Review: Pasch Enterprises

Review: Pasch Enterprises

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Bait and Switch Scam

York, PA

#1 Sep 15, 2010
STAY AWAY!!! It is very necessary to get the word out about this horrible management company. I lived in the Windsor Pointe Town Homes in Red Lion, PA managed by Pasch. I thought we got a good deal,$900 a month for a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 baths with a garage Town Home. Even the first months rent was free. It was too good to be true because 74 days before our lease renewal we got a rental increase of $300 more a month. This forced us to find somewhere to live in only 2 weeks being that we needed to give a 60 day notice to vacate. We did find a new place but it was not over yet with these people. After moving out & cleaning up the unit. And when I say clean up I mean cleaning everything very professionally, spackling every little nail hole & touch up paint. It took me about 4 days to make everything perfect. At least I though it was perfect. I did a walk through with the maintenance manager & video taped it. He said everything was great. Then when I got my deposit back they charged me $275 just for touch up paint. I have lived in a lot of rental places because I have moved a lot throughout my life & not once have I been charged this much from my deposit. I take great pride in returning a unit in great condition. Ok long story short I took them to court, as you all should. Although I didn't win my full $275 back they still had to pay me some of it plus my $95 in court fees. Also everyone should know it is required by PA law if you paid more than one months rent in security deposit you should get returned to you after living there one year any money thatís over one months rent. So in other words after living there one year they should only have one month rent of your security deposit in escrow.

York, PA

#3 Mar 9, 2011
STAY AWAY...DON"T BOTHER even touring a unit! Get the word out about this company and put an end to their sleazy tactics of ripping off consumers
Seriously, Pasch Enterprises is a joke of a business. If you are renting, don't expect to make it your "home"...that would entail living in it, which is not acceptable for Pasch and you will be charged A LOT for normal wear and tear. The expectation is tha the unit must be returned to "NEW" condition (when it is no longer new). We spent 5 days cleaning our kids and no pets, nothing on the walls, and we were rarely home. We got an itemized list of fake problems in our unit after we did our walk-through. Basically, they expect the townhouse to not be lived in and we should just pay them $1200 a month to rent this dump. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS and MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE SO MANY OF US HAVE!
No problems here

Harleysville, PA

#4 Mar 22, 2011
I've lived in Windsor Pointe for several years now. My rent was $950 when I moved in and I'm going into my 3rd year and my rent is now $960. They gave me a choice of a $10 a month increase if I signed another years lease or I believe 20-30 if I decided to go month to month. They didn't increase it this past year. It doesn't make a lot of sense for rent to go up $300 a MONTH. Perhaps there was a reason for this on tenants end?

I've had to call a couple times to have a maintence guy come.(leaky toilet, a screen blew out and needed replaced) They came quickly and I even got a call from someone afterwards to make sure I was satisfied with the work.

I think they could use better lawn maintence people (they pulled some "weeds" out last year which really were flowers I had just planted) Other than that, I've been very happy with everything so far.

I'm a bit concerned as these townhomes were sold to another company. We're no longer owned by Pasch. I hope this new company is as good. I understand we're now required to pay for water and trash.:(

York, PA

#5 Mar 27, 2011
Not sure why the individual at Windsor Pointe didn't get an increase; however, when we moved in the rental rates were $800 for a 2 bedroom w/garage and $900 for a 3 bedroom w/garage, so we started off lower in price for a much larger unit. Overall, these units are made very poorly; I have always lived in luxury apartments/townhouses and these are NOT luxury like the price may indicate ($1200). If they were such a great rental company...wouldn't they have kept Windsor Pointe and not sold it? Seems odd to me for a company that claims to be successful and so great. Also, Greenbriar Estates has multiple units in EACH set of buildings empty...with people moving out all the time. I think all of the comments speaks volumes about what this company is really like! I would NOT recommend them to anybody given the lack of quality, high price, poor management, and ridiculous rent increases.
NOT a fan of PASCH

York, PA

#6 Mar 28, 2011
After reading many of the posts online about Pasch Enterprises I thought I would put in my two cents. Like many others, we signed on for a promotional 14 month lease at $900 per month for a 3 bdrm/1.5 bath/1 car garage. We were told by Pasch Enterprises that our rent would not increase to the original prices ($1150) when the lease was up, only incremental cost of living increases, which we completely understood! Like many of our neighbors, when our leases were coming up we ALL got hit with a notice that rent was going up to $1200 per month (for these units). According to Pasch, ALL residents that received this deal experienced an increase; some more than others depending on the unit. AGREE, it may be hard to believe, but it is true. For those looking at the "deals" right now-- be aware, your rent will sky rocket after the lease is up! I would recommend to STAY AWAY like others have said. As the years have gone by living here, less attention has been paid to the property...probably why they had to sell one to another company. This should speak volumes to others looking to rent from Pasch Enterprises. We moved out a while ago and are sharing our experience with anybody looking to rent! I think Pasch needs to further his education a little and learn how to EFFECTIVELY and STRATEGICALLY manage his properties; instead of running good residents out. Do your research on this company before renting from them.

