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Man Convicted of Being Naked in Own Home - wtvr

There are 60 comments on the WTVR story from Dec 18, 2009, titled Man Convicted of Being Naked in Own Home - wtvr. In it, WTVR reports that:

A 29-year-old Virginia man has been convicted of indecent exposure after two women said they saw him naked from windows and doorways inside his home.

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Glen Allen, VA

#21 Dec 18, 2009
Why are people even noticing if he is walking around his home naked? Mind your own business! Maybe he didn't mean to be seen, he felt comfortable in his home and thought it would be ok to be naked. For the 7 year old child, how much truth is to that? Maybe he was the "Peeping Tom". People alway need something to complain about!

Auburn, NY

#22 Dec 18, 2009
Someone should tell these women that the government will force someone too give them jobs no matter how stupid they are.

Maybe they can get real jobs and watch the road and where they are walking before they get run over and sue because they are worthless.
Beecher Henderson

Norfolk, VA

#23 Dec 18, 2009
I often go without clothes in my house. I don't stand in front of windows or open doors. What bothers me about this case is that if the roles were reversed, the man would have been charged as a peeping Tom!

Richmond, VA

#24 Dec 18, 2009
James wrote:
The next thing you know they'll be coming in your house because you're smoking or because they don't like the things you read on the internet. This is the Socialist nation we are becoming thanks to Obama, Pelosi, Reed and their ilk. Watch out!
this is not a political issue, leave our elected leaders out of this. a socialist agenda has been in progress long before any of you were born. only the haters will blame this current administration for all of the ills that we have heaped upon ourselves. LOOK IN THE MIRROR, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

Richmond, VA

#25 Dec 18, 2009
steve AKA NAZI AMERICA wrote:
Sure why not!!! there is no constitution any more , Clinton, Bush and now Oboma have shredded personal rights, the government is going to come into your home and supervise how you change baby diapers, to see if your a sexual pervert [already being done in the UK] so sure we are going to do everything the government tells us to do or we go to jail!!! Thats the way it is in NAZI AMERICA!!!!!
this is not nazi america, i dare you to even compare. your comments are off base and nothing more than an attempt to stoke hatred and animosity toward anyone that disagrees with you. apparently you have the mind-set of a potato farmer. mr. potato HEAD. it's better to be THOUGHT a fool than to open your MOUTH and remove all doubt.

Farmville, VA

#26 Dec 19, 2009
I think that those women wished that they had were able to see him naked.
As far as the law goes, he can now sue them for peeping. And I hope that he does. What you do in your own home is your own business.
still looking help

Chesapeake, VA

#27 Dec 19, 2009
Yeah, the government is woried about a guy naked, BUT, won't investigate the Middle Peninsula Regional Security Cnter where there are more than 4 millions dollars missing.... never audited or reported.

Plus the extortion of inmates money, they threaten them with something, they comply or pay..

What is up government officials, your on written and documented notice ?
The Always Amazing Al

Hampton, VA

#28 Dec 19, 2009
Interesting case...
Guess it stems from whether he intended to be seem and by whom.
Proving intent isn't easy. Kinda got to read the defendant's mind somehow.
My guess is he'll get off on appeal.

Bottom line though, you can be naked in your own home, and you can be seen as such. But if it's determined that your intent was to be seen (especially by a seven year old), you're going down hard, especially in Va.).

Blacksburg, VA

#29 Dec 19, 2009
This woman and her son walked along a "path" not a sidewalk. Why would they be on a path? Seems lke they were trespassing and saw something they shouldn't have been there to see in the first place. I'm siding with the caveman! We need to keep our freedoms especially in our own homes!
The Always Amazing Al

Hampton, VA

#30 Dec 20, 2009
SeetheLight wrote:
This woman and her son walked along a "path" not a sidewalk. Why would they be on a path? Seems lke they were trespassing and saw something they shouldn't have been there to see in the first place. I'm siding with the caveman! We need to keep our freedoms especially in our own homes!
Well, I tend to agree that this guy should get off. Speculating, I think this was a 'home-town' decision by a lower court judge that will be overturned on appeal. Hope so, as the conviction probably has 'sexual perv' somehow weaved into the language, and if so is a conviction one really doesn't want to have on one's record right now. But again, I'm just speculating here. I really don't know diddly about the specifics of this case or its prosecution.

