Police: Man suffers broken leg from shooting

Jerome Thomas suffered a broken leg in the shooting and is now in stable condition after surgery, according to a York City Police news release. Full Story
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Lancaster, PA

#1 Apr 29, 2011
he deserved worse then what happened considering the things he's been involved in

United States

#2 Apr 29, 2011
So to all those who have negative things to post about my husband at a time like this, fist I would like to say your a coward for not posting your name. And second get a life and stay out of ours, not matter what one person thinks another person deserves because what you are assuming like an idiot what they are into. No one deserves an act like this, at least my husband is man enough to confront his problems head on. And to the little boys that did this and shot a man when is back was turned, you will have to deal with this when you lay down at night. This is someones son, father, brother and husband. So maybe if the shoe was on the other foot you would see where im coming from. But then again you are the type of person who is gaining joy from someone almost losing there life...... signed his wife who will always be in his corner so that's al he needs.....

Marcus Hook, PA

#3 Apr 29, 2011
Ana...I canunderstand your pain...but one thing I want to tell you is watch what and how you say things.it is true your husband is not an angel and just like you said that he is someones father,son,brother,husband, well ask your husband about who's father,son,brother or husband he hurt in his past so maybe this is bad karma on him. No oone deserves to be hurt but when your involving yourself into negative activity on the streets its almost a guaranteed so continue being a good wife and stand in his corner but until he choose to better his life and stop poluting his own neighborhoods with drugs then welcome to the beginning of your pain. Because trouble is always waiting to strike. ......sign the family member of your husbands victim.

Marcus Hook, PA

#4 Apr 29, 2011
let me just add...my father been disabled every since your wonderful husband showed how much he was a coward in a act somewhat similar the only difference is my father has always been a law abiding citizen.

Washington, DC

#5 Apr 29, 2011
wagner wrote:
let me just add...my father been disabled every since your wonderful husband showed how much he was a coward in a act somewhat similar the only difference is my father has always been a law abiding citizen.

United States

#6 Apr 29, 2011
Wagner, likewise Ican understand your pain. Anyone who knows me knows I have always been an upstanding citizens with lots compassion. Who tries her best to raise her children well and I work hard to teach them good values. I will always stand by my husband no matter what happens. And once again people are going off of what they think they know about him and they really don't. Yes, my husband has told me about what happened and there are always two sides to a story. And believe has been sorry since it happen and he also served his time for that incident.... however that does not change what he did and even though I was not his wife at that time I really do apologize for his actions. But he is the responsible party and it probably doesn't mean much coming from me. But it is sincere! However an accident is much different from a actual attack....my husbanb was a curious fifteen year old playing with something he should have not been. These boys actually attack him! I also understand what comes with these streets Im no stranger to what goes on out there, that's why I stay away from them. So what I do know is my husband has learned from his past, he works hard, we own our own business, we have a lovely home and most important wonderful children who we love dearly.... and anyone that know us knows this is true.....

Marcus Hook, PA

#7 Apr 29, 2011
A lot of emotions rolling around on here...young lady please just stop commenting, if you is that up standing citizen you say you are stop now before you make yourself look like a lie. In all actuality he is no different then the rest of them hoodlums that hand at that bar and sell drugs ans its sounding like you supporting that as I'm sure you reaping the benefits.so no need to explain what you do with family time its the time that he is out there in them streets you leaving out be honest with yourself and don't just past blame on the cowards that did this too him but he's also the blame so selfish that those good family times yous enjoy together really don't mean much to him because if it did he would cherish every moment and do nothing to sacrifice that. I'm a mother of 3 young men that got caught up in the nonsense and they understand what I mean...just ask yourself this question how would you feel if someone gave your child drugs to sell? As a mother answer that. So is this what you support? I see them all at that bar everyday that needs to be closed down . No good come from that. So young lady no need to argue with people and explain yourself just except it for what it is..........bless still in my prayers....tell him to help the children that's comin up do the right thing not encourage there downfall..
windsorboro bob

Marcus Hook, PA

#8 Apr 29, 2011
Sounds to me like criminal on criminal crime.....why even waste tax payers money on even caring...they going to kill themselves either way. All cowards if you ask me how about sending animals like them to irag and see how tough they really are.

Marcus Hook, PA

#9 Apr 29, 2011
I understand everyones opinions at no means am I arguing. Everyone just take care and god bless you all.... I am a person who just can not wish harm on anyone no matter who it is.....

Marcus Hook, PA

#10 Apr 29, 2011
@ Ana I understand but remember you were goin in on one the twin brothers in york which is one of my close ppls so you have no right on sayin you love him when you were tryna seek off with the thru rough granted I wish nuttin but the best for jerome I hope it is a fast recovery and with no side effects and what diane says is right when we know your "husband" is out poisonin our future kids who will be takin care of us when we get older and you suppo it cause of the lifestyle and expense that come with yes its easier but your enablin him to do it and your also enablin your kids and his kids indirectly cause there gonna know what he did once they get older and may try to do the same and may not but we all know what they may choose juss from bein around the environment we still have time to change everything its juss something to take in you are the first person to help him change cause you are his "wife" he should take in consideration of how you feel until nxt time stay safe and tru to yourself and also you neva know what enemy he has so you should ask him who he made madd or possibly cheated not everyone talks things as we have seen in our country and past this is not a picture perfect world it takes one to start a problem and tons of ppl to sqaush the problem #LOOKATYOURSELFBEFOREOTHERS
Latricia Thomas