York, PA

#7 Mar 28, 2011
Yup, had the same experience as the majority who posted negative feedback about Pasch Enterprises. We lived in Greenbriar Estates and did not have a good experience at all. We would get water bills all the time and expected to pay them within 2 days after receiving them...seemed like a scam to me. We are happy that we no longer live there, the property was not well maintained and snow removal was done days after it needed to be. Maintenance was friendly and would many times get there on time. The rental increases, cheap construction, rude office staff, and noisy neighbors pushed us out. We are happy to call another townhouse community home!
NEVER a deal with Pasch

York, PA

#8 Apr 2, 2011
I just moved out of our townhouse and got hit with the same problems that so many others had! Security deposit was taken for "paint" when it was just myself living there with no pets, no kids, and left it "looking new". Pasch raised my rent 30% after the promotional deal was up...eventhough I was told by the office that I would only get incremental increases = to cost of living. Yeah, that was lie #1. Lie #2-- multiple tenants were told the increases were due to market price and the mortage company demanding the increase; however, this past month they were offering 1 month free and $150 off the rent-- which would drop it down to below market value of $1000. Lie #3 notice before entering the unit...they give us a timeframe of a month where somebody may come into our unit and expect us to work around their schedules; I work nights and need to sleep, so why do they have to come in once every 3-4 months?! They do that to check up on the unit and leave you little notes. Stay away...seriously...this company is crazy and looking for one thing (like everyone else said) MONEY! Check out other posts on the web-- wish this was available before I became a tenant.

Harleysville, PA

#9 Apr 26, 2011

York, PA

#11 Aug 21, 2012
very unsatisfactory wrote:
What everyone is saying is true. The office staff for the most part is not bad. But katie, she couldn't be more rude or stupid if you asked her to be. She makes up bills and lies to cover her ass. She makes it sound like a wonderful idea to move into. It only took us two months to realize that was a lie. Violations here are now being sent to you along with a fine for the most ridiculous things. One of my neighbors got a fine bc her recycling bin was not properly under her back deck! They have hood rats that live here nd around here breaking into cars and stealing and damageing stuff, they don't care if you call in about it. They bill you every 3 weeks for water trash and sewer. The maintenance will walk right in your house without even a knock. That is when they decide to show up. Do not rent from this man Timothy pasch he is. Low life loser who had to file bankruptcy so now he makes all his tenants pay for it!
It's funny how you can say that when you are probably someone who doesn't pay there bills. Can't be mad at someone for you not paying your bills
Not happy Do NOT rent

Perris, CA

#12 Jan 4, 2013
My experience is about the same as everyone elses. Guessing the positive review is from an employee. I don't know how else they would get any positive feedback. Walls are flat pain if not just primer. Every touch makes a mark. Don't bother touch up painting or painting at all. You will be charged at least $250 if not more!!! Snow removal is terrible. Sometimes up to 3 days after snowfall. Not acceptable. Lawn maintenance is also hit & miss. Sometimes it will be 5 more more weeks before lawn is mowed. New policies of having to pay sewer and trash on your own, yet being billed directly from Pasch, is also a joke. You cannot tell me that one month for water and trash, which is 2 separate companies by the way, is $57.00 for one unit. Really? I know many who have moved out and all said they were so nit picky with things that just jacked up the move out cost. Also, what's the point of a walk through if you don't get your total right then? Then why does it take 30 days to get that final number? The maintenance man at Green Briar is pleasant but don't expect maintenance calls to be answered too quickly. Wonder why the rent gets lowered or changed every 6 months? It's supply and demand and it keeps getting lower. No one wants to live there!!!!
So fed up

Chesapeake, OH

#13 Feb 5, 2013
This place is a joke. I was vacuuming and the carpet literally pulled up from the floor and started to unravel.. Maintenence man was supposed to stop in 3 weeks ago to fix its.. Still waiting.. That'll just be a nice $350 out of my security deposit. Snow removal is an even bigger joke. I've quickly leaned to save every bill and photo copy every check... Also, when you pay your bills they randomly apply your checks to random invoices and fees so your constantly being questioned when or if something was paid. So not only am I a tenant but I'm also assisting them in doing there job. Really kicking myself in the ass for not listening to all the warnings and signing a lease..
beaver j

Lewistown, PA

#14 Jun 30, 2013
Just moved out and wow! Jackie comes off nice but within minutes I was ready to snap! She did my final walk through and im not joking, she did a white glove test on my blinds and also told me that I had to clean the light bulbs! Really!!!!! Oh yeah and the wals need painted! After I touched them up and th ey looked pretty good. No problem while living there but moving out, they will steal aall your deposit and leave you feeling like you been robbed!
beaver j

Lewistown, PA

#15 Jun 30, 2013
Check out my video on you tube of the condition the apt was left in. Beaverj420 youtube. You will see we left it in A+ condition, but no matter what you do to it, they will keep your deposit!


