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Mount Clemens, MI

#1 Aug 9, 2010
Once again Aturd is looking for a handout. Asking Council how much are the taxpapers going to give him for the parade. When the questions started getting into how the parade is run and having open meetings he got pissed. Being the little bit#ch that he is. He refused to answer any more questions, closed his book, and told the Mayor to let him know what the City was willing to give him. The little baby needs to be bit#ched slapped and sent to his room.
Red Head

Columbus, OH

#2 Aug 9, 2010
Again "I volunteer more hours than anyone one of you up there" must be a SCS red head line of jokes that needs his own show on the road. What happen to a little humility. Did that line win you an election last time? I was surprised the family did not show up and where was the firetruck? Come on, that would have been awesome. You had custard all over your face.

Again, look what is between your legs, because it is no good unless Ted and Ron are holding it for you. You cannot be serious about mixing up people that sacrificed their lives for your volunteer opportunity.

Did you by any chance read your own balance sheet that you had with you, the same one you probably show the IRS? I bet you and Ron hang out and talk finance all the time. That is why you and Rubino get along so well or is it because he sits in your old seat that you will never get back?

Remember when the lines cross in a financial statement? In Ron's and Matt world life goes on, in SCS and reality it is called receivership. It is kind of like when your Parade Committee cannot afford to put on the parade and the SCS taxpayer comes to help. No SCS funds - no parade.

This is about as low down as anything that I have ever seen with residents money in SCS. A 501 organization that takes a donation from a city all these years. A $30,000 donation while they have spaghetti and a toast. So while you sat on council for 4 years you received over $120,000 and $40,000 in hand. WOW, if that does not wake anyone up, we are all in trouble.
Custard Boy

Ann Arbor, MI

#3 Aug 9, 2010
Let's see Aturd tries to steal money from the city and gets caught with the check in his pocket. Then Dumas ADMITS to stealing the money from scrap metal. Not innocent until proven guilt Matty. Dumas admitted guilt and ran away tail between his legs. Then Matt seems insulted that the city wants to supervise the money, considering the theives they have doing the finances it should not have come as a surprise. My wife would not trust this idiot to watch her purse when she went to the ladies room.
Matts Mommy

Ann Arbor, MI

#4 Aug 9, 2010
Matt your such a good boy. You remembered what I taught you. IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN. You made me so proud when I saw you running away from the podium.
Lines are crossing

Saint Clair Shores, MI

#5 Aug 10, 2010
The way Ron and Matt "understand" "finances," after four years of them in control together, I'm honestly surprised we're not already in receivership. This isn't the federal government, guys, the city can't print money or run deficits. If the lines cross we're in serious trouble. I'm glad we have people who actually know what they're doing and take their jobs seriously up there now. "Just let us know if you won't give us the $30,000." Like its nothing. What a joker.

Columbus, OH

#6 Aug 10, 2010
My neighbor and I wanted to volunteer on the parade committee but after watching Ahearn's famous temper on council we decided that we did not need to put ourselves in that type of situation especially since we can volunteer else where. So Mr. Ahearn you did not lose volunteers because of anyone else but your infamous uncontrolled anger management problem!
new guy in scs

Detroit, MI

#7 Aug 10, 2010
did anyone notice the way Ahern stood at the podium with his arms crossed and stared at Rubino. Talk about bad body language. And yet he (ahern) says he was not being confrontational. Having his arms like that is a dead give away.

United States

#8 Aug 10, 2010
If last night proved anything, it's that St. Clair Shores loves fireworks!

Ahearn and that other guy came up with a bad attitude. I didn't know Dumas was involved with the parade group or how much money was given.

Question - when Ahearn was on council was Ahearn voting on budgets and so forth that gave his parade group city funding? That let the city pay for the police and fire expenses? Is that allowed?

Question - Ahearn said that in the past they had every police person at the parade. Imagine what that cost the city in overtime! Was this happening when Ahearn was on council and was he approving it? No wonder the police unions love him!

