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#50 May 30, 2014
Well it looks like one of the tenants that moved into one of the invitation homes by me is out already. I think they lasted 2 maybe 3 months...
Drove by today, the weeds are about a foot tall and once again it's a neighborhood eyesore. I can't believe no one can do anything about this.

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#53 Jun 14, 2014
There are one of these horrid rentals near me. It's been rented about 4 months now. I noticed yesterday that all the carpet and padding has been removed and is out at the street. I found that quite interesting since this is a supposed "completely renovated" foreclosure that is now an overpriced rental. I can only guess that the renovations did not include replacing the sump pump, lol.

I certainly hope people are paying attention to the complaints logged on Yelp and the BBB. Maybe, just maybe, we can put a stop to this.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#54 Jun 17, 2014
I have been a renter of a home in Rancho Cucamonga now for almost two years an my home is falling apart. It's a 2009 two story with roof leaks, plumbing issues, electrical problems, etch and the maintenance is horrible. I call in to a central system or email and it takes days to fix things. And that's only after they send a general contractor to "look" at my problem first. My rent has not been increased but I really hate renting this place. There are just too many maintenance problems with my house non stop. Also they will not cover annual pest control?!? Are you kidding me???? I will never recommend Invitation Homes to anyone, ever.

Since: Jan 12

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#56 Jun 28, 2014
Anyone else notice a link and post has been removed? I find that fascinating. Now I will be on a mission to find it again, or hopefully duh will realize it and re-post. Proof that the Topix police exist, lol?

Round Lake, IL

#57 Jun 28, 2014
WaywardDaughter wrote:
Anyone else notice a link and post has been removed? I find that fascinating. Now I will be on a mission to find it again, or hopefully duh will realize it and re-post. Proof that the Topix police exist, lol?
haha you are right

Round Lake, IL

#58 Jun 28, 2014
found it
same article different link

"The Next Trillion-Dollar U.S. Mortgage Market Meltdown May Be Coming"


Tinley Park, IL

#60 Jun 30, 2014
Furious2 wrote:
Invitation Homes

BBB® Non-Accredited D Rating
On a scale of A+ to F Reason for RatingBBB Ratings System Overview
- See more at: http://www.bbb.org/dallas/business-reviews/pr...

D Rating from the BBB
nuff said
I checked them out on the BBB using the info you provided today (6-30-14) and it looks like they must have gone from what you said a "D" and now to a "C". They run their business half assed backwards. They make the mess and expect everyone else to clean up after them including their contractors. Even some of their contractors no longer want to do business with them because of how bad they operate. Not good period. In my eyes they should be rated an "F".

Crystal Lake, IL

#61 Jul 1, 2014
Oh invitation homes is a joke we are in our second year our portfolio managers change monthly. Carpet is cheap walls are barely painted furnace and ac didn't work stove and microwave broken. Blinds don't open wood floor not laid down properly. Oh list goes on. You callabout a problem its not there problem its ours. We pay almost $1700 a month for a crappy house that's falling apart and jerry rigged. I now have an animal trapped in the fireplace cause obviously there's no screen on the roof and now I get to pay for animal control to come out cause its once again not there problem. I am so fed up I am getting lawyers involved at this point. Slum lords doesn't even come close.

Mchenry, IL

#62 Jul 11, 2014
Stop renting from these companies! It's the only way to stop the incredible madness of the banks and private equity firms. Don't think for a minute the government is going to stop the abuse. Stop being a pawn in their quest! Stand up for something people!

Tampa, FL

#63 Jul 11, 2014
duh wrote:
http://www.yelp.com/not_recomm ended_reviews/445oWqk_hCnXvpXC T-80HQ
love this one from Yelp:(Cary IL Renter)
"From the start we have had a terrible experience with Invitation Homes. We have gone through 4 portfolio managers in the past year. All of them were either unresponsive or unhelpful. When we moved in we had 3 feet of snow in our driveway, which made it difficult moving our stuff into the home. We had a broken washer and dryer for a month. We also had broken cartridges in our showers and had no hot showers for almost a week before someone came out to fix it. A contractor restrung our blinds and now they don't even function properly. We have two skylights,one in our bedroom and one in the front room. They both are leaking, the one in our bedroom leaks everyday and we have made calls twice and both times it took days for someone to come out and "fix it" . We were told it was leaking on the ceiling and that both the windows will need to be replaced when we move out. No matter where we would move our bed in the room it would still be under the skylight. So we have just had to deal with the leak on our bed everyday for the last few months! Also Invitation Homes had made some mistakes with our payments. We have had two instances where our money wasn't taken out of our account via the auto payment system Invitation Homes provides. This morning I was served with a 5 day notice saying we still haven't paid our February rent. Earlier in the week our portfolio manager removed the late fee and asked us just to make a one time payment. So we did, and now we get served with a 5 day notice! The communication in the property management department is terrible and I am all too thrilled we will not be renewing our lease and moving out at the end of this month!"
I too have been ripped off by invitation homes. To begin with, I was told the rent would be a certain amount if I agreed to a two year lease. I said ok, and put my deposit down. However, once I got the lease, it stated the rent would increase after the 1st year by $50.00. I called and argued that this was not what I was told. I tried to get my deposit back and they refused. I really liked the house, so didn't pursue it any further. I have been in the house for two months and have only had one working toilet since the start, and a multitude of other problems yet to be addressed. How convenient for IH to put a clause in the rental contract stating the renter will pay the first $50 of any repairs. What they did with the house was like putting lipstick on a pig. Do not trust this company! You would be much better off renting from somewhere else. I am learning a lesson the hard way. I will actually be glad when this ship sinks.

