Phil Bonus--Anyone have Naked Photos ...
Pandora Boxx

Bradenton, FL

#21 Jun 14, 2013
Tati, where are you? Anyway, a couple of house call wax jobs came in today, I found Raven down at the Jo-Ann fabrics buying pasty fabrics for the stripper costumes she's making for the Circus-A-Go-Go girls, and she filled in and did the waxes. The Circus strippers are doing a new "Candy Girl" routine and needed some school girl skirts with pig tail ties. Anyway, Raven waxed the old broad, one was like over 250 lbs, but did not expect any "extras." Raven hated it, so let me know if you want the job, otherwise, they are going to hire Shangela.

United States

#22 Jun 16, 2013
I got it!! You're wonderful, Boxx!, I did on-line training for bikini wax and I am ready to go Monday. I hope these Winter Park bitches pay good tips, I need the dough now that I'm out of commission for tricking!!
Raven and I have set up our little room and between her piece work and my waxing, we should be getting along well.
Pandora Boxx

Wimauma, FL

#23 Jun 17, 2013
So, Tati, how was your first day? We got a lot of calls today at the spray tan place from those awful WP bitches saying how much they liked you. I hope you had fun!! I'm so psyched for you, gurl!!

I knocked on your door to check on you, but Raven said you weren't there. Call me gurl, Raven was slamming some guy she picked up at Brio. It was not our hunk Phil Bonus, but he was hot. Raven asked me for a threesome, but I had to trick with JuJuBee. I'm between tricks now in the camper, got a ten minute break, see you soon!!

Springfield, NJ

#24 Jul 7, 2013
Boxx, I've been so busy, I can only post for a second. Thanks so much for the waxing job! Loads of money to be made waxing these old fat Winter Park bitches. They tip great and they only want a little oral, so much easier than screwing those fat slobs in the tent! My tongue is sore, but I'll take that over the stitches from that awful porno job. Whatever happened to that awful woman?
Anyway, made $8200 this last month "waxing" so Raven and me are getting some new drapes for our room and another sewing machine for Raven to do her piecework. The chicks from the old Booby Trap are paying her $1 per pasty.

Mimi Imfurst is thinking of moving down, know of any jobs?
Pandora Boxx

North Billerica, MA

#25 Jul 8, 2013
Hey Tati! Glad I could set you up. Maybe I should have volunteered for the waxing house calls job, lol. How much do those heinous old broads tip?

We're only $15,000 short for having the money for Raven's plastic surgery, we're getting really excited. To make extra money, we're renting the camper to a homeless guy to sleep in when JuJuBee and I aren't tricking. He smells bad, we have to use Lysol but he gives us $5 per night and that's $5 per night closer to having the money for Raven to have the surgery. Plus, we feel like we're helping out the needy. With the summer, we're slow on tricks, so this is some extra money. We're running a special for a threesome for $300 and we're offering bridge games for $200.

The porno lady who's doing MILF porns from home came to me and offered me $1,000 if I could refer her women who had no families because she wants to sell them to sex clubs in Dubai and India. She says there's a huge demand, but the women usually cut their wrists after a week the conditions are so bad, that's why she is offering me $1000 per girl I can refer to her. The whole thing sounds shady to me, so I think I will decline, I don't want to get into any trouble.

United States

#26 Jul 12, 2013
Sell Roxxy, she has no family and maybe they will give you $1,000 per buttcheek, who knows. She said she always wanted to see Dubai, lol.

United States

#27 Jul 12, 2013
Boxx!! I just got home from waxing job, and there is police tape around the camper!! What is going on, just get arrested? I can get bail money from Raven?
Pandora Boxx

Wimauma, FL

#28 Jul 13, 2013
Tatiana!! It's awful, JuJuBee is in the hospital clinging to life, cannot believe it. Her hours got cut in half at the EconoLodge on OBT for her maid job, and we need another $15,000 for Raven's plastic surgery, omg, so we have been going on looking for tricks at bars instead of just word of mouth because it's so slow for tricking this summer. So slow, that's what started it, So we went to Wally's to find some johns and there is this ugly guy that JuJuBee is calling him Frognose and so Frognose picks her up and wants to go back to the camper, I'm telling her not to do it, he looks dangerous, and she says she can handle it fine, so they leave. I pick up my own trick an hour or so later and I get to the camper, and JuJu Bee is tied up spread-eagle and is cut up and bruises and isn't breathing, so I have to call 911 and she is in ICU!! I can't handle it, girl, Ijust can't. She has a ruptured liver and bad stiches, and she might die!! I dno't know what to do. And we don't have insurance so I had to pay with all money we were saving for Raven to have plastic surgery to look like Phil Bonus, but they want another $50,000 at the hospital, that is what they think it will cost if JuJu Bee lives, and I just can't, I don't know how to get that money for her and I'm so scared she will die. They have a sketch for Frognose and are looking for him, so scared and I don't know what to do.
Pandora Boxx

Wimauma, FL

#29 Jul 13, 2013
And stay away from the camper!! Frognose might return.