Question - Apparently they didn't fundraise at all besides one event and some ads. Did they have any ideas on how to fundraise next year? I didn't hear anything new or that they would be doing anything different. They should just let that Dwayne guy run the parade, he at least seems to know what's going on and knows money just doesn't grow on trees.
Interested Too

Columbus, OH

#9 Aug 10, 2010
I heard last night that there was council liaisons on the committee of the non-profit organization named the parade council: Curt Dumas, Ron Frederick, and Matt Ahearn.

Is that not a blatant breach of a councilmans duty to be on a nonprofit while taking "donations" from the very city they represent? Is there not another non profit in which Matt Ahearn and Ron Frederick are directors on called the St Clair Shores Community Foundation? How can a city for this many years "donate" residents money to a non profit. The representatives of the city including Curt Dumas, Matt Ahearn, and Ron Frederick have some explaining to do.

As of today Curt Dumas is still the Parade Director according to online documents. Was this not the guy who said he pay the money back to the city, but according to Ahearn "this is the United States of America and he is innocent until proven guilty".

This President of the council Matt Ahearn is running a deficit in his own finances. Nautical lights tranfer of monies?

Someone needs to explain this -$9600.00 a year plus $20,000 a year for OT. And we cannot see the books of this non profit, we cannot tell them what to do, or direct where the money goes.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the men and women who served, God Bless them for their services and life.

This is an absolute cover up of municipal funds out the back door. The same thing with that $20,000 Activities Check. I hope there will be no more slap on the wrists discipline this time around, unbelievable.
Nostradamus of scs


#10 Aug 10, 2010
prediction: the parade council as you know it will be dissolved in short order and all new faces will be appointed which will be run on a more open and public manner. matt and company will have to find another place to volunteer more than sayeth Nostradamus. duane michno would be a great candidate for such a position, but he needs a break- he busted his gluts off for the fireworks and deserves some down time-a lot of down time. he earned it.
Double Down

Royal Oak, MI

#11 Aug 10, 2010
As a business owner in this community, I have no interest in donating or being part of this parade. I would like to see the city take over the parade and run it like the fire works funded through private donations. The parade council has no accountability and is using double standards for whom may participate in the parade. Matt Ahearn's childish behavior last night spoke volumes.
Coco Chanel

United States

#12 Aug 10, 2010
Mr. Ahearn, you knew you were going to be on TV but you wore a shirt better suited for mowing your lawn. Accessorizing with a puka shell choker? Couldn't you have least put on something with a collar?

Mount Morris, MI

#13 Aug 10, 2010
I heard he shaves his chest. Somebody please tell the orangutan that you need to be good looking to be a metrosexual.

Flint, MI

#14 Aug 11, 2010 are hilarious..."I'm talking."
Watch yourself on TV and you'll understand why the citizens of SCS voted you out.
end the gravy train

Waterford, MI

#15 Aug 11, 2010
Remember, he was "in the trenches."
scs resident

Saint Clair Shores, MI

#16 Aug 11, 2010
Give the man a break, look how much he has done for our city. What a great parade he put on for us all.
Lines are crossing

Saint Clair Shores, MI

#17 Aug 11, 2010
scs resident wrote:
Give the man a break, look how much he has done for our city. What a great parade he put on for us all.
What a great parade he put on for us all ... with our money. Thanks Matt for the parade we funded. How much did your friends on the force get paid overtime? Pension padding? Voting on budgets giving his private org money? Then he used it to promote himself? Matt should be thanking us all.

Flushing, MI

#18 Aug 12, 2010
was this meeting televised?

Columbus, OH

#19 Aug 12, 2010
interesting wrote:
was this meeting televised?
Yes it was carried live and we watched the whole study session yesterday and it started yesterday at around 11:08 a.m. I am not sure if it is televised daily but someone said that the library will have it in about a week.

Plymouth, MI

#20 Aug 12, 2010
thank you!

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