Cash Saver in springcity tn

Cash Saver in springcity tn

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#1 Nov 14, 2012
I went in there the other day to buy some Hambuger meat and i saw a pack of BACON and it was almot black there i no way i will ever go in there again and the cigs are almost 6 dollars a pack there is no wonder that the Red Barnd went out of business i'am glad i never ate there so if you must go there you better look at there meat real good and check the date on it but they can change that.
Ur wrong

United States

#2 Nov 14, 2012
Honestly you expect us to believe that? I have been to cash saver and it's a very clean store everyone is very nice. Now I have also shopped at the pig and they are over priced and have bugs and that's a fact. You must work at te pig and feel threatened that cash saver is a much better store! Just wish they carried name brand food. I have never been in cash saver and heard them talk about their customers. At the pig I have!

Clarksville, TN

#3 Nov 15, 2012
Well i took a pic of that Bacon and if i knew how to put the pic on here i woul the you could see for your self it was almost black so beleave what you want.

Dandridge, TN

#4 Nov 16, 2012
Yeah well I was in line at the pig once to get some chicken fingers from the deli. Looked over at the little eating booth and noticed the people who just ate chicken fingers had turned to zombies! So I said to hell with being a zombie.
So I ran over to the front to get me a Slim Jim and a Yoohoo. It was about that time I noticed their Slim Jims were bad and the people eating them were all turning into Atheist!
My quick thinking saved me again. I decided not to eat anything from there because it's all contaminated. I ran to the customer service desk to get a check cashed. That's how they tricked me. Next thing I know I had the sudden urge to make out with a 18yo boy who was standing behind me. The pig turned me into a homosexual!
So I called 911 before my urges got the best of me and explained the situation.
They said they'd send help.
Then Spiderman crashed through the roof and shot me with his web thingy (all the while making me long for the young mans strong arms to embrace me)and pulled me up into the Batwing. Batman was at the wheel and Superman was flying in front of us fighting off Ninja's with jetpacks and those flying turtles from Super Mario Brothers.
He landed in the parking lot of Cash Saver and did one hell of a smooth drift/sideways slide into a handicapped spot up front all the way from 27 to the front doors. GI Joe was waiting and held me and quickly picked me up in his strong arms. He moonwalked me through the front door.
I heard my gameboy going nuts in my pocket. I pulled it out to look at it and just going through the front door automatically shot all my Pokemon to lvl 100. My Charmander evolved into a Charizard, climbed out of the screen and let me ride on his back to do my shopping! That kickass song from the Never Ending Story was playing while we soared through the massive amounts of savings and deals.
As we landed at the checkout line the zombies from Piggly Wiggly were at the door. And the hot strapping young man was there waiting on me except now he was wearing nothing but a black pair of speedos covered in lightning bolts.
Out of left field comes Emma Stone (the hot redhead from Zombieland and Superbad) She quickly dispatched all the zombies with extreme efficiency.
I heard a mighty roar behind me and Riley Mason (my favorite porn actress, google her that's the future mother of my children) leaped over my head in a perfect flying suplex while Charizard breathed fire onto the sword from Braveheart she was about to unleash devine justice with. She cut the hot young boy in half then Hadokened (that fireball from Street Fighter) his upper and lower body parts mid air. They exploded into candy.
Then her and Emma Stone made out and pulled me out of the store to the Parking lot. The manager was like I'll call you a cab. When he did Doc Brown from Back to the Future exploded out of the sky in his time machine. Then took me, Riley and Emma back to July and landed us at my favorite swimming spot back in Piney. Where vikings showed up on one of those awesome dragon boats and got me all hammered on Mead. They made me their king and I'm currently chilling with Anthony Hopkins from Thor. Emma and Riley are both pregnant with the future heirs to my kingdom. They cook me breakfast, lunch AND dinner naked. They also lay in bed with me while I play video games and dip my double stuffed Chips Ahoy cookies I got at cash saver. Charazard and me fly around all day looking for Pokemon trainers to fight. I took a pic of it but I can't figure out how to post it though! I know I'll never shop at the Pig again though.

