Vandalism in Our Neighborhood

Vandalism in Our Neighborhood

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Arlington, VA

#1 Jul 26, 2006
I watched my neighbor pick out one by one the hundred shards of glass from the front seat of his new car this morning. At around 9:45 last night, someone slammed a baseball bat into the driver side window breaking the glass and then breaking the driver side mirror. The same vandals also brazenly forced open the fuel cap on another neighbor's car and poured bleach into the gas tank making the car inoperable.

Two weekends ago, one neighbor said he had been the victim of vandalism for over three months. Someone was driving through our neighborhood and hitting his son's car with eggs...lots of eggs for over three months. But, two weeks ago the acts of vandalism grew more brazen, and other cars were 'nailed'. And, now the vandals seem to have graduated from eggs to baseball bats, from a five dollar car wash to remove the eggs to hundreds of dollars bill to repair the cars.

My neighbor whose window was smashed in his new car is a hard-working, honorable man. He'd gone outside last night to get in his car to go to work because he works the night shift. And, he was forced to face the results of someone's "joy ride". He had to take another car to work because he didn't have time to clean up the glass shattered all over the seats, and when he came home from work this morning, tired and ready for sleep, he had to clean up the glass. He nor anyone else deserves this.

Why did this have to happen to him?
Springfield Mom

Pleasanton, CA

#2 Jul 27, 2006
It seems acts of vandalism increase this time of year because the kids get bored and restless. This is only made worse by the fact that Fairfax County students don't go back to school until after Labor Day. I have friends and relatives all over the United States, and this is unheard of in other areas. A few years ago, the big news story was year-round school with just a few weeks of vacation at a time scattered throughout the year. I would think that the increase in crimes committed by kids (whether the crimes are petty or more violent) would be a very strong argument in favor of year-round school, but you never hear any discussion about it anymore.

Arlington, VA

#3 Jul 27, 2006
The police officer my husband and I spoke to last night would agree with you. He said that this type of crime increases during the summer; however, I don't agree that the only solution is to keep the kids in school all year. That would be another example of punishing the whole for the actions of the few, and it would be a very expensive bill for the taxpayers to have to pay when the parents don't do their job. In the four states that I have taught in, year round school was established because of poor parenting skills, and the good students were robbed of the experiences of summer employment, summer camps and a break from academics. Statistics show that there is little to no academic growth in year round schools.

My teenagers have to pay for their own gasoline, and they would never dream of cruising around at three dollars a gallon for the sole purpose of vandalizing others' property. My children use their gas money to go to their jobs, to swing dance lessons, to the gym to work out or to the movies. I don't think we want to rob kids of true summer time joy by making school year round because some parents hand over money for gas, eggs and bleach and never ask what the money is being used for.

The good new is: They returned to the neighborhood again last night. Two of the neighbors got their license plate number and the police are going to arrest them.
Springfield Mom

Herndon, VA

#4 Jul 27, 2006
I really don't consider year-round schooling a punishment for the kids. To have intervals of 4 weeks vacation throughout the entire year rather than have 3 months in one shot in the summer has met with positive response from most of the teenagers I spoke with when this was a big issue.

I am, by no means, suggesting that the schools do the parenting for the parents that are incapable of parenting their children. All I'm saying is that it is a real shame that the kids' minds turn to mush over the summer because they are sitting in front of the TV watching garbage or playing video games. It seems to me that the first few weeks back at school are a complete waste because the teachers have to review so much work that was taught the previous year and forgotten over the summer break. Besides, I am getting tired of hearing my son and his friends complain at the end of July (every year) that they are bored.

Arlington, VA

#5 Jul 29, 2006
"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." -Ellen Parr
CheerMom in Louisiana

Baton Rouge, LA

#6 Aug 23, 2006
My house is frequently toiled papered. This pranked is always laughed off, and not done for meanness. Although, this past weekend my house was viciouly and vindictively vandalized along with our vehicles. 2 of our 3 vehicles had to be towed to the dealership since the gas tank was tampered with and therefore messed up the engine. The other vehicle, we didn't try and maybe the tank can be just cleaned. My question is do you have any good ideas of how to find out who is responsible for things like this. WE called and made a police report, and my girls and trying to see if they hear anything from school, but to prosecute someone for the thousands of dollars damages, we need proof..and i'm at a loss of what to do. I feel so helpless and alone.
Springfield Mom

Pleasanton, CA

#7 Aug 28, 2006
I don't think there is too much you can do to get actual physical proof of who the culprit(s) was/were. Unfortunately, the practice of tampering with someone's gas tank has been going on for years. When we were in high school, we used to hear kids bragging about messing up someone's car by doing this. I would recommend going to your local auto supply/parts store and purchasing a locking gas tank cap.

Bowie, MD

#8 Dec 11, 2006
One gentleman spent the 100.00 at Walmart to buy a security camera. He caught the kids, and they had to pay for the damage on his property.

