K2 incense provides high for some, sc...

K2 incense provides high for some, scare for others

There are 617 comments on the KYTV Springfield story from Nov 28, 2009, titled K2 incense provides high for some, scare for others. In it, KYTV Springfield reports that:

It knocked a Polk County teenager unconscious for five hours, but those who sell it say it's mild and safe.

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Union City, GA

#630 Jan 4, 2013
I smoked this shit it gave me vision like a house fly ,if that makes sense. I head went completely numb then I threw my guts up , it was the closest I've ever came to death

United States

#631 Jan 12, 2013
I have never seen so many girly men that cant handle there drugs in my life... if u never tried it start with one hit. U tards freak out cuz u took to much. Just like if u smoke a quarter blunt the first time u smoke weed u freak out. If u bang a qg of dope ur first time u will see shadow ppl. I have had bad trips on ktwo but nothin like u fellas describe just overly high bu i didnt want to kill nobody or jump out a car lol. My vision was nothing of that of a housefly wtf... do they still sell it anywhere around there

Saint Louis, MO

#632 Jan 13, 2013
I had seizure..

Hopkinsville, KY

#633 Jan 23, 2013
I have done this stuff and a bunch of different brands of it plenty of times. I feel high, the only negative things i feel are the munchies and i feel my teeth get stained so I get paranoid about that and I go brush them. I cant believe all these people had some crazy Acid trip moments from this stuff. Different people different highs i guess.

United States

#634 Jan 23, 2013
It isn't regulated and doesn't have an ingredients list. Obviously its not the best idea.

I've smoked it a lot. It seems obvious to me that whatever chemical is applied is done so unevenly. Along with other factors, that's why you get weak and strong batches. Any drug has different effects at different doses. As with any drug, if you take too much, bad things happen, and you have no idea what you're taking with this stuff. At all. So anyone, regardless of experience can overdose.

This stuff should be marketed as a white powder so that you don't associate it with weed. It's not legal weed any more than bath salts are legal weed.

Springfield, NJ

#635 Jan 31, 2013
ive been smoking it for years the best thing to do when u get a bad trip like that is a) calm down and b) if u have albuteral use it instant help
K2 stoner

United States

#637 Mar 26, 2013
I smoke alot of k2, and sometimes i get bad trips and most good ones.. When i get bad trips i get very scared so i go outside walk back and forth think about things that makes me laugh like funny parts on a movie or something funny that happened during my life time and that insyantly calms me down, my heart starts beating regularly and im back to normal, go back inside and watch tv.., What im trying to say is if you think your gna die is your most likely gonna die, but if you relax and put on some music and dont think negative things about youre high it'll be alright. And when you start off by just a couple of little hits, let your brain adjust to it then smoke more..

Haslet, TX

#639 Apr 11, 2013
The shit is stupid it should be illegal

Rotherham, UK

#640 Apr 16, 2013
I've been making and smoking synthetic weed for a year with no significant negative side effects for myself or any of my many friends who regularly smoke it.
These 'horror stories' being reported are very obviously people dosing over their limit and trippng out.
Don't use more than you can handle and you'll be right.
If you do over dose don't worry you'll be fine. It'll wear off.
Yes you'll be scared, anxious, paranoid, etc and TRIPPING!
Just because you took too much and you FEEL bad doesn't mean you're actually going to die! Get a grip!!

Humble, TX

#641 May 21, 2013
Thats how I was but without vomiting. It feels like you're in a video game or a pastel painting. I thought I was going to die.

