Not happy with Heritage Rec Baseball
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Dad Coach

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#21 Mar 6, 2009
I have coached for several years and have seen what this mom describes.
Sometimes it is exactly as she saw it, sometimes it is not that at all.
Rather it is coaches trying to help the entire team/ league win a game/ tournament.
While I have no idea what took place in this instance, there has never been a team with every player being equal and there never will be.
Coaches kids will always be among the better players in any Little League.
The kids are exposed to the game way more often and the parents who coach typically have a greater interest in the game and pass it on to the kids.
Alot of parents begin coaching "Because" their kids standout in a particular sport.
There is nothing at all wrong with trying to improve something if it needs to be improved and one goes about in the correct way.
I believe Heritage Little League is consistently improving and that is what matters to me.
There has also probably never been a league where every parent was happy and there probably never will be.

Spring Hill, TN

#22 May 21, 2009
Spring Hill Little League has a board member that is going to trial for choking an athelete. There are mulitple witnesses, howver he is still an active board member and coach because he technically has not been convicted yet.?????
John Doe

Hermitage, TN

#24 May 22, 2009 know..because complaining here is going to do something about this :P
Blah Blah Blah

Spring Hill, TN

#25 May 22, 2009
John Doe wrote: know..because complaining here is going to do something about this :P
Complaining of what? I don't hear any complaining but AGAIN another negative comment from you "Mr. John Doe".

Concerned I respect the fact that no names were used in your comment. I do not have kids in the league however if I did as a parent I would want to be aware of what is going on.
santa_s elf

Philadelphia, PA

#26 May 22, 2009
Spring Hill Little League is not even affiliated with Heritage Community Recreation Association.

Spring Hill, TN

#27 Aug 2, 2009
Way to go busysportsmom. I have to agree. When it comes to your kids you should definitely voice your opinion. People need to know baseball isnt what it used to be and unfortunately we have to teach our kids the same. I refuse to let my son be torn down by the politics and cliques. Children need t be taught how to believe in themselves and how to always strive for more---not to how to just sit by and watch others play the game of politics. AND- shame on the people allowing their children to think they can play the game unfairly!!!! Where is the responsibility in that?????

Franklin, TN

#29 Feb 18, 2010
Concerned wrote:
Spring Hill Little League has a board member that is going to trial for choking an athelete. There are mulitple witnesses, howver he is still an active board member and coach because he technically has not been convicted yet.?????
The people who "saw him choke this kid" are the kids mother and another dad that didn't like him to begin with. I was also a witness in the situation and he did NOT choke a child! That child was mad that they didn't win and had a very bad attitude when he didnt get his way and was mouthing off like crazy and the coach told him to shut his mouth. The mother who is a drama-queen to begin with and the "drunk mom at the ballfield" claimed the coach choked her child when he did not. If it goes to trial I will be testifying on the coaches behalf.
The old ball game

Spring Hill, TN

#30 Feb 18, 2010
Too many kids try to play the whole field and dont let the other members play. When little snot nosed Johnny tries to be Mr. Big out on the field it inflates their little egos that they are better than the other kids, and the other team members are not needed. Nice work coaches. All team members need equal time to play.

YOou need to teach the 'stronger players' it's o to lket the others play, even though the team may lose. Big whoopty doo, so you lose, it's part of the game don't you know?

It is often that the 'stronger players' will throw a fit and whine and be a crybaby if they lose. Beg deal, coaches step up and explain why it is 'ok to lose' sometime. If you don't then you are no better the the little Mr. Bigs out on the field who run in front of the so called 'weaker players' to get the ball and make theyr play.

It is also widely known that some coaches who are not able to play anymore, or were losers to begin with, live their fantasies through their children. How sad.
So, step up coaches and I use that term loosely, teach the whole team that no one member is 'more important' than another player. That's why they call it a team, not a one kid show.

For the coaches who do teach sportsmanship, winning/ losing, that's great, we need more out there like you.

"Sportsmom", keep compaining until the whole team is allowed to play, no matter what the skill level is on your kid, he is part of the team, win or lose. Let them call you a whiner or complainer. I am POSITIVE that if THEIR "star player" (Mr.Play- the-whole-field) was not allowed to play, they wold also be the first ones to whine just as loud or louder. Boo hoo.
GO get 'em mom!

Mom of 3

Spring Hill, TN

#31 Apr 3, 2010
All of the HCRA leagues are the same, baseball, basketball, softball, it doesn't matter which league you are playing in. It's not about what your child can do, but who you know!!!!! My daughter has played in their basketball league for the past 3 years, we saw it first hand every year. It's a shame because it is supposed to be for the kids, ALL the kids. Unfortunately, it's the coach's kids and board member's kids that get the recognition!! Very very SAD!!