Trinity, NC

#11 Apr 29, 2011
Jerome Thomas, is my brother and to respond to the person that talks about wasting taxpayers money. Jerome has paid his taxes for many of years. I assume that would mean he is wasting his own money. He's far from a animal and a criminal. He committed his crime that he spent 10 years of his life in prison when he was 15 years old. No disrespect to the family or the man that he has inflicted pain on, but he didn't shot ur father or husband when he was running away from him. There's no justfication for what he did and he was wrong. I know that my brother is truly sorry for what he did, and he will have to answer for what he has done. To committ to the woman about her son's selling drugs, nobody can make a person sell drugs that is a choice. Just like the man that introduced my brother to that when he was 8 years old. Everybody is talking about my brother selling drugs, but he has never been in jail for selling drugs, so are you assumming he sell drugs. My family appreciates your blessings, if their really sincere and if not save your time of typing. My brother is a good person with a big heart, and at the end of the day only god can judge him. To the people who attempted to kidnap him and take his life, we forgive you. Also, there was a valid point made karma does come back around. He will survive and bounce back because he is a surviver, and his family loves him.
All In TheFamily Observer

York, PA

#12 Apr 29, 2011
".....but he has never been in jail for selling drugs,..."! You mean, just never got caught, YET! Instead of counseling US, you had better council HIM before he gets his head blown off, saving WE tax payers huge bucks!

Marcus Hook, PA

#13 Apr 29, 2011
This is so sad that the family is so blind to the fact of the importance of this whole thing. It became a debate on if he's a bad guy or not. There is over 750 informants in the city alone so to the sister I'm sure its pretty obvious for someone to know if he sells drugs or not. Instead of covering for him encourage him to do the right thing. If he was being kidnapped or whatever I'm sure the idiots wasn't just kiddnapping just any random person so I'm sure he played some part in their actions towards him and also if everyone is wrong and he is this great guy you and the wife say he is then great but if he is involved in negativity your responses to others opinions may hurt him even more due to the fact that this is a public site anybody could be reading this...who knows the individuals may know how to read and could be takin in everything that's being said. But what I'm trying to get at is don't get caught up in emotions because of ones opinion focus on the fact that he's alive and well. Create a plan or intervention on keeping him safe and out of trouble. We can go back and forth forever but we all will never agree no one will ever understand why another being does the things they do.....to each is own
Latricia Thomas

Trinity, NC

#14 Apr 30, 2011
All In TheFamily Observer wrote:
".....but he has never been in jail for selling drugs,..."! You mean, just never got caught, YET! Instead of counseling US, you had better council HIM before he gets his head blown off, saving WE tax payers huge bucks!
I have no desire to counsel you or anyone else! I realized by me even debating this situation is a waste of my time. You and the rest of society are entitled to your own opinion, and basically that's what your stating. All your talking about is tax dollars and you can't put a dollar amount on a person's life. Regardless what kind of life he lives....The only reason I even entertain this nonsense is to defend my brothers character.
windsorboro bob

Marcus Hook, PA

#15 Apr 30, 2011
Well atleast she's finanlly being honest and admitting that she supports drug dealing I'm sure you reap the benefits also.
Latricia Thomas

Trinity, NC

#16 Apr 30, 2011
windsorboro bob wrote:
Well atleast she's finanlly being honest and admitting that she supports drug dealing I'm sure you reap the benefits also.
I never said anything like that, you shouldn't put words in my mouth. Get a life.

Dallastown, PA

#17 Apr 30, 2011
Latricia Thomas wrote:
<quoted text> I never said anything like that, you shouldn't put words in my mouth. Get a life.
I'm sure you know who shot him, why not tell the police.
Paula Thomas

York, PA

#18 Apr 30, 2011
To all who have there opinions about my son, you have the right to say what you want. You think because he was shot he deserved it, then your no better than the guys who did this to my child. He is one of God's children also, and to the people who did this, we know who you are and you will have God to answer to. So I wish everyone would let this pass over. My son is not perfect, but he is my child and nobody loves him more than I do, and your not going to tell me everyone who had something to say are perfect either. Not even myself he paid for his mistakes, but theres people out there that wont let him forget. I just find it ironic that everyone wants to kick him while he is down, but when he was up and about NOONE had anything to say.
Bertha Manson

York, PA

#19 Apr 30, 2011
To all who have THEIR opinions about my son Charles, you are exactly correct, he was/is an extreme a$$hole! Some mothers defend their greaseball scumbag brood, come hell or high water. Not me, Charlie was a dickhead from day one. Some mothers think their sons change when they are UP; when the hell was that. Nothing further to say. Hope Charlie gets shot in the leg when he 'gets out' in 134 3/8 years!
Kennys Mom

Shrewsbury, PA

#20 Apr 30, 2011
My boy Kenny is a no-good, spit-for-brains who spends to much time listening to that pervert Clifford at Club XS every night. Then they go to "Mass" as they call it with Father Bendadick who isn't really a priest, but sure acts like one when he gets around young boys. I hope they all get put in the same cell with Charles Manson, Jerome Thomas (they'll put his butt in jail once they figure out what he was doing when he got shot), and Joanna Seibert. She'll be safe because none of those guys are into women. And if I ever figure out who Kenny's real father is, I'm gonna kick him in the nads.

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