Midlothian, VA

#31 Dec 20, 2009
He was in his own home so why should he be convicted it should be the other way around and let those people get charge for being a peeping-tom because that's exactly what they are doing right. I mean they where looking closely to his window. I also want to know how do you MAKE A POINT to be visible to the 7 year-old kid and his mother. I don't think the man knew that he was being watch by anyone. People if you don't like what you see then LOOK AWAY. It seems like we can't do anything in our house.

Erick Williamson should get those people for being a peeping-tom.
just gotta say it

San Antonio, TX

#32 Dec 20, 2009

What a waste of court time and money. The judge should have thrown the case out and charged the woman. What was she doing looking that hard into someone's window. If you are just walking by minding your own business you aren't going to notice the naked man in his kitchen or wherever.
Guess the next thing will be public intoxication the next time someone is drinking a beer by their window.
True the guy should have closed the shades but the busy body shouldn't have been looking so hard either. I would have counter sued for invasiion of privacy or peeping.
Daniel Beasley

San Jose, CA

#33 Dec 20, 2009
I don't like to put it like this, but if the woman has a seven year old child, she has obviously seen and been naked with a man before. Does she make sure all her windows are closed every time she makes love with a man. It's very simple. Take another " path ", or turn your face in another direction. How long does it take to walk past a house. I don't intentionally look in anybody's home, but if they want to walk around naked it's their business. She should have to pay for the time the law took on this case, and pray this man does not sue her, and the judge at some point in time if this decision is reversed.

Richmond, VA

#34 Dec 20, 2009
Hun, don't go penning this on Obama and other Dems. Our civil liberties are always being messed with by government officials period! And frankly, before you start trampling Obama - may I remind of you that absurd Patriot Act that George Bush signed and supported. Benjamin Franklin made a clearly obvious and wise comment about such things - He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security. Think of that when you try to support the Patriot Act.
James wrote:
The next thing you know they'll be coming in your house because you're smoking or because they don't like the things you read on the internet. This is the Socialist nation we are becoming thanks to Obama, Pelosi, Reed and their ilk. Watch out!

Richmond, VA

#35 Dec 20, 2009
The guy has every right to be naked in his own home, but he should have common sense to close the blinds.

Colonial Heights, VA

#36 Dec 20, 2009
This is ridiculous. It is just one more sign of the erosion of our rights..

Midlothian, VA

#37 Dec 20, 2009
Concerned wrote:
They should have pressed charges against the women for trespassing and invasion of privacy. They LOOKED inside the windows.
I AGREE!!! They wouldn't have known he was naked if they hadn't of looked!!!
Mr B

Midlothian, VA

#38 Dec 20, 2009
So it is against the law to not own mini blinds? In my mind, this could go both ways. The mother walking by his home should have been charged with peeping/spying or whatever the legal term is..

The laws and courts are twisted..

Fredericksburg, VA

#39 Dec 20, 2009
I don't know who is breaking a law, people that walk around in their house naked, like I do after I shower, or people that peep into other peoples houses as they walk down the street. I am going to start walking around my neighborhood tomorrow! I don't worry about walking around my house naked, but I do worry about people peeping into my house, that have some warped sense of "I am the modesty/morality police" attitude. I thought Jerry Fallwell died... I also worry about judges that judge people that walk around in their own homes naked, private is private. Naturally, the cop that arrested this poor schmuck is the sickest of all because he failed to understand what the right to privacy is all about. The drug war has made the Constitution a joke. If you are walking down the street you shouldn't be looking into other peoples homes, although this judge has made peeping into your neighbor's home legal in the state of Virginia. Who is perverting the laws in Virginia? Doesn't anyone know what the Constitution is all about? The cop should have known that a person has a right to privacy in his or her own property and arrested the ladies for peeping. Stop looking into other peoples homes nosey people. Excuse me while I go looking into some houses to see if I can find a naked lady to call the cops about... Nah, I'd just stare and, well you know what I mean.
Big Daddy

United States

#40 Dec 21, 2009
Is this any different than pulling up beside a car or a van with family in it and holding up a Playboy Centerfold......Pull down your shades man and have some tact and couth. Go to a Nude Beach or something like that but don't subject kids and others to that crap. If you lived in the country or on a farm ..YES..Have at it..I would be Buck naked as well...But it's SPRINGFIELD VIRGINIA....DENSELY POPULATED......Pull the shades Brosef

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