United States

#30 Jul 13, 2013
OMG, Boxx! I'm on my way to the hospital. I just called the MILF porno lady, I hate her for hurting me, but I have a plan to get you the $50,000. I will take care of it. Get me the emails for Roxxy and Mimi, I will need them.

United States

#31 Jul 15, 2013
Boxx, I will have the hospital money by Monday!! I'm praying for JujuBee so hard!

I showed photos of Jiggly Caliente and Roxxy Andrews to the MILF porno lady. It was very hard. They are too fat for sex clubs in Dubai. A place in India will take them for a brothel, they like then fat, because all they feed them is fishheads and rice. Given they are fat, they can get 8-10 months before they die from disease or starvation, when normal women die in 3 months. So we negotiated $75,500 for Roxxy and $67,275 for Jiggly. Our cut--$50,000!! I HATE it that awful MILF porno lady is getting the remainder, I did all the work and found the pigeons! I got Roxxy and Jiggly coming down Thursday for a supposed drag show. Don't worry, it's fast, I take them to MILF porno lady's for a drink, and they wake up in a cargo container headed for India. Sucks for them, but JuJuBee needs us. Maybe they will escape, lol.

I'm praying so hard for JuJuBee!
Pandora Boxx

Wimauma, FL

#32 Jul 17, 2013
Thank you, Tatiana. The are letting JuJuBee out on Friday, they think she will make it now, thank goodness. It will be nice to have that hospital bill paid so the long process of healing both physically and emotionally can begin.

The put an APB out for Frognose, but so far, they have not found him. He doesn't know our room number at the Mt. Vernon, but the camper is gone, a crime scene. I don't know how we will survive, but we take one day at a time.

It's too bad about Jiggly and Roxxxy, but that's how it goes. Couldn't happen to two nicer gals, lol. I don't want the brothel to be too awful, any details on it?
Pandora Boxx

Sun City Center, FL

#33 Jul 19, 2013
Gurl, I just got home with JuJuBee. They had already received the money for the bill, thanks!!!

JuJuBee is doing pretty well, she's on a lot of mediation, which I don't have the money for right now, I used the last of the money Raven gave me from her piece work. At least we're all still a family, the 4 of us. I had to give up my job at the spray-tan place to take care of JuJuBee. The only way I know now to get money for rent and medication for JuJuBee and food. The only way I know is tricking, I will have to just street hook until I can get some money for a van or something. Urgh, but at least I have a skill.

I'm almost afraid to ask, we got the $$, did you really do it??

United States

#34 Jul 21, 2013
It was easy. MILF porno lady drugged their cocktails and two guys took them away. They are on a freighter with Indonesians and are their concubines. They will be fed. When they arrive in India, they are being sent to a bordello where they will work in adjoining rooms that are 10 by 10 and the sheets are cleaned every other day. They work 20 hours per day and cannot leave the room. The other 4 hours per day, they may wash their clothes in a basement, sleep, and eat. Fishheads and rice only. They may not go outdoors.

When they become sickly and diseased, they will be transferred to a sex house where they will be chained to a bunkbed spread eagle and work as long as there are customers. They can sit up to eat between tricks, although most will refuse meals at this time to hasten death. They usually last no more than a month at the sex house and their corpses are sold to a organ harvester or to a dog food company depending if any organs are left that are usable. That's it!

Sounds bad, girl! How's JujuBee?
Pandora Boxx

Wimauma, FL

#35 Jul 21, 2013
JuJuBee is still quite ill, I'm having to feed her and do everything for her. I had to break it to Raven that we don't have the money anymore to have her get plastic surgery to look like Phil Bonus. I think she took it ok. She is getting so much piecework deals from the Circus-A-Go-Go and the old Booby Trap that she is expanding her operations! She is doing piecework for drapes for the motels on SOBT. Can you believe it? They pay her $2 for each set of drapes and does. If she can go another month, she will open her own business in an industrial park. Catch this, she wants to name it, "The Julia Sugarbaker Memorial Piecework Sewing Center." Isn't that lovely?

Anyway, I've been having to street trick (street walk, let's be honest what it is) to get money for food and JuJuBee's medications. It's very risky, but until I can get some kind of van or something, we have to do it in cars and alleyways. I don't even have money for a little puptent like you had out by the pond. I am considering thatching a mattress and just leaving it in some weeds by the pond and using that, but I have a line on an old Ford Astro van for $500 that I can have towed and just hook out of that.