Seth, WV

#642 May 26, 2013

United States

#643 May 30, 2013
I took just one hit of k2 will it show up

United States

#645 Jun 4, 2013
I tried K2 about a week.ago. One large puff. I was fine the first 10 minutes then a onset of paranoia set in. Felt like it was judgement day with my friend circling around me. Paranoia then followed w a rapid heartbeat next thing I knew the ground was my best friend. My friend said I was throwing up on him. From there I was out of my body as I seizered and rolled on the ground. I had so many horrible thoughts. Never again.
Robs sister

Yukon, OK

#646 Jun 23, 2013
My brother was 28 years old when K-2 took his life
In March 2013. He bought it from local stores, not dirty basements. He wasn't a "dumb kid" who "didn't know how to handle his drugs." He had smoked marijuana from the time he was 13. He started smoking it because it was suppose to be legal, and wouldn't show on his tests for work. He started having chest pains, so he tried to stop. The withdrawals were so bad, he couldn't. He was healthy in every other way. There is nothing about this "legal" drug that is safe. People are dying left and right because of this stuff.... And in some cases death is the best outcome. Drug rehab facilities are now recognizing it, so if you are addicted, please reach out for help.
Robs sister

Yukon, OK

#647 Jun 23, 2013
Chocolatemonkey wrote:
I've been making and smoking synthetic weed for a year with no significant negative side effects for myself or any of my many friends who regularly smoke it.
These 'horror stories' being reported are very obviously people dosing over their limit and trippng out.
Don't use more than you can handle and you'll be right.
If you do over dose don't worry you'll be fine. It'll wear off.
Yes you'll be scared, anxious, paranoid, etc and TRIPPING!
Just because you took too much and you FEEL bad doesn't mean you're actually going to die! Get a grip!!
Except when you actually do die. It has proven to kill people.. Try stopping for a couple days.. If its a safe drug.. You won't have to detox. You'll see.. The shakes, vomiting.. It's horrible. My brother said the same exact things you are... And he's dead.
mom of teenager

Sedalia, MO

#648 Jun 26, 2013
Shirl wrote:
<quoted text> no it won't show I was tested today.
As of 06/24/13 - K2 can and will show up in a drug test. A mother of a teenager who tried King Kong and was within 5 min of her life, suffered a mild stroke, irregular heartbeat, abnormal oxygen levels. Those with her had also experienced health conditions. I don't understand the need for this drug. If you have a problem, seek help.
my story

Fostoria, OH

#649 Jun 29, 2013
So, it was prom night!! My boyfriend and I weren't going, but his brothers and date. We piled in the car and left quite a few hours before prom started. We're all planning to go out to eat, but we were going to drive around first, I didn't know Why, but I went along with it anyways. So my boyfriend is driving, I'm in the passenger seat next to him and his brother and date are in the back, we are all listening to music and having but, but not long after the other girl pulls out some k2, which didnt bother me, i wasnt going to smoke. But my boyfriend always does, and since I wasn't going to he said he wouldn't. Which made me feel like I was holding him back from doing What he loves, and his brother kept calling me a loser and such, and I caved and took a hit, 1 hit, I felt it very strong, but something didn't seem right. I never smoked K2 before. And his brother kept pushing for me to smoke more. 2nd hit. That was too much for me. Everything went tingling, my tongue felt dry and wet at the Same time. I was shaking, my heart was racing. Everything went blurry and looked like a Good graphic game, but not real... and I blacked out. I came back, unable to move, see, speak, and hear, but everything still looked fake, and let repeating, I didn't remember What I was doing, where I was , who anyone else was, or even who I was. The only thing I could do was think, I thought the thoughts were never going to end. I felt out of my body... I felt... dead. His went in for What felt like years! Finally I coupdnt hear them. They kept repeating my name and the repetition was still going on. I could move, but coupdnt talk. Next I was continuously vomiting. After an hour. I came back, but nothing was normal. It's Beend 2 months and I'm still not right. But I've learned to work with it. If you don't want to go to hell, don't smoke K2, it can seriously fuck you up.

