Is It Sinful for Christian Women to W...

Is It Sinful for Christian Women to Wear Pants and Makeup?

There are 537 comments on the Campus Life story from Nov 1, 2006, titled Is It Sinful for Christian Women to Wear Pants and Makeup?. In it, Campus Life reports that:

Q: The Bible tells us to separate ourselves from the world. It's obvious we shouldn't be drinking and doing drugs.

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Manning, SC

#552 Mar 27, 2014
Nette wrote:
<quoted text>
It does matter to God what we look like. A Christian should look different than the people out in the world. The Bible says a women should not put on garments that pertain to a man. And the only woman in the Bible that wore makeup was Jezebel and she was fed to the dogs.
What about Esther?

Croswell, MI

#553 Apr 5, 2014
karyn wrote:
The topic of pants and dresses is very simple. If we plainly ask ourselves - What is a man's attire today? Pants, and what is women's attire? dress. We can not decive ourselves of what is obvious. Why do we freak out when men wear dresses or skirts????? Feminine?????? We are very prideful and lustful today. Look at Tv, movies you can't deny that all those movies are full of women / men doing drugs, killing, sex and women in clothing that make men or women create thoughts in their minds. Don't be fulled by hollywood, and the ruler of this world. Ladies, don't deny that you put on make-up or clothes to show your body to please yourself because you don't wear it at home like you do when you go out to find a "man"!
something to think about....
Honestly there are women pants. What if you live somewhere very cold, would it be ok to wear pants? I mean if a girl puts her boyfriend's pants on that is Wrong because it is a man's garment. Can someone please explain to me why pants on a lady would even be considering wrong unless she is wearing boys pants. As for makeup, someone please help me with this. Would it be ok to wear makeup if you are not trying to attract anyone. Honestly, I think there are some girls that feel uncomfortable around people without makeup on.

Croswell, MI

#554 Apr 5, 2014
Ok I think make up should be trashed but what is the problem with wearing pants as long as they are lady pants? If a guy decided to wear a pretty pink pair of lady pants with flowers on the HUGE PROBLEM.
Flow The one and only

Chihuahua, Mexico

#555 Aug 2, 2014
We're save by grace and not by works but because we're saved we do good God is more pleased in our action then what we wear. We can wear dresses all the time and no makeup at all but your mind and heart can be carrupt with lies and slandering and gusiping and cheating and all kinds of sins just like the Pharisees But and again there's this other women dressed in pants and a little makeup and her heart is right with God where she's pleasing God more in her action to love serve God with all her heart and soul and mind. So you tell me which of this two women's would God be more pleased with the one wearing dresses and no make up at all or the one that has pants on and makeup Just like 1 Sam, 16:7 the Lord looks at the heart so as long you do everything with a good honest and motive and clean heart that's all it counts. Amen thank you.
Flow Is Lorie

Chihuahua, Mexico

#556 Aug 2, 2014
So let's focuse in what's more important in our walk with Christ and help each other run the race not by worrying about whose wearing what we will be judge individual anyways lets just Love and respected and get to the end of the race because it's not so much to win the race but to get to the end of the race and together everything is possible so love you guys may the Lord Bless y'all and see y'all in heaven.
Keith Koch

Dayton, OH

#557 Aug 2, 2014
Women shouldnt wear any pants! Thats the mans job to wear those.

I took over a job that a woman (wearing pants) was doing..and I'm still fixing problems a year later!
The whole city had tall grass and RV's parked outside and she was letting them get away with it.

These crazy old retirees knew they could boss her around because she was a woman but I dont put up with it. I'm a man and Ill give their old asses a ticket if they mess with me.

