What Do Yall Think Of Sierra Wood

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Sierra Wood

United States

#1 Feb 1, 2013
i think she is very ugly and a ho!!
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Shreveport, LA

#2 Feb 1, 2013
she was ith myy husband she lucky i haven't whooped her ass!!!!
Mrs A Williams

West Monroe, LA

#3 Feb 4, 2013
I agree .. Sierra is very ugly and she's one of the biggest hoes around. Gives herself up for dope. Dope hoe.Thief and a liar! Guess she gets that from her mother. Her mom, her and those little sisters...Watch out now! Stay away from that family, they'll also snitch on you.

Bossier City, LA

#4 Feb 4, 2013
i have to say i am no liar or theif ..... and i am her youngest sister alyssa ..... i dont even know who you are but i didnt do anything to you ... so you have no right to be tlkin bout meh . and as to WHOEVER put this on here is really childish cuz they cnt say what they hae to say to her face they have to tlk bout her behind her bck.... its really ashame that you cnt cum and say it to her face.. :)

West Monroe, LA

#5 Feb 5, 2013
Sierra? She is a HOE,liar and thief!!!My son used to talk to her until he found out she was messing with three other guys! and isn't that guy on her facebook page married? My daughter was friends with her until she found out what type of person Sierra really was. Very sad individual.....Get some self respect child!

United States

#6 Feb 6, 2013
Y'all stop. I bet none of y'all know her! Why must y'all hate yalls lives so friggin much y'all bad mouth other people. These people used to be my second family. Trinity was my best friend when we were younger. They have done slot for me. Stop made mouthing them. There prolly 100 times better then y'all. The worst part is y'all can't even put y'all names. Half of y'all are grown and still talking crap about a 18 year old. This just goes to show. She is better then y'all. Js grow up worry about yourself. Not her and what she does. It's her life!!
Mrs A Williams

West Monroe, LA

#7 Feb 6, 2013
Why would you assume that these people hate their lives? Maybe when they were younger they were different but we're talking about RIGHT NOW! The present, not the past! I have seen with my own eyes and even have proof of what type of people they are.They will never be better than anyone I know. You can look at them and tell what type of people they are. ASK ANYONE! The only people who do take up for them,act like them too! You are who you hang with!
Chris Palmer

West Monroe, LA

#8 Feb 6, 2013
Well I know Sierra, and she's a nasty trifling HOE ! She sleeps with all types of men , married or not,just for a couple dollars and some dope....PINNOCHIO is what we all call her. Her and her familys on that bad dope.They need to go get help or a job one!
A message Frm Sierra

Shreveport, LA

#9 Feb 13, 2013
First of all, all of yall that is talkin shit knows nothing about me but what you hear. Rumors are as stupid as the people who start them,and it's dumb as the people who spread them. You aint gotta lie on me because i will tell the truth all you have to do is ask. Yes i have been with one married man. Alfred Wilson but what we had going started before he got married. Second I do not do dope i knw what it can do. It has took my whole family away from me before. Yeah i have been in trouble for smoking weed,but i have been clean since i got on probation. Everybody makes mistakes that causes people to say things about them that is not true. This Is Not an arguement or a debate. I just want people to know the truth. By the way I have never been with three guys at one time. So if you got proof of that i would like to see it. This is all i got to say.

West Monroe, LA

#10 Feb 15, 2013
Girl, you know you're still on drugs so stop lying to yourself! Look at yourself in the mirror!youre just on here telling us youre not on drugs probably so you wont get drug tested through your probation officer!.I was with my boy the other day when you were begging because you didnt have any money.You look awful, along with the rest of your family.And you must be pretty damn ignorant to keep on messing with a married man knowing he's messed with your mom and your sister and your cousins and other women!.You must have thought you were the only one smh .You are just as sorry as him,Alfred Wilson.He is where he belongs, IN JAIL, for beating his wife up severely all because of things you did!People telling Alfred they seen his girl wit these other guys, and he thought it was his wife, NO Ma'am it was you!,Sierra,running round with them guys . and now his wife gotta live with the permanent pain she going through. And for you to come on here and lie stating you only messed with one married man? well what about these people's initials R.C.,M.S.C. and B.S. would you like me to keep going? Whats your next lie?
A message Frm Sierra

Shreveport, LA

#11 Feb 15, 2013
You dont know shit about me but my name so stop worrying about me and i aint gotta lie on here because i could get drug tested. I am only with noo. And his wife got what she deserved. Because that bitch was running around ask B.T. for all yall on here who is more worried about my problems then about yalls own need to grow up and get yalls own lifes. its really childish to take time outta your day and write about me on the internet. so this will be the last thing i post, obviously my name taste pretty good because everybody sure does have it in their mouths oh yeah i havent begged for shit. And i am not on drugs. Obviously everybody is to scared to put their real name on here so correct yourself before you start trying to worry about me. and also unless you seen me sleep with somebody you dont know shit. Like i said this is all i gotta say . so keep wasting your time writing about me on the internet.

