, Chaldean Numerology,
Oriental astrology, the Ennagram (Casey + Lindsay
are type 7's, "Enthusists), graphology, psychology
Casey to have a child. Evaluating her according ALL
these personality systems I would have known she'd
be an unfit mom.
There is a wealth of information throughout the net
about these systems, but just as an example:
Casey has a Mars/Uranus conjunction in the 5th house
of her Astrological chart. The 5th house deals with sex
and children. Mars is an agressive masculine planet.
Uranus is a planet of unexpected explosive surprises.
Having both planets in the 5th house would indicate
that Casey would have a male-like sexual labito, and
likely have an out-of-wedlock child. Explosive violence
might be used against that child.
Hate Casey all you like if you believe it will bring back
her daughter. It won't. I'm more concerned with why
modern society breeds so many "Casey's" and "Jodi's"
and how they can be helped-or avoided.

Since: Sep 11

Weeki Wachee, Florida

#40 Apr 10, 2014
What guy is i to astrology and numerology? I mean seriously, I have never neant a mant who gave a rat's patootie or believed that crap. She shouldn't have had a child because she's a narcisstic psychopath. No one needs astology for that. It's all right there in the 'cards'.

Since: Aug 11


#41 Apr 10, 2014
Lon Spector wrote:
Yes she DID kill her baby! But.... there's so much
more to learn! We can gleen so much from this
You mean like how to kill you kid and get away with it by following Casey's ten steps to freedom ??
1 LIE and don't sweet the small stuff - like evidences and decomposing odors or getting caught in your lies. None of that matters to a juror.
2 Make sure to get rid of the body and its totally decomposed before you report it missing
3 Make sure your family will cover your butt.
4 Do not use your cell phones for at least 3 days before and after.
5 Lie Lie Lie Lie.
6 Hire a bozo attorney who will charm the jurors. Make sure he's a flirt
7 Get down on your knees often
8 Get lots of media coverage
9 Smile and try to look sexy at all times for the male jurors Bozo will handle the females.
10 Plan on being despised by normal people, for the rest of your days.

Has anybody kept track of how many parents has followed the Casey act, since the 12 imbeciles opened the door for her ?
Notice none are even charged anymore, regardless of evidence or how guilty they seem.and act .
Because of Casey, the prosecutors don't want to bother to try to get a murder charge for a kids murder anymore. The parents can now claim they were depressed or sexual abused as a kid. blame someone else, no witness's even if the family seen what happened they wont speak up against the parents.

Why should they bother ? Casey's case will be cited and used to free other baby killers for years to come by dirty defense lawyers.

Like the jurors said "How could we find her guilty when there was no proof of how and where she died or the day she died..... Her having tape on her little face didn't answer that "
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#42 Apr 11, 2014
We have simpilly reaped what we have sown as a
society. Casey and Jodi-two peas in a pod.
BTW, it has long been known that attractive females
have a trump card known as the P---Y Pass. Men, as
a rule don't have this fringe benefit. It didn't begin
with Casey. As a matter of fact. It's been around for
years. Remember Susan Smith? There was plenty of
hard evidence against her. She was convicted, but
NOT given death. Funny, but I don't think the jury
would have been so tolorant if a male was the
culprit. And the Jodi Arias jury came within a
hairsbreath of being hung. Even with that boatload of
evidence they wouldn't vote for death. Female
sociopaths are being hatched by the dozens, and
society doesn't know how to process them.
But I'm fairly confident that Casey will not kill again.
I think that if she can carve out a quiet life with a circle
of loving friends, a "decent" husband, and her family
she should do alright. She does have the support even
of her extended family in Ohio. She can eek by.
She's not hounded by the press. Time goes on.
A few alterations in her appearence, an egael eye,
and she'll be O.K.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#44 Apr 12, 2014
When I saw Casey sprung from jail that surreal
evening of July 17, 2011, I thought the same thing
that most of you were thinking: "We'll be seeing you
again." I remembered the scene from the film Dirty
Harry, where Harry tells the D.A., "You're crazy if you
think you've seen the last of this guy. He's going to
kill again. "And just why is that?, the skeptical D.A.
asks. "I think he likes it," Harry responds.
Could any of us imagine that Casey wouldn't stumble
by now? Certainly if she can do all the things she did
we would have expected recidivation by now.
She didn't "learn her lesson," because no "lesson"
was ever imposed. She was not held accountable for
this, or any other of her crimes.
What keeps Casey in check?
Casey-like all TRUE sociopaths, is as cool as a cutcumber REGARDLESS of the situation she's in.
NOTHING shakes her composure. That's why they are
INDIFFERENT to being incarcerated or free.
Take 3 noteworthy sociopaths. Scott Peterson,
"Slickster" Bill Clinton, and Casey. All 3 have killed.
Sociopaths are evil, "People Of The Lie," to quote the title
of a book, by the late M. Scott Peck. There is NOT a
sincere bone in their bodies. You can see this by the
inoppertune timing of their tears. IF they can muster
ANY tears at all it's usually one lone tear out of one eye.
Scott Peterson did this during his trail when films of
Lacey were shown. He also had that famous sociopathic
duping grin. The murderous POS "Slickster Bill Clinton
also was filmed with one tear streaming down his face,
with a fradulent smile, when he heard singers in a black
church. And Casey was known for dapping at her eyes
with tissues, had an insincere crooked grin on her face
when films of herself and Caylee were shown. She also
timed her fraudlent tears to the testmony of the
"grief expert."
Why did Casey get off? Sociopaths have no soul.
And today's America has no soul either, otherwise the
sociopaths would be spotted a mile away.