Bothell, WA

#64 Jul 12, 2014
please post your complaints on yelp. they monitor yelp. They want to go public within the next year, they will not be ready. they have yet another company restructure occuring in October. it still wont work. i worked there a year and these are the issues

1). they buy bad houses
they are also screwed up sometimes they "think" they bought a house
and either kick the tenant in possession out or rehab it, then discover, ooops! they didnt own it afterall.

2). bad rehabs. the contractors get mad, they dont get paid timely. some contractors are just bad. roofs are painted instead of replaced. bones are left under homes. septic systems arent emptied or replaced when needed

3). not enough maintenance employees.

4) bad systems. residents charged double rent all the time and they wont reimburse immediately, they wait 2 weeks! they close out maintenance requests to look good on reports, residents suffer.

5) bad hiring choices. regional vice presidents dont know local laws and are more concerned about their bonus potential than doing right by residents. HR lets them get away with creating hostile work environments, breaking laws and more...

6) residents get screwed with utility billing, have to pay frivilous service and set up fees, have no option of paying direct

Melrose Park, IL

#67 Jul 17, 2014
Well, I'm ready to just stop paying rent! IH has THE WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. No matter what the issue is. EXAMPLE, long story short: the village needed to inspect the property to see if IH is up to date with whatever, they contacted IH… IH piece of SH…! leaves me a voicemail saying the inspectors will be at my property 9am monday morning. Setting up appointments without clearing with me I will be home. I live alone, work 6 days a week.. IH expects you to work around their schedule. Really just want to walk away, tired of dealing with them.

Sacramento, CA

#68 Jul 17, 2014
I worked for the company last year. They hired people who are not necessarily equipped for the fast paced environment. Nepotism triggered over inflated egos and the focus in the office was usually on drama between employees rather than on ensuring quality service to valuable tenants. This is why even employees experienced the same type of nightmarish issues regarding poor conditions in their own IH rentals. The company is extremely mismanaged on regional levels. I was happy to watch that company fade away in my rear view mirror.

Round Lake, IL

#69 Jul 18, 2014
oakwood knolls wrote:
I dont understand how anyone can just shrug their shoulders and say oh well, not my problem. As middle class homeowners, it is OUR problem. When banks no longer want to finance us and are more willing to foreclose at the drop of a hat because they know the government has the Loan insured and an equity firm will pay Cash for the property, we will soon be a nation of renters. My suggestion, dont rent from These companies!
Well said. The problem in a nutshell.

Orlando, FL

#71 Jul 18, 2014
OMG. These are the biggest scammers I have ever met. Rt hand has no clue what the left is doing, can't get anyone to return a phone call, nasty and unprofessional emails from the staff...and 99% of the time, they are not even supposed to be addressed to you. Stay as far away from these slum lords as possible. Nice at first, then the lease is signed and the horns come out. Extremely unprofessional group. Google these clowns. They have law suits pending. And I am sure, it will not be the last one.
Almost Renter

Mchenry, IL

#74 Jul 24, 2014
All's I can say is THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS INFORMATION! I had no idea and almost fell into the trap.

Mokena, IL

#75 Jul 24, 2014
So I think Iam one of the lucky ones because I can say I have not had any repair issues in the home I rent. Service has always showed up 24 hours after a call. I have had three portfolio managers in one year time all of which are slow to reply up any questions I have.

Chicago, IL

#78 Jul 30, 2014
I advice people looking to rent, think twice about Invitation homes....is a fraud...they show you a nice place, a property manager then get your money, when you are in, then you find hell..
Never again

Minneapolis, MN

#79 Jul 31, 2014
I have not dealt with any other rental companies so I cannot truly compare, but will tell you that I would never, ever again rent from Invitation Homes. They lie, they offer broken promises they never intend to keep, and the internal infrastructure and communication is beyond unacceptable. They have cost me numerous vacation days off while waiting for a maintenance crew that never shows. They always PROMISE to investigate where the problem is, but I don't think they really ever look because nothing ever gets corrected. I have been a resident of this place for 4 months and I don't think a week had gone past where I haven't had a maintenance issue. And i am not talking about a burnt out light bulb or squeeky door. I am talking significant issues that should be handled immediately, but ends up getting drawn out over a month and finally gets attention after a few missed scheduled dates, multiple measurements, multiple visits by IH but no results. When you do finally complain enough for them to do something, they make it seem like they are making such an exception for you and doing you such a big favor. This place just simply sucks. The ONE positive thing is that they are usually very friendly.

Round Lake, IL

#80 Aug 3, 2014
"This company is a nightmare! I don't even know where to begin. The house looked perfect when we moved in and then I started noticing how cheap everything is. The paint, carpet , and appliances. The worst is that I was aware about their bad reviews and I gave them the benefit of the doubt and rented anyway. I was cautious when paying rent , I always paid in person and made sure I got a receipt. I messed up and let my guard down by using their online payment method. Big mistake! They never took it out of my account! I was calling them almost every other day to ask how long it took for them to take the money out. They told me not to worry and that it took about 6 days. They now sent out a maniac to pound on my door at 6am on a Saturday morning to give me a paper stating I needed to pay the rent plus additional charges or they will terminate the lease. Before that loon came to scare my children and myself, I had already gone to the office to pay what was now late. I personally try to avoid these situations, so I will continue to pay in person and will not leave without a receipt. This is a money hungry company with no intention to take responsibility for any of its mistakes and we as their stupid tenants will pay for it."


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