Longview, TX

#12 May 24, 2013
I knew this girl when she was a child. Now I see she is on drugs and in trouble with the law. And sleeps with blacks. Her she is messing her life up big time. Never amount to nothing. Sad. And the pics I seen on her Facebook with her and them grown black men are disguesting.

United States

#14 Jun 15, 2013
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... Yeah she nasty and she an ugly hoe!!!!

Richardson, TX

#15 Jun 22, 2013
Here is the deal first none us should judge her bible says that two her momma oughta have her ass whipped for teaching her how to try and make a life outa trying to play people and selling or giving her body for such a low price and really for making her feel or think she just a pice of trash why care and do something with herself that not a momma that a pimp who uses others to accomplish thier needs so she does and uses drugs to try and not think bout what she does and keep from feeling the hurt inside her that comes with it some u people are pathetic and all u want do is run people in ground yes they are messing up yes try are hard to love an yes they are going to keep making mistakes but its out job as friends and human beings to show that u don't have to have drugs to take the pain away nor use your body the most prized an unique thing we own is ourselves it's priceless and shoud be cherished and loved not trashed and ruined and that we can actually forgive and we know anyone can change but they have to make choice and till they do no way to ever be happy and complete oh and that GOD loved them and has a lot better way to live and can be so amazing no drug can compete cause when it happy with who u are u have nothing to fight or hide away Sierra was so beautiful but face the facts and u made it Sierra lots have had u and noon wants something everyone else has had already or used an three aside but u can change that still don't keep going down the hard road and u are something special only u decide your own worth it's how u value yourself that others put price of u on display and u have put it way too low but hey I will say this noone gonn help u or have a very high opinion of u cause the truth is u are trashy and are a whore and steal and use people and drugs but what is it u feel bout all that u like ur life them accept what come with that condemnation from us but also from GOD and every bad aspect of life will see u constantly or find Jesus start trying to let go of all that and u wil only have to fight a lil bit of them sometimes but also with some good friends to support u long the way how many them ever asked u of u needed anything or stopes an made sure u had stuff u wanted not just had to have any of them give u money and didn't ask for anythingv in return maybe once huh good friends and good service they've done u and what a way to become and live hating and hurting and drugs only delay the emotion till u run out anyways then it worse tired to talking an seeing all these people turned into garbage cause basically they have never knew love or shown mercy and compassion yet we judge them and make it worse and help them justify hurting others cause we hurt them anyway next time u see a person like this tell them u love them and would love to take ten to church but that if afterwards they continue to keep doing wrong u will do just what we force GOd to do turn away till we ready to and tired of hurting till then nooe will change and how great them guys treat u huh I know u and u was beautiful last I seem u but that piece of shit newton nue guy u with I know him too and he beats and treated u like a something he hated he did cause he hated himself cause he coward and don't know what man means men we should stand up and each take in a child whose father is nothing an show them why we are the heads of the household and protectors of the weak and less fortunate its cause we are the ones who are supposed to show right and wrong I think men know right or wrong no matter how raised and we choose how to let others treat us and loved ones and when someone is wrong we make it right no matter how we feel or how much it bothers us but we also make them repay in full the damage others do but forgive them after they pay what is decided for the wrongs and take away from society this earth th ones who have given up hope or who devil overtaken men that is really u only get so many chances but we make sure they are truly wrong amen

Richardson, TX

#17 Jun 22, 2013
Obviously Sierra either likes her life or can't admit it garbage but either way she has decided to accept what she I and I tell u if u don't want people talk bad bout u quit hanging with trash quit stealing and using people quit being a sex for whatever I need or want and stop wasting our space and air to accomplish nothing nor do anything to help someone then stay away from us who do and expect very bad reactions and no sympathy when faced with outcome of your path u chose to live u know what right and wrong and u know if u take from someone what they worked for u will one day find yourself either dead or in jail and that god take his vengeance out for his followers and turn awy from u when u need him bad thing will continue to Always circle u and none u wanna reap the benefits of your labor cause its death horrible and painful and by our action punishment and hardship is brought down our line and they suffer cause out choice be what u want but take what u get for being what u are enough said

Irving, TX

#18 Jun 26, 2013
Coon cutter! Enough said

Dallas, TX

#19 Jun 27, 2013
She has HIV

Lampasas, TX

#20 Jul 8, 2013
That girl has enough sense to know right from wrong. What her momma did is wrong but she knows better. It aint her momma that put a gun to head and told her to be white trash. You have to want more for yourself to change and apparently shes happy with the dope and stealing and sleeping around with every tom dick and harry. Its not our life she's ruining, Its her own life and reputation thats going to hell and a hand basket. God forbid well my husband is white but god help her if she tried pullin some stupid shit like that with me. Ill show how we do in the back woods. I agree she needs her little ass wooped but she also needs help. PROFESSIONAL HELP.

Lampasas, TX

#21 Jul 8, 2013
And so does the rest of her sisters cus they gone be just like her cus they aint gunna want nothing more neither. Pathetic. That her sister Alyssa aint even reached the age 16 and she doin things that would put a grown woman to shame. I feel sympathy for all of them girls because they'll never be anything than what they are now.

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