Since: Aug 11


#45 Apr 12, 2014
[QUOTE who="
BTW,. It didn't begin
with Casey. As a matter of fact. It's been around for
years. Remember Susan Smith? There was plenty of
hard evidence against her. She was convicted, but
NOT given death.

But I'm fairly confident that Casey will not kill again.
I think that if she can carve out a quiet life with a circle
of loving friends, a "decent" husband, and her family
she should do alright. She doe.[/QUOTE]
My point was that since Casey killed her baby, count how many others has done the same thing and gotten away with it - due to what happened in Casey's case.
Susan didn't get away with it like Casey and the many others did that learned from her.

I'm fairly confident Susan wouldn't kill again --- and she would carve out a quiet life with a circle of loving friends, a "decent" husband, and her family
and also do alright.

But unlike you -- I feel she still needs to be punished for taking her kids lives --

What is it about Casey that make you think she don't deserve to be punished for killing her kid just as Susan was ? Susan is cute and sexy and was the same age as Casey ?
I will be waiting for you logical answer Ha Ha
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#46 Apr 13, 2014
God's will is SUPREME! If He knows the numbers of
hairs on our head, and every sparrow that falls from
a tree, He certainly knows what He has in store for
God has a plan for every life. God's plan for Casey
was that she should not be held accountable for
Caylee's death AT THIS TIME. Obviously, if Casey was
convicted for this crime, her life would have taken a
different turn, but that was not God's will.
We humans presently function at a level that can't
comprehend such things. God's ways are not our ways.
Christians are justified by FAITH NOT WORKS (Even bad
works.) If Casey sincerely gives her life to Jesus Christ
in the time she has remaining, she can avoid
judgement, DESPITE her wicked deeds. Just submitting
to water baptism is NOT comitting your life to Christ.
Water baptism is only a religious rite, like sprinkling
water on a baby's forehead a admitting him into a
church. A person must make a conscious willing decision
to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, THEN
they become "BORN AGAIN." They get "baptised" with the
That's why I knew Casey wasn't serious when she
announced plans to get baptised into that church she
was hiding out in a couple of years ago.
Real baptism is NOT something that YOU do with water.
It is something GOD does with His Spirit.
There is STILL time for Casey, As for Caylee, she is in
"repose." Repose is the state that dead people are in.
Caylee is NOT in Heaven. She died before she could
accept Christ as her savior. At her age, she was in no
position to understand the importance of accepting
Christ. No baby is. That's why religious rites are in vain.
That is salvation through "works." Salvation is NOW by
As a Christian I cannot and will not hate. I can only hope
that Casey comes to Christ while she lives. I'll leave the
details of how, when, and why up to God.

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