Loved Pink's performance for the Grammy's or when she performed "Glitter in the Air" hanging from material?

Just want to let everyone know that Studio Zero G is now open and is teaching AntiGravity Aerial Yoga.

“Studio Zero G is the World’s Largest AntiGravity Yoga © Studio equipped with the latest, greatest, and most technologically advanced facility providing fun and fitness right here in your back yard. We are the only facility in Central Florida to offer, Anti-Gravity Yoga © Aerial Yoga, Massage Therapy, and soon Salt Therapy!”

Anti-gravity yoga or aerial yoga is a new exciting and FUN form of fitness with the support of a silky material called the hammock. The hammock is a special material that can hold anywhere from 1/4 of one person’s weight to their entire body weight and helps our flexibility by doing some of the work for us as well as giving us the resistance we need to tone the body. Aerial yoga uses moves and postures derived from dance, Pilates, yoga, and calisthenics with the hammock to increase strength and flexibility to tone the body. It also allows one to become more aware of the body's alignment, and the body's proprioceptors (movement sensors).

Check out our facebook page Studio Zero G and our website !

"We Can't Wait For You To Start Hangin' With Us"