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October 4th Gubernatorial Special Election: Who gets your vote?

Created by MagnoliaWarbler on Sep 30, 2011

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Bill Maloney

Earl Ray Tomblin

Bob Henry Baber

Marla Ingels

Harry Bertram


Augusta, WV

#5411 Sep 18, 2012
They are all for more jobs and less taxes, so does it matter? Pandering irrational politicians, that are never going to do anything for the people. Write in
"The Flying Spaghetti Monster" on election day.

Athens, WV

#5412 Sep 23, 2012
Richard wrote:
Tomblin all the way.
go tomblin
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Florence, KY

#5414 Sep 23, 2012
I know one damn thing,
Bill Clinton & Nafta has got this work thing effed all to hell!

All those jobs that left are not coming back,sorry to say....

Obama? He's on a mishon to bankrupt the country!!

United States

#5415 Sep 24, 2012
Obama is on a mission to not just bankrupt but to totally F up the US

Thurmond, WV

#5416 Sep 24, 2012
Brainwashed wrote:
To all the gullable people of WV.keep watching FOX RAGE news.It's that time of year again.Obama is going to take your guns burn the bibles and give everyone one free abortion and if you hate the EPA so much try living beside a papermill.
well said,how can anyone even consider voting against Romney, he is our last hope before the fall of this country; the shape of the economy is too much to bear.

Lizemores, WV

#5417 Sep 24, 2012
romney will be the fall of you, me, and everyone else with an income less than $1 million/year (at least).

Brace yourselves, by the end of his term...we will all be starving and in the streets.

Oceana, WV

#5418 Sep 24, 2012
kornho granny wrote:
<quoted text>Now come on,you hillbillies don't have no money to spend.You don't have no education neither.Step out of the hills of WV and come to the light.And you probably need a nanny.I know one who will tie you up and spank you for $10.00.
I have lived outside West Virginia. Believe me it is no better . LOL you are nuts. I do not need a nanny (maybe you do). I DO have an education, thank you. There are A LOT of WEST VIRGINIANS that are well educated . It is people such as yourself that need to "come to the light" as you said.

Oceana, WV

#5419 Sep 24, 2012
kornho granny wrote:
<quoted text>Yankee?What the hell do you think WV is,a rebel state?Don't you remember,you are turncoats,separated from the south during the civil war and went with the north Yankee.
Again you need more school lol. Ever hear of the Mason/Dixon line in West Virginia? Take a few minutes and read your History books. I suppose you agree with slavery . That is sad .

Oceana, WV

#5420 Sep 24, 2012
kornho granny wrote:
<quoted text>Loni,West Virginians are stupid and shouldn't even be discussing politics. All they know is coal mining and deer hunting.Leave the politics to those who have an education and a job.Now chew on your dried possum and groundhog and go to bed.
Why are you so negative and hateful to people in West Virginia? It is apparent you do not have a clue about West Virginia.

Oceana, WV

#5421 Sep 24, 2012
kornho granny wrote:
<quoted text>Must be lonely at the top!!!!!People there with a job and an education are about as rare as a drag queen at a Nascar rally!!!!!
You need a life really. You talk crap about people and places you apparently know nothing about at all.

Oceana, WV

#5422 Sep 24, 2012
kornho granny wrote:
<quoted text>Gay people should have the same rights. They have more money and pay more taxes. Many straight people are hillbillies,have 1 baby after another for the government to take care of.Is that a Christian?The bible is a book of contradictions.It is a violent book with murder,torture and incest all throughout it,but so called christians don't like to mention that.kg
Lord please have mercy on this poor soul. Now attacking Christians as well as West Virginians

Oceana, WV

#5423 Sep 24, 2012
kornho granny wrote:
<quoted text>Oh Come now,Grannys been all over WV especially in the "southern counties",pitiful and backward.Toothless hillbillies abound.Scared the hell out of us,looked just like the Wrong Turn movies.Now i realize they are not stereotypes,they're for real.Never thought such filth and poverty existed in the country,what a wake up.You are all ignorant and have the trailer mentality.Never saw so many outhouses in my life."Youins" are just disgustingKG
I can see once again you are spouting your ignorance. If you look at things West Virginia is really the same as other states . But I beg to differ when you try to lump all citizens in this state (or any other) into the same stereotypes. As for an "outhouse", I have not seen one in over 30 years. You need to grow up, get a life, get better educated, and stop watching so many stupid stereotype movies . By the way , what is "trailer mentality"?

Oceana, WV

#5424 Sep 24, 2012
kornho granny wrote:
<quoted text>Bet i could clean up a bunch of them fat a$$ heifers.I'd turn em into Ho's.Then they could walk the streets and take care of the needy men folks.Throw down them donuts and try a tube steak instead.You'll feel better and lose weight too.
Guess that would make you a no good pimp , right? Donuts? You must think all females are cops lol.

Oceana, WV

#5425 Sep 24, 2012
kornho granny wrote:
<quoted text>Yankees?Who the hell you think you are?Rebels?Paaaaleeze. WV broke away from Va and went with the north during the Civil War. You are all Yankees.WV is a northern state.Got it ignorant hillbilly?
Go back to school and read your history books. You might learn something. West Virginia had BOTH Confederate and Yankee soldiers. We were a split state on the civil war. Check out the Mason/Dixon line for starters .

Since: Aug 12

Beckley, WV

#5426 Sep 24, 2012
I am voting for REAL change.
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Springfield, NJ

#5429 Sep 25, 2012
Look at all the jobs lost in our state thanks to Obama's stand against Coal! It's simple if you live in this state as to whom you should vote for!

Elizabeth, WV

#5430 Sep 26, 2012
hahaha!!^^^ it's sooo true!^^^

Springfield, NJ

#5431 Oct 1, 2012
No one
Simple Minded

Charleston, WV

#5432 Oct 1, 2012
Simple wrote:
Look at all the jobs lost in our state thanks to Obama's stand against Coal! It's simple if you live in this state as to whom you should vote for!
yea vote in Romney. Not only is he going to raise your taxes but he is going to ship your coal jobs to china. Then he will lower his taxes.
tooth fairy

Capon Bridge, WV

#5433 Oct 1, 2012
Wake Up wrote:
People best wake up. When Obama runs us in to the ground for good nobody will have a welfare check. Vote for Maloney.
They know the same thing happened under boy George and he started out in the best economy the us has ever known and went to the second worst in the history of the us.He wasted the surplus and cut taxes and every function of the government is broke.We could use millions of those lost tax dollars to hire about 4 times the cops we have and get resources to build new prisions and put a stop to the drugs and thieving in this area.Parks,schools,military and every government program the economy has went straight to hell since Bush and his tax cuts but the ceo's are making record salaries.Coal companies are shutting down to try to get Obama out so he won't put the tax back in place the truth is if we don't pay tax and fix these problems the chances of the tooth fairy bringing it are not looking good.

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