Growing up immediately next to railroad tracks and seeing four train derailments in my life I know that rail accidents happen. But nothing is being done to protect people. When trains hauling crude oil and propane in antiquated, unsafe DOT-111 tank cars suffer an impact they break open, leaking their contents and have already caused deaths and mass devastation.
Please google "Lac-Megantic and Aliceville train accidents". The NTSB has already stated that these tank cars are not crashworthy and need to be updated, retrofitted and/or retired. Why do grass roots organizations and individuals like myself have to beg our legislators to support laws that make the DOT-111 tank car illegal to carry such volatile materials?
We are now hauling toxic and flammable materials via rail on an aging and ailing infrastructure rather than moving ahead with the Keystone pipeline. There is no easy fix and the crude oil needs to move across the country by some mechanism...but we are placing people's lives at serious risk. Please write to your local legislator such as Rep. Joseph Petrarca at beg him to support Sen. Chuck Schumer's push to make these tank cars safer.
If you don't have railroad tracks right next to your home like I do, you very well may have them near your church or your child's school. These rail lines run through cities as well, such as Pittsburgh. Are we going to wait until another 47 people people are incinerated in an accident like Lac-Megantic to try to make a change? Safer tank cars are needed. Rail safety is needed. Please make your voice be heard.