Spring Hill, TN

#32 Apr 3, 2010
welcome to the real world, honey.
Jules Penney

Spring Hill, TN

#33 Jun 21, 2010
busysportsmom wrote:
Is it just me or has little league become way too political?!
My son (won't give his age/name for obvious reasons!) was picked for All-stars this year but has warmed the bench, along with the same 5-6 other kids in every tournament they've played this summer. He is not the best nor the worst, he is simply not a coach's son and did not play for the head coach's team in the spring league like the 6 kids who have played every minute of every tournament game!
Out of numerous practices, he has missed 2 to visit his grandparents out of state. I even asked for permission from the head coach and was told "No problem." He is 1/2 hour early for every practice and 1 hour early for every game. We even cancelled our family vacation to attend a tournament and he was lucky to play 1-2 innings and bat once per game for the whole weekend! We paid the same fee everyone else did to play!
This has resulted in 2 son has lost confidence in his playing ability because he has been told the "Stronger Players" are playing and the team is divided, parents included, between the "stronger players" and the "weaker players."
The funny thing is we don't see any difference in any of their playing abilities, they are all equally talented and versatile players! Last weekend the coaches picked 4 MVPs for that tournament and guess who got picked...3 coach's sons and 1 coach's grandson!
My husband and I have tried to speak with the coaches but nothing changed. We've already decided to take our son to Franklin next year because the same coaches will be back again!
What ever happened to playing for fun, learning teamwork, etc? These guys have taken away the enjoyment that my son used to have for baseball in just a matter of a couple of months.
Guess what??!! Your kid's no better than mine or any other kid on the team! You just happened to play the politics when we refuse to....loser!
This is a very unfortunate reality in all leagues. Parents living through their children and forgetting how fun sports should be for all the kids. Good luck with a new league. You are right not to stay if the coaches are not in it for the kids. We're new to Spring Hill and were curious about a good baseball program. So glad I read this.

Spring Hill, TN

#34 Jun 21, 2010
No stupid, YOU shut up. These kids leagues aren't allowed to cherry-pick. The parents pay, the kids play.

Get back in your hole, loser.
blahdeedah wrote:
quit yer whining.. what are you teaching your kid??
if things dont go your way, you whine on a bulletin board?
He's probably being benched because the coaches are tired of your complaining. Shut up, support the team and maybe he'll get to play.
Wife and Mommy

Columbia, TN

#35 Jul 4, 2010
I can see where you're coming from. It isn't fair to the kids not to be able to play because of the coach's faavoritism. I'm 25 now, but growing up, I always played in Bethesda. as far as I can remember, my coaches were fair, and if nothing else, harder on their kids than the rest of us. I played almost every game because I practiced my butt off, my daddy made sure of that. That being said, lots of things are different than they were 20 years ago when I started t-ball. it seems like now a lot of people, not just ball coaches, cater to their children's wants with blatant disregard to other kids'feelings or abilities. It's selfish in my opinion because these people are causing their kids to miss out on valuable lessons because it's easier than teching said lessons. Maybe call some other parents and have sandlot games in someon'e backyard. My best memories of softball are of me and my daddy in the back yard throwing a ball. Good luck!! and congrats to your son for making all stars!!

Spring Hill, TN

#36 Jul 4, 2010
Take little Johnny out of the game, buy him one of those nets you throw into and it comes back to you. That way, he isn't around those mean coaches with their evil schemes to deny little Johnny from playing. He can baseball masturbate.

geesh.. whiners..
Thompsonsstation mom

Saint Petersburg, FL

#37 Sep 15, 2011
blahdeedah wrote:
quit yer whining.. what are you teaching your kid??
if things dont go your way, you whine on a bulletin board?
He's probably being benched because the coaches are tired of your complaining. Shut up, support the team and maybe he'll get to play.
You're kidding right?? Let me guess, you're a coach huh?
Springhill baseball bombs

Spring Hill, TN

#38 Jun 12, 2012
Oh if you think that is bad you shoul see the spring hill baseball league. Same crap our team is two years younger than all the others in this pos league. Our boys r half the size of the giants on the other teams half of whom look 17 years old. It's all about politics and our amazing coaches have endured straight losses all year. I will say our team is amazing. The little guys are so disheartened yet have amazing attitudes. Not like a lot of kids we have seen and the riduculous coaches who have no lives and stacked the teams in their favor . I have seen these coaches acting like such babies demanding the umpire make rulings in their favor even though their team were slaughtering hous. Oh wll karma always comes around. Maybe they will get a life someday . There is no one to complain to but it is nice to have this forum to let them know what losers r in charge
Coach in Spring Hill

United States

#39 Jun 13, 2012
I have coached (only 1 year with my son)rec teams, newer travel teams and elite travel teams over 14 years with kids aged 12-19 and no matter what you do, someone will always complain. Either they feel their son should get more playing time, should be playing a certain position or someone will feel that the team isnt competetive enough because some players with less skills are playing too much, batting too high in the order or playing a position some parents feel will be a detriment to the team. Most of the time the parents have no idea what is really going on or have blinders to certain facts no matter how much communication you have with the parents and players. Many Coaches are putting in part-time job hours to run a team with no pay and taking constant flak over playing time, costs, schedules, uniforms, you name it. There are always crappy Coaches out there but even the good ones get put through the ringer. After every season I wanted to quit coaching because or parent issues but love the game and enjoy helping young people so I always came back. I recommend as the original poster stated that her husband volunteer so he can really see what goes on.
no comment

Nashville, TN

#40 Jan 28, 2013
my son played in the same league and it is always same kids who make all stars, we moved to new league and could not be happier this is for kids not the parents, or coach want a bees

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