The brothel sounds pretty grim. Any chance of a promotion to madam for them or an escape? Did you explain it was nothing personal?

United States

#36 Jul 21, 2013
Raven's news is good. She's been working so hard on her piecework!

I didn't like tricking outdoors, it was hard on my back and it was hot in the tent. Try for the Astrovan if you can get it. I once had to trick out of a Caprice Classic station wagon. It was ok, better than the tent. I let some drug dealers use it during the day to make extra money. I had some blood and body parts left in it sometimes, but I just hosed it out.

The brothel in India is pretty bad, there is no room for advancement at all. You hook until you die. By the time you are sent to the sex house, most of your teeth have been knocked or fallen out. They remove the ones left and cut out your tongue so you don't interfere with the sex acts. At the sex house, any number of men can pay to have sex with you, up to 10 at a time, just street locals then looking for a warm hole. And it's usually nonstop for hours at a time. Some girls end up chocking to death or just give up. I don't feel bad, I hated Jiggly and Roxxxy.
Pandora Boxx

Brandon, FL

#37 Jul 25, 2013
Hey, Tati! I'm slowly getting back on my feet. I"ve been doing a lot of hooking and getting enough cash to pay for JuJuBee's medications, food, and basic rent. It's very much hand to mouth. If I hook hard over the weekend, I will have enough for the Astro Van. They won't give me my job back at the spray tan place, so I can't do anything else. I don't know where else to go but on the streets.

That JuJuBee sleeps 22 hours a day now! I think she's getting better but I'm just at a breaking point with all the stress and her illness with no money and no breaks. This is bad, but she sleeps so hard, I'm thinking I will prop her up in her wheelchair, put some sunglasses on her with a hat and stick a bucket in her hand and stick her at the intersection of Fairbanks and 17-92 with a sign "sick" and see if we can get some handouts. She won't know the difference. What do you think? How's Raven?
Pandora Boxx

Brandon, FL

#38 Aug 6, 2013
Hey Tati! I got a day off yesterday, finally! I've been sticking JuJuBee out on the corner of 17-92 and Fairbanks in her wheelchair with a sign "sick" with a bucket and an umbrella. I'm getting about $75 a day, which is paying her medications. She is still sleeping 20 hours a day, so she doesn't know. i don't think she'd mind. She got rained on the other day, but I figure it just cooler her down and she didn't wake up. I really need the money for her anyway.

I got $475 together for the AstroVan and have been trying to build up some steady regulars, but there's so little money, I'm dumpster diving for my own meals and saving my tricks money for rent and food for JuJuBee. Boy, gone re the days of saving for Raven's plastic surgery.

Anyway, I am trying to hold it together the best I can. I see Raven finally opened the Julia Sugarbaker Memorial Piecework Center down on the Trail. She's been hitchhiking there and back to do her drapes and stripper outfits. So happy for her!!

Frognose is still out there, be careful gurl and check in with me!

United States

#39 Aug 8, 2013
Hey Boxx!! Keeping busy with my "waxing." Girls are a lot tougher to get off than guys but boy is it easier on my rear! I want to open a mobile waxing business, share the Astro and split gas?

I have seen JujuBee on the corner like you said. She looks horrible, are you sure she's ok?

Raven's Julia Sugarbaker Memorial Piecework Center is turning a big profit. She is still hitch hiking to save money. She might be hiring piecework workers, you interested?
Pandora Boxx

Canton, MA

#40 Aug 17, 2013
Hey Tati! Things are looking up, though I can't find JuJuBee today. I got a decent flow of regulars back and was able to get a new mattress into the Astrovan with a window unit in the back. Sorry the sharing didn't work out, but the thing just doesn't run. Anyway, I pushed it next to an outlet outside at the Mt. Vernon and just plugged in the window unit in the back of the Astrovan and put a mattress down in the back. I am finally able to pay our rent and food with my trick money.

JuJuBee is still sleeping 20+ hours a day, and I've been sticking her out on Fairbanks and 17-92 all day every day with the bucket and have been getting enough for her mediations. But she's not getting any better, but cannot afford to go back to the doctor, so just praying.

How's Raven and the new piecework business? I see Tammie Brown is coming to town, she was asking me about Roxxie and Jiggly. I didn't say anything.

Anyway, see you later babe, I have to go try to find out where JuJuBee went. Some guy rolled her down to Fairbanks Lanes a few weeks ago for a beer, maybe she is there. He didn't even notice she was asleep. This town is odd.

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