#16 Jul 1, 2013
You really have to be careful who you rent from nowadays! Do background checks, read reviews, etc. The guy in charge of the Realtor's Assoc. is a criminal too. I can think of atleast three shady real estate agents in York. One of them loves to try to con old ladies out of their savings! Watch out for those "We Buy Houses" groups. None of them seem to be legitimate. They prey on people with little savings and bad credit! Find a credible legal aid group, and try to hold them accountable. Good luck!

Lewistown, PA

#17 Jul 31, 2013
What thieves they are! Took more than half of deposit for paint, that it didn't need! And didn't pay back any interest that the deposit had accumulated over the time we lived there. By law landlords must pay interest that it makes in the escrow account, NOT THEIRS TO KEEP! SO WELL BE IN COURT! Save yourself a lot of frustration and look around.
Nichole rannels

York, PA

#18 Feb 6, 2014
Ok so if your thinking about renting from greenbriar estates I would listen to all the feed back that you are currently reading. First when we moved in it was a total . disaster... one bill said this and another said that. They sometimes forgot to apply.your rent payment. The walls are primer so if you touch it you will definitely leave marks. Be careful what you tell the maintenance man and make sure you clean your house to a T before he comes to your house for any service. He is very unprofessional and talks about the neighbors to other neighbors. Oh and don't think you will get any deposit when you move out. They make things up just so they keep it. I was told that the maintenance man pulled up the carpet and saw stains and I will be charged for the total cost for replacement .. that same day I went by to check the mail one last time and the maintenance guy was there. We looked in... The carpet was not pulled up! They are liars and they rip people off. Seriously if you like your hard earned money do NOT rent here.
Worst Ever Rental

Manchester, PA

#19 Feb 28, 2014
I can't believe these things are still going on in Greenbriar Estates. I moved out in 2011. My security deposit was dwindled down to nothing as well. One charge being footprints on basement steps. Not possible. My basement didn't lead outside. Reason I moved though, when I moved in I was the only one in the whole building. I was told I could not bring my pit. I had to re-home him after having him for 3 years. Well just months later the rest of my building and the empty units all around me (many) started filling in, people moving in all in one weekend. Wouldn't you know every single person had a dog. And majority were pits. My children had to call me at work crying because we had to rehome ours only for them to come "home" and see everyone else with them. The neighbors allowed their pit to defficate all over the little tiny front yard as well as the little tiny strip of grass in between our parking. It was impossible for me to get out of my car without stepping in dog feces. I advised the office in writing. The office claimed to have given the neighbor a warning. Well it certainly didn't show. Still feces all over. I later asked in writing again if i could have a boston terrier. Followed all instructions, vet reference, pic, etc. NEVER got an answer. Then when I called (katie) a week later, she said I got the dog app........ok and? Anyway, I have rambled on but that place is a poor excuse for a home outside of the city. The streets were full at all times with people standing around all hours of the day and night. Anyone work?? Pit bulls running lose and no one going after them. Watching me stop in the middle of the street, get out of my car and coax the dog out of the street. Funniest part is this hanging around and pits running lose was all right in front of the office person, katie's rental!! SCAM ARTISTS at their finest.
DisappointedResi dent

Newington, CT

#20 Jun 2, 2015
SCAMMERS!!!!!! They will nickle and dime you to death when you leave. I lived at Greenbriar Estates Townhomes in York PA for 1 year and 6 months. They screwed up my lease agreement. At the final walk thru they tried saying that the place was filthy, which it was not. I relocated to another state and actually drove back to PA just to clean. I was not able to be there for the final thru. The management company, who WAS always so friendly, suddenly turned ugly. They are saying the appliance weren't cleaned, the floors were dirty, blah blah blah. None of that is true. I personally spent over 12 hours with bleach water scrubbing the place. The appliances looked brand new when I was finished. I cleaned all of the windows, floors and floor boards, bathrooms, blinds, every square inch of that place. Now they are trying to say I owe them for painting, replacing carpets, and to have professional cleaners come in. What a load of crap. And there were two major electrical issues with my place that were fixed half assed. Do NOT lease from this company unless you are willing to be screwed at the end!

York, PA

#21 Jul 15, 2015
I have been renting a storage unit for 9 months in Hellam,pa. they were fine til now, now they say i never paid them for January when they know i did. I am really pissed. I always called if i was gonna be late, and never once got a receipt of payment. They i feel are ripping people off. umm, its six months later. Why do i hear about this six months later and not in January. I know i have paid every month. my things are in there of my life. On the contract it says 30 days past due they will notify you, but 6 months later, come on, whos fucking who? Run when you see them rent anything.
Captain Obvious

Dover, PA

#22 Jul 16, 2015
craz69 wrote:
I have been renting a storage unit for 9 months in Hellam,pa. they were fine til now, now they say i never paid them for January when they know i did. I am really pissed. I always called if i was gonna be late, and never once got a receipt of payment. They i feel are ripping people off. umm, its six months later. Why do i hear about this six months later and not in January. I know i have paid every month. my things are in there of my life. On the contract it says 30 days past due they will notify you, but 6 months later, come on, whos fucking who? Run when you see them rent anything.
Do you have a receipt of a cancelled check? If so you are covered. If not, you are crewed it is your word against theirs and they can afford better lawyers.

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