Dallas, TX

#652 Jul 9, 2013
I tried a number of different types and really can't tell which one is messing me up...of those types are kiesha cole, mr.happy, angry birds, and some kind called satan...yes satan...I've been feeling chest pains, siezures, throwing up, dehydration and worst of all it feels like something is moving under my skin all over...if n e one is having these symptoms could u let me know please jus to help ease my mind...no doctors can find what's causing all these symptoms n I have told them I smoke k2 before so most of them are really just writing me off with withdrawal symptoms...I haven't smokein about 4 months and my symptoms are getting worse!! I advise not to touch the stuff with a 10ft pole!!

Litchfield, IL

#653 Jul 14, 2013
At first it was all fun & games. Laughs & "good times" I smoked it twice before but this time I went through a pain like never before. I remember inhaling a lot & then I started not feeling my body, then laying on the floor like there was things shoving through my heart and my body felt like it was on a giant cheese grater. I kept seeing the word "high" flashing in all kinda of colors. It was in bubble letters. Then I started getting really thirsty and my mouth was so dry. I was swallowing my hair and couldn't get it out of my mouth it was so dry. I knew I needed water but I was to weak to get it. My friend was high too but she was just laughing & wouldn't listen to anything I said. I could feel the color coming out of everything all I saw was black & white. I felt like my body was shriveling slowly and I was dying. I talked to God during this experience like really talked. He showed me lessons I need to know in life. I know what dehydrating feels like. What burning in hell feels like. I know this sounds crazy but I saw hell. I begged and begged God to help me. And he did, after I saw everything I was taking for granted. It was a terrible way for me to see it, but now I know that God is there for you, through anything. I truly believe if it weren't for God, I wouldn't be here right now. I remember coming down, and the sharp pains through my body were turning into the carpet. I finally got up to walk & thought I was fine but I wasn't. I puked all over. My face was orange and I literally looked like a zombie. I could watch the color turn to white in my face. I looked in the Mirror and all I saw was a scary movie. It was all stuff id seen before, off of movies. I never want to do that again or feel that again and I don't want anyone else to have to go through that. I advise you not to try it. And if you do, and you go through a bad trip I hope you learn from it. God is there for you even when you think he's not he's the only one who will be there for you. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here right now and I truly believe that. I hope if your thinking about doing it or someone's trying to pressure you to do it. Not to. Even if you have before and it didn't happen, doesn't mean it can't the next time. I hope I get my point across. Xx

United States

#654 Jul 15, 2013
I tried mad hatter like 2 or 3 times before and all it did was make me laugh. I figured the same thing would happen this time. I took one last big inhale and I automatically could no longer feel my body. The next thing I knew I was laying on the ground and I could just see the word "high" lunging towards me in bubble letters and different colors. I remember my friend telling me I had ants in my teeth. I went through a terrible trip but my friend just laughed at me. I swear on everything I have that I visited hell that night. I burned alive. I prayed to God and it seemed as if he was teaching me lessons. I went from burning to freezing to dehydrating. I couldn't feel my body anymore and I swore I was dying. The mirror was right above where I was laying and every time I had enough strength to look up I saw horror in the mirror. I lost all the color in my eyes and it was just black and white. I looked like one of those scary movies. I never wanted to see me like that again. My mouth was so dry I was swallowing my hair. I couldn't even get it out. I knew I needed water but I was too weak to get it. I remembered taking it away from my friend but when I could look up at her she was smoking more. I didn't want her to have to know or feel what I was going through. I kept blacking out off and on. I could just watch my face turn white. As white as a ghost. When I finally got up I thought it was over and then I threw up. Everywhere. I went to the bathroom and drank out of the sink. I've never been so thirsty. God was telling me to save the water and I did. I'm telling you, I learned lessons and I now know that God really is there even when you think he's not. I advise anyone not to do this because even if it doesn't happen the first or second time it can still happen when your least expecting it. I'm so thankful and lucky that I'm alive right now. I never knew how amazing life really was and I never realized that you really need to appreciate what you have. Thanks for reading. I hope you don't have to go through the same thing. Ever.

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