Flat Creek Border Collies - ANIMAL CR...

Flat Creek Border Collies - ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!

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Dog Lover

Valdosta, GA

#1 Dec 31, 2013
Kathy Weich does NOT care about her dogs! Right now there are PUPPIES outside freezing to death because her little white barrels are NOT adequate shelter. There are probably over 100 dogs and puppies “living” together with nothing to protect them from the cold. She calls herself “Minny Cruella” in her email address. She needs to be shut down and charged with animal cruelty!!!
Animal Lover

Battle Creek, MI

#2 Dec 31, 2013
Flat Creek Border Collies needs to be shut down. No animal should have to live in a plastic barrel with no straw or any other protection from the elements. This is truly a back yard breeder who needs to spend a few cold winter nights in a barrel.

Saint Helens, UK

#3 Dec 31, 2013
How many of your pups will have frozen to death by morning? Your plastic barrels are packed with dogs trying to find any kind of warmth.. They have no heating or bedding in minus temperatures..
Why do you have 2 websites, one for border collies and the other for many breeds of dogs?
No animal should suffer the tortures your animals are living through.. You disgust me!

Lithonia, GA

#4 Dec 31, 2013
This lady needs to be shut down ASAP!! This puppy mill breeding needs to stop!!
ur a waste

Hamilton, NY

#5 Dec 31, 2013
Unreal how this woman Is operating this so called facility. She left some photos from her web page. Absolute filth. Shut her down!
Nancy Manley

Ventnor City, NJ

#6 Dec 31, 2013
Seriously what reputable breeder wants to be referred to in her own words as cruella. How nervy. None of those breeds can survive in an upstate NY winter. Please get them outta there and in a warm safe, place.

Battle Creek, MI

#7 Dec 31, 2013
You are a disgrace to mankind. You only want money while you contribute to the over population of unwanted dogs, bait dogs, and dogs dying daily in shelter. We have all seen the horrid living conditions you have put these dogs through in the dead of winter so you can not work. Get a real job! How would you like to be In the freezing cold continuly getting basically raped and go through the pain and labor over and ove you'd be fine with it bc you don't have feelings or a soul

Guilderland, NY

#8 Jan 1, 2014
Where is this lady located???

Old Forge, NY

#9 Jan 1, 2014
You've been reported, we are gonna get you on the news, we will NOT STOP......until your 'backyard breeding' is finished. Get a job you POS and STOP abusing helpless animals.
Do you think an ICE COLD PLASTIC Barrel is a warm shelter for dogs & puppies? Go sleep in one! Where is their water? They are eating snow! They are freezing out there and going to die a 'brutal' painful death.
Instead of making money you will be digging ditches for your dead doggies! Thursday ZERO Degrees, Friday 4 daytime temp & NEGATIVE 13 predicted for night!
We know and see and we are watching you!
Donna Briglio

Toronto, Canada

#10 Jan 1, 2014
aspca they are in Sprakers NY... It's disgusting how she is living off these precious dogs and they are left outside in freezing weather without warm shelters food and water !!!!!

Allentown, PA

#11 Jan 1, 2014
Check out Eric Pack Ethic Bellows on Face Book. He is trying to collect donations and find fosters for the animals before this big storm hits. Please spread the word
chopper and cheeser

Canajoharie, NY

#13 Jan 1, 2014
shut them down..theres enough dogs in the shit hole world

Watervliet, NY

#14 Jan 1, 2014
aspca wrote:
Where is this lady located???
Speakers ny

Queensbury, NY

#16 Jan 1, 2014
aspca wrote:
Where is this lady located???
Spraker, NY. Montgomery County SPCA is aware of this situation.

Queensbury, NY

#17 Jan 1, 2014
pappas wrote:
after speaking with my neighbors about this I have come to learn that the one who started this Eric Bellows had been over the day before offering to SELL! hay for bedding to them, that offer was declined as they have over 100bails in stock for bedding already. he further tried to convince them to donate some breedable dogs to him at no charge. this man is now trying to get donations to put in his own pocket under the guise of trying to save these dogs (from a life of unchained freedom) there is no abuse or neglect present there as i stated before they are in full compliance with all state and locale laws and are visited buy officals often . he who points the finger fist, is trying to line his own pockets at the expense of these animal lovers. if he wanted to show truth then why did he not show pictures of the pallet of dog food in the back of the blue pickup truck in the driveway while he was taking those pictures??.furthermore he has removed all the comments of any of those who support the truth from his facebook page . as this could be detrimental to his collection of donations this guy is scamming first to get free dogs to breed sell now to get your cash
This is complete nonsense. Eric is a well-known reputable animal rescuer. This woman Kathy has many complaints about her animals over the past few years. State Police, SPCA and Animal Control know very well about her and her unethical treatment of these dogs.She is skating on thin ice when it comes to the law. Better go back and get the story straight. She's about to go down.