Spring City, TN

#5 Nov 16, 2012
Very creative. Have you thought about writing fantasy novels?

Dandridge, TN

#6 Nov 16, 2012
That's a biography. Cash Saver is the reason for my success. Oh and another thing I forgot to mention. When Riley feeds me my Beany Weenies from there and I play the new Halo.....everyone in game dies but me and I don't even have to turn on the controller. I also get perfect playing Through the Fire and the Flames on guitar hero on expert mode......with my feet

Inman, SC

#7 Nov 23, 2012
Crotch rotten panties found in dairy case ewwww had no idea I left then there! They didn't even make me buy em'back. Cash saver your truly the best. Promise next time not to leave them there was sniffing em' as I walked through shopping there.

Spring City, TN

#8 Nov 23, 2012
Awww, are we supposed to feel sorry for you because you can't buy yor cigarettes there because they're almost six whole dollars?

Here's a tip - Quit that dirty, disgusting habit. ;)

Spring City, TN

#9 Dec 6, 2012
The Cash Saver and the Piggly Wiggley's food is crazy priced. I wish they both would stop trying to rob poor people. You do have to watch the meat at cash saver because it's green . I have seen meat at the Pig that's rotten as well. I wished we had a grocery store around town that was not sky high on their prices. The best place to buy cigs is 27 market. They get alot of business because their prices are normal unlike the pig and cash saver.

Collegedale, TN

#10 Dec 6, 2012
more money for me..i dont care what these old people have to of the game baby

Spring City, TN

#11 Dec 12, 2012
Yeah if the game is called devils keepers baby
a kicker

Manchester, NH

#12 Dec 13, 2012

Cleveland, TN

#13 Feb 8, 2013
I like to go in and scope out the little hottie at the cash register.

Westminster, SC

#14 Feb 8, 2013
She is a ho..(all of them) just ask which ever one you want! They are do- able!

Lavinia, TN

#15 Feb 8, 2013
bogus_bs wrote:
She is a ho..(all of them) just ask which ever one you want! They are do- able!
She probably scratched her clam right before she scanned your bananas.

Westminster, SC

#16 Feb 8, 2013
Probably no doubt... just think about that deli food, used weiners before you eat them. Make sure you get yours today.
Just a customer

Spring City, TN

#17 Feb 9, 2013
Go past the Cash Saver any hour of the day. The only cars there belong to the employees. They try to make it look like they have customers by parking their cars out front. Nobody shops there. Sometimes people park there when the Dollar Store lot is full and they walk over to the Dollar Store. Get real. Anybody who says the meat at the Pig is not fresh is a liar. Cash Saver has nothing but off-brands and they NEVER date their meat. And the prices at the Pig are the same as any other grocery store. So go drive 30 miles to Kroger if you don't like it. Spend $5 to get there to save 20 cents. Just be glad there is a clean, well stocked store at the Pig with REAL brands in Spring City. Considering the rat holes M&J Market, Dons, and Shipleys that preceded the Pig , we have come a long long way baby.
Just a customer

Spring City, TN

#18 Feb 9, 2013
I do not now and have never worked at the Pig. I'm just a customer who remembers what came before and am grateful for what we have now.

Smyrna, SC

#19 Feb 10, 2013
They both are lame in different categories.. however i do not Shop so to speak.. i do pick up quickie items at both places.. cash saver has some quality foods and a very clean store, employeees well like an earlier post said... to much phone. i came in one day and the redish blnde nose peirced lady would not get off the company phone. she was ringing my few items up and gabbing while she did so. I find that utterly disrespectful to me the customer and Mr.Madewell the owner?!
piggy wiggly is a very filthy store, but has the (Need) stock. There is a few snotty employees but I have yet to see any on cell phones or the company phone. I do think both stores are good for the town for the consumers sake on item pricings.

Cleveland, TN

#20 Feb 18, 2013
cash saver is no cash saver.

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