First of all let me say I had no involvement with this guy but my dad regrettably had. This "accountant" did my dads taxes for the last two years after years of doing it my self. My dad is elderly (late 70s) with very little. He lives with me. He has No property, no investments just a small retirement pension. He felt bad about taking my time so wanted to let a professional do it. Ameritax services was recommended by one of his friends so must be good right? Wrong. So far returns done by this guy have come by from the IRS and the state with penalties and interest. When my dad took the letters to Ameritax, the accountant went on and on about having graduated from a very good college and went on about how much smarter he was than my dad. When the accountant was asked how he couldve messed up for the last two years, he claimed he didnt know what line my dads retirement shouldve been written. So he just left it out. Long story long..Ameritax paid for the penalties. Lesson learned, I'll be doing his taxes again. By the way, until Ameritax we had never received a letter from the IRS. If you want your taxes done right, go somewhere else.