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Yam or YAM may refer to:

Yam (vegetable), common name for members of Dioscorea
Sweet potato, specifically its orange-fleshed cultivars, often marketed as 'yams' in North America and as 'kumara' in New Zealand
Yam (god), a Levantine deity not to be confused with Yama Hindu God.
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Yam (route), a Mongolian supply point system
YAM (Yet Another Mailer), a MIME-compliant e-mail client written for AmigaOS based computers
Yam, California, a former settlement in Merced County
Yam Island (Queensland), an island in the Torres Strait
Sault Ste. Marie Airport, from its IATA airport code
Yam, a salad in Thai cuisine
A name for oca used in New Zealand and Polynesia
Jícama, Mexican tuberous root also known as yam or Mexican turnip
Yam, a given name in biblical times
Yam, a Hebrew word for sea


Yam, surname of Hong Kong, cantonese of surname Yum, Ren, Jen, Jim(任:Yim, Im)
Simon Yam, actor of Hong Kong

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