Canajoharie, NY

#20 Jan 1, 2014
pappas wrote:
I live near these folks who are being slandered. I see there dogs care everyday! they have auto feeders and can eat anytime they choose !they have heated water! there are 5 or 6 shelters with bedding! for every 4 dogs. pups have heat sources in there shelters !! breeding dogs are kept apart ( no dogs getting gang raped) many of there dogs are never bred at all . and some are retired dogs I have never seen a animal tied to anything they have large open yards
I know first hand that they are seen buy a vet for vaccine shots they are also visited several times a year buy state and local athoritys who are called buy some who do not gather the true facts befor going and slandering hard working people online. my cows have no heat nor do my chickens,or horses.and they are well cared for but still no heat.( go to Alaska and see all the freezing dogs there!) these animals are cared for daily and I have never seen a sick dog on there property ( exept once I saw one with goop in its eye which was being treated at the time) I have much compassion for all animals and wish they could live in heated palaces but in the real world dogs do sleep outside just ask all the wolves and cyotes the one who points the fist finger has something up his sleeve I do suspect
I have seen with my own eyes, while taking my daughter to her soccer games. We feel horrible for the dogs. we slow down every time we drive by. you can see from the road that there are some tied up dogs. not all of them but some. So for you to say that what else is not true that you are saying? Any one driving by can see from the road that the conditions are very unpleasant. its a crock of [email protected] that they have heated water and the other things that you listed. Look at the place! the house is nasty, the dogs are running around and playing in their own shit. there is no grass just dirt and mud. the dogs are filthy prolly flea infested. i dont see how they make any money. who in their right mind would buy a dog from there? health issues and in bread just for starts. why is it so hard for people to do the right thing? why are people so cruel and selfish? im a firm believer in karma.
shelter poster

New York, NY

#21 Jan 1, 2014

Syracuse, NY

#22 Jan 1, 2014

Township Of Washington, NJ

#25 Jan 1, 2014
GO PAPPAS Get the truth out there and stand with her!!! Glad she has support from you! Cannot wait till she starts the lawsuit against these terrorists!!!
Allseeingthirdey e

Schenectady, NY

#26 Jan 1, 2014
Here is the story from Dogs in Need Everywhere (D I N E) check out their facebook page. Animal advocates in the Capital District are all over this including well known dog trainers

RE: FLAT CREEK BORDER COLLIES (breeder) IN SPRAKERS, NY: We have received several requests this morning for help. Here is some information everyone needs to know about this place:

1) Two highly reputable NYS Border Collie rescues have known about this breeder for years. Officials have been consistently contacted including NYS Ag. & Mrkts. Neither rescue has had any success in improving conditions or life for these dogs but it's not for a lack of trying - and several of the dogs have ended up in their rescues.

2) Photos from the inside of this place were taken in the past & given to Ag. & Mrkts. but nothing became of it.

3) Unfortunately, the way these dogs are living is legal under the law in NYS. They live outside (but have “shelter,” food & water). However, please see # 9 for further information.

4) It is widely known in the BC rescue community that these dogs receive no socialization & the breeder ultimately produces very shy dogs; many of whom have ended up in rescue.

5) This is a breeder who is known to breed for color (and of course money). There are many reds and blue merles but you will rarely find a black and white BC!

6) They are/were also breeding Shih Tzus. One person we know of went there and said she saw a dog that was more than likely a mix b/t BC and Shih Tzu.

7) REMEMBER KELLY’S HAVEN? THIS BREEDER IS WHERE THE BORDER COLLIES CAME FROM IN THAT CASE!! click on this link for the back story – BC info is towards the end http://www.dogsinneedeverywhere.org/hoarding....
Due to lack of socialization with this breeder, and further lack of socialization at Sue Kelly’s, the dogs were so shut down that New England Border Collie Rescue (NEBCR) still has 2 in foster care - after 4 years, they're still not ready to be adopted.

Puppies from this breeder have been known to be adopted by people who see the horrible conditions,“save” the puppies and then end up putting them in rescue because the puppies are so shy and shut down, the people don’t know what to do.(if # 8 comes out as a smiley face, that was unintended!)

9) WHAT TO DO: 1. Read section 353b of the NYS Ag. & Mrkts. law “Appropriate shelter for dogs left outdoors.” This needs to be passed on to the authorities (in a polite way).There may be a violation regarding “housing facility," which must have a waterproof roof and be structurally sound with insulation appropriate to the climate conditions. Of course this is very subjective and determination is made by the investigator. 2. Public shaming of the facility (not of the police or investigators)- this puts pressure on the powers that be to take a closer look, 3. Media attention – call the local papers – get a story 4. Get one of the large organizations to take notice (although several of them have been contacted in the past & if the breeder is operating within the law, they really can't do anything). 5. Make it your mission to change the law. Form a group dedicated to drafting legislation that will improve conditions for dogs like this. We need activists!

10) If there are other reasonable & realistic ideas regarding these particular dogs, the only other suggestion I have is to make sure the Border Collie rescues believe it is a good idea too. They are the experts and the best advocates for the breed.

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