Cypress, CA

#9 Apr 18, 2007
A few nights ago I was awakened at 3:00 in the morning to glass breaking and someone screaming, I called 911 thinking I was helping my neighbor who I saw being chased in the carport area. Turned out it was my 73 Chevy Nova that was the victim of vandalisim. One of them had kicked out my headlight, kicked in my grill, urinated on the side of my car and also spat 3 big dripping brown lugies. I don't even know these people, they have lived in my apartment complex a short time and they are always fighting. I did file a police report, though I only have their word as to whom did it. I'm worried that if they are lying about who did it, the case will be thrown out due to taking the wrong person to court. There were 3 of them, and I feel it was a group effort. Does anyone know if I can hold the tenant responsible for her "guests", whom she is claiming did the damage?
tracy sick in kansas

Great Bend, KS

#10 Apr 27, 2007
we are spending the evening wasting 50.00 dollars werth of gas due to eggs being stuffed down into gas tank what an expensive prank
texas mom

Dallas, TX

#11 Feb 19, 2008
I used to blame the parents too until I became a single mom of a son with learning differences whose father thought he belonged in public school. There he met some really scary kids and learned a lot of behavior that would make any human being cry and scream with frustration. I say that the problem is not that of parents not wanting to 'do their jobs' I believe most really want to, but they are up against multiple influences outside of the home enviroment that are beyond most parent imagination, let alone their control. I am a school nurse and it actually amazes me to see teacher blame the parents and administration, administration blame the teachers and parents, and the parents blame administration and the teachers. This type of blame game simply keeps one from the overwhelming sense of helplessness we feel when we realize that our country and our system is so broken, it is downright scary.
If we want our kids to quit being destructive the whole climate of this nation is going to have to support that. I don't know of many neighborhoods anymore in which kids can just hang out safely. Only kids whose parents can afford it are able to participate in sports. Others are made to feel like they are charity cases. Some kids have parents that both work and still can't afford to even pay to go see their kids play sports. When I was growing up no one had to pay admission to watch their child play sports. What does that say about our value system?
In affluent neighborhoods you have the poor little rich kids whose parents are too busy making money to spend the time just being there. Being able to 'hang out' safely is almost a thing of the past, due to lack of general supervision. If a child had a seizue on the sidewalk of most neighborhoods, that child better hope someone has a cell phone to call 911, because it is unlikely that there would be many people home during the day to answer the door.
Our society has become a lonely place and we wonder why children feel so disconnected that they could do harm to other people. What do they watch on TV? Who do they spend their time with? Where are their role models and heroes?
We need to stop blaming the parents and look upon the environment of our society. Vandalism isn't just happening in inner cities, it is everywhere.
Most importantly, when my son began to get in trouble, I had the opportunity to meet many parents whose children were getting in trouble. They included principals, teachers, child psychologists, physicians, nurses, and many other civil servants. They were fine people with great values. Some even taught classes on parenting skills. If these good people are not 'doing their jobs' I don't know who is.
I'm happy for the lady that wrote the above comment that here kids are doing so well, but many are not. They are lost. And so are their frustrated and caring parents.


#12 Mar 31, 2008
My tires were slashed the other night right in front of my apt. This doesn't seem to be some random vadalism because mine was the only one hit & they parked right beside my car when they did it. My neighbor got the plate number & a vague description of the vehicle. A couple of other neighbors gave the same description of the car. I filed a report with the police, the guy was questioned & denied it. His girlfriend said that he was with her at the time. His car not only carries the plate number given but matches the descriptions given. But I am being told that because he has an alibi, there is nothing that I can do. Is this true?

Greensburg, PA

#13 Oct 31, 2008
When these acts of violence are happening after 8:00pm, it is the parents fault. I see teenagers walking through are housing plan at 1,2 even 3 in the morning. Who's fault is that? I know where my child is at all times!

Waynesboro, TN

#14 Oct 1, 2009
A neighborhood watch might help. I would get security camera's put up all over my property if I lived there.

Waterloo, Canada

#15 Oct 7, 2010
Ok seriously I agree with “enough”. I'm growing up with a single mother and a father who dose not pay so we can not afford fancy housing. I live where its not the safest community but that dose not mean I'm a bad person. I believe it is the parents fault to a degree my mother taught me with great morals and respect but parents should know that kids make their choices, they know what is wrong and right and it is the choice they choose which defines them. Though reading some of the stories some kids should be reminded the trouble they put themselves into. And adults need to remember that not every child or teenager is out to get them.

Florence, SC

#16 Oct 28, 2010
You can get security systems at a much better price from other sources, like super circuits and many other sources, and set them up yourself, but be sure to get at least one great very expensive high quality low light sensitive camera with a long lenses so as to be able to get the tag number clearly and make sure that the recording unit is capable of very high resolution to be able to record in high quality. My cameras are not High definition but they are great resolution, 600 line resolution for black and white or 470 for color. Do not be penny wise pound foolish. When you finial catch someone you will be glad you spent the extra thousand dollars. The surveillance system answers a lot of questions for me almost every day. I know who did what or what they did not do, and how long it took them to do it. It gives me great piece of mind. Do not let some moron tell you that you do not need a system and that you are being paranoid. Video surveillance systems are one of the most useful tools any house hold can have.
Some of you should really be asking your selves just what are it about us and our neighbors that make all these hoodlum kids hate us so and want to target our neighborhood. I think you know why they are doing this to you. I think they call it Karma. But then again I do not know, so only you can answer all that.
I was never one to come down on peoples spelling as my spelling is not much better, but if you kids ever want to be taken seriously you should drop the text slang and learn how to spell.
Venting in Lorton VA

Bumpass, VA

#17 Oct 31, 2011
I think most of you are blaming kids. It also appears as though you're doing it without evidence. I believe my vandalism was done by an exgirlfriend (He says she's 40 years old. I think she looks 50) of my (now) exboyfriend. My evidence she showed up the one and only day (over a 3 month period) that the vandalism occurred. They were constantly communicating back and forth. He NOW has a security system, but I don't care. I'm not willing to make that my problem.

Oakland, TN

#18 Jul 1, 2013
Amber golden

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