Saint Joseph, MO

#560 Dec 31, 2014
no. it. is. not. because. there. is. no. god

Pasadena, CA

#561 May 9, 2015
Nate wrote:
I don't think God would let a person go to Hell for something so(unemportant) as the Clothes we wear, a person's actions are what matters most. Off topic?> I would be worrying more about some fruit murdering 32 people than what the he was wearing myself, Nate

@Nate, i dnt think its less important wat we wear, its important wat we wear, wat is written in it. Let me tell u y...
I had shirt, dis shirt has a certain animal dat was nt clear enough at front, ddnt gv it much attention coz it was beautifull. I ddnt mind the minor details, untill sm1 frm church showed me de dat animal, dis thing was n a sword, lyk waving war. I askd myself, dis war to against, n frm who? Dat was nt de end, dis scarry animal, holdn two fingers up representing "peace", wat das peace hv 2do with war? Also das dat sign really mean peace? M told it stands for de horns.of de beast worshiped as baphomet. At de bck topits written large as dat bn d size, underneath its says affliction, also frnt of the shirt, affliction.Nw at de bck all m abt 2say i dnt knw wat dey mean bt dey r weird, dat affliction is bn emphasised, den 108 HEROS OF THE SUIKODEN, BY HORIYOSHI III, den i cnt.decode ada ryngs cos dey writtn in japanees o chinese. So do u stl think to God our clothi is nt of priority? If nt, y dey r bn ussed frquently, bn written on vague, double meanin, demonic language. Dis shirt of mine also says Heroes of Demons, so wat do u call dat, stl innocent clothing. Clothes r also de gateway to hell bt r we dat naive n ignorant, o has satan brainwashed us to de point we cnt descern ryt frm rong n de consequences of nt bn conscious to it? I no longer such clothes,, m mo concious abt wats rytn on my clothes nw.

Minneapolis, MN

#562 May 10, 2015
Larry wrote:
no. it. is. not. because. there. is. no. god
I've died twice, and there is nothing after this life. It's painful to read any of these foolish posts. When your life functions cease you rot in the ground.

Barrie, Canada

#563 May 13, 2015
Julia wrote:
We wear certain things not to distract men from serving God in church right? Then why would we wear things from day-to-day (not Sunday) that would be considered immodest on Sunday services? Shouldn't men be with God all the time? Is Church the only place people shouldn't sin? Shouldn't men strive for holiness all the time, and not lust after women? Just because we stepped out of a building does not change the way a man is tempted. Men function very differently than women. And they go through an enormous struggle everyday because of people dressing or acting immodestly.
Make-up makes you someone you're not, God created you the way you are and if you add make-up to your face you're basically saying: "Oh, well, God, I love the way You have made me, but if you only made my cheeks a little more pink I would look so much cuter!"
That's an insult to God because you don't trust Him. You don't value the person He has made you to be. Who are you really putting on makeup for? Don't cheapen yourselves to look like the world. Don't try to look like the girl next door, because when you do, the man that you will marry will fall in love with the makeup you've got on. And in a couple of years He can see another girl that looks just like you or maybe her makeup is a little better put on than yours and he may just leave you for her. You have to understand that your eyes are the keys to the soul.
Also when women put on make-up they don't focus or think about how it is damaging to your skin. You focus of the outward rather than inward and knowingly damage the temple of the Holy Spirit. Start caring for your skin, it's the only one you've got.
We are saying woman should dress modest in church as not to tempt the men My question is what about when they get out there in the world , women are practically naked. Dont they have to control their minds not to lust they have to put that flesh under subjection ? I think we a&#314;l need to pray and ask God for wisdom and clarity of his word, too many confusion and God is not the author of confusion. I agree there standards that we Christians have to live by but they are not commandments God has specificly stated in is word the things we have to do to enter into His kingdom and dress code was not one of them even though I strongly believed in dressing modestly. Ask God to show us people's heart before we start judging them by their dress codes before we go out there judging other first take a look in the mirror. TO GOD BE THE GLORY !!! LET'S START PAYING MORE FOR PEOPLE INSTEAD OF JUDGING THEM. I believe when the bible says judge rightfully I don't think it meant outwardly I think it meant their fruits the biblesays to try the spirit to see if it's from God. Remember what ever measure we judge with the same measure we will be judge by.

Little Rock, AR

#564 Sep 9, 2015
Pastor Roger Barcus wrote:
<quoted text>
Nate - in a discussion is important to compare apples with apples. When a person murders someone it doesn't have anything to do with they wear!
Two wrongs - murder and immodest dress - don't make a right.
The Bible says women and men wearing each others clothes is an abomination in Deut 22:6. The same root word is also in Rev. 21:8 and states that people who commit abominations will have their part in the Lake of Fire.
Thank God for His Grace that forgives and His Word to give us understanding of what the Lord Jesus requires. Also for Grace to help us obey with Joy in our lives.
In deut 22 and in rev 21 it is talking about a sex change not actual clothing. Which do u think would be an abomination to God, A sex change or a women wearing a pair of pants?? Hes saying to us for a woman not to change herself to be a man or a man a woman, thats it..

