It's 9:14 A.M. Wednesday March 20th , I was just waiting for 15 minutes to cross the railroad tracks at Cass Ave. in Westmont. There is a lot of honking and cars trying to inch up as the railroad lights are flashing and the gates are down. We start moving forward slowly and you see four Westmont Police officers physically holding the gates up for cars to pass. Any vehicle larger than a cargo van can not make it under. BNSF has been replacing signals and all cables for the past 6-8 months from I-355 East to probably Hinsdale. Has this become common to where the gates and signals trigger for no apparent reason and police raise it up? Have people seen this action happen for the past 6 months? Is there reason to maybe think this was the case in Downers Grove? I just find it cringing to see the police officers holding the gates up(I mean both arms and on there tip toes) and a child in a passing car seeing that.