I want out of my condo and into a new home. Please advise best way to accomplish.?I have a condo I've been in since 1998. Like many, I'm upside down. I owe about 130k and it's worth MAYBE 60k. I've never been late 30 days on it. I make about 70k/yr and my payment is about $670/mo now as I did qualify for a remod last year which brought int.rate down to 4.37% over 40 years so brought payment down.

I really want out and into a new home. I can't rent in my community because of the cap they've reached. So now I either have to qualify for 2nd home with my income which I may be able to do OR short sale the condo but I'd rather not have to wait another 2-3 years to repurchase.

Other pertinent info:

I have VA certificate which I'm currently NOT using on current property.
I have BK that will fall off my credit report in October of this year.
On CCCS to alleviate credit card debt and will be through with that within 6-12 mo.
Credit clean other than that.
With Wells Fargo on current mortgage. I don't have a 2nd. Only a first.

Thanks for your knowledge if you can share.