Nitro, WV

#565 Feb 22, 2016
If its so unimportant then why is it mentioned in the bible? I don't see why make up is so important to anyone what good is it? personally I think its A big waste of money and time!. I hear a lot of people say god does not care what we wear or do, god does have rules to live by ! If it does not matter then why is it in the bible.

Altoona, PA

#566 Feb 25, 2016
Mark wrote:
You are correct that the issue is primarily modesty. Other than Dt 22:5 its hard to indicate specifics of appropriate garments other than modesty. But what is modesty? May I suggest you ask a trusted older Godly man what he thinks? Like your dad or husband? I think many women have little idea of how even a pair of pants may effect a man.
Be sure that God is getting the glory and not you or your body. You may think that lust is a man's problem--and it is. But how will you feel on judgment day seeing your brother, who succumbed to lust being condemned to hell--and it was your immodesty that enticed him?
So does the Bible say pants are sinful? That may depend on what is in your heart. Obviously the cotton or nylon is not sinful. Just like a DVD is not sinful--but the lust which results from watching inappropriate movies may be.
Other things are certainly very important,but sin is not a comparative thing--it all cost Jesus life on the cross. What is at stake here may be the collateral damage. What are you doing to tempt your brother?
I don't know how you can justify not wearing pants because it may turn a man on. I personally think that a woman is a whole lot sexier in a dress than in pants. I am a born again believer and don't know how you feel about women and sports, but I just can't see them running track in a skirt. My wife plays softball and I don't think she can do that in a dress either. In the days you refer to the men wore long flowing robes so should men do that today? They dressed much more like women than we do now. I see a lot of women from different beliefs that wear dresses and the tops show most everything by the way they are made and others that wear a suit that exposes nothing.
special Ed

Bellefontaine, OH

#568 May 10, 2016
Keith Koch wrote:
Women shouldnt wear any pants! Thats the mans job to wear those.

I took over a job that a woman (wearing pants) was doing..and I'm still fixing problems a year later!
The whole city had tall grass and RV's parked outside and she was letting them get away with it.

These crazy old retirees knew they could boss her around because she was a woman but I dont put up with it. I'm a man and Ill give their old asses a ticket if they mess with me.
Good for you Keith!

United States

#569 May 13, 2016
If you are a true Christian, a Bible believing follower of Jesus the Christ, then you already know that wearing makeup is VANITY, and is against the teachings of the Christian Bible. Duh.

Binghamton, NY

#570 Jul 5, 2016
makeup,if worn properly,can enhance the natural beauty you already have! It is a powerful transforming tool and when worn properly can make you look stunning. In the book of Esther the women had to go through a year of beauty treatments in order to be presented to the king! I think God wants us to feel beautiful and it matters to Him that we take time to enhance what He has given us. In addition to this, if You talk to any beautician or makeup artist they will always tell you that #1, less makeup is always more and secondly It's not intended to make you look like you painted your face. As for pants instead of dresses,I do not believe there is anything wrong with wearing them at all and you aren't going to face eternal condemnation bec you wore pants and not a dress. With all the problems and tragedies in the world I'm sure the last thing God cares about is whether you wear jeans or a skirt. As long as you aren't putting yourself out there as a slut I don't think He cares and just bec they look tight doesn't mean they are. sometimes it's just stretchy material. In the summer I wear sun dresses and skirts to church and sometimes a nice pair of pants and don't feel any less Christian bec of it. God cares about the inner cultivation of your heart and if your inner self is beautiful it will shine forth to your outer appearance and nothing you wear could ever compare to how priceless that is.
You the Sheeple

United States

#571 Jul 7, 2016
There is NO such thing as a "god". This God stuff is like Santa and the easter bunny and the tooth fairy. All made up fictional BullShytt. the fact that any "God" would allow child rape, would allow human torture, would permit any of the horrors we live with every day, would make any decent human tell that fvkked up "god" to eat shytt and die.

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