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Spokane, WA

#1 Jul 8, 2010
We had a small male hamster who was biting the pregnant female. we had to get rid of him plus my daughter wanted to buy a turtle, so I thought I would visit the new reptile store and bring the hamster with us to see if they wanted to feed it to one of their snakes. The kids have seen this on Discovery, but I thought it would be a neat experience to see first hand. The large woman with dark hair came up to us and I asked her if they wanted the hamster to feed to one of their snakes and told her why we were bringing him. She took the box and went into the back room. She came out shut the door and said “we'll take care of it”. I said,“My children were hoping to see it…cycle of life you know?” Then the woman came unglued on me telling me that they dont feed in front of customers and a hamster is not an appropriate meal for a snake for various reasons. I told her we would take it back then but it was obvious she felt like she had to “save” it from me. She was nearly yelling at me at this point. I motioned for my children to leave the store with me and the other lady comes out from the back room and began to yell at me for teaching my children MURDER. She then called me a MURDERER in front of my kids and the other patrons. I was angry at this point and asked who she thought she was telling me how to raise my children? A MURDERER for offering a hamster to a snake? are you kidding? We exchanged obscenities and I left the store angry and headed to my car. The dark haired woman then FOLLOWED ME to the parking lot and wrote down my license plate number yelling at me saying that she was going to turn me in to the SPCA. I got my kids in the car as this lady is shouting at me in the parking lot and out of frustration I spit near my foot and kicked the dirt away from me as if to reflect what I thought of the place, she laughed at me and said…"I'll just add assault to that now” and turned around with her phone calling 911. She was at least 30+ ft away from me when I did this, but I thought "oh great" now shes going to lie. I called 911 myself and told them what happened that that this lady was shouting at me and now saying I assaulted her when I didn’t. It was a hot day but I had to wait with my children (youngest is 3 with a heart condition) 40 mins IN THE HEAT to explain myself to the police because I knew she was going to give a false stateement. He took her statement first then came over to me and sure enough he said that she was claiming I spit in her face as I left the store. I told him that it wasn’t true, that it happened in the parking lot and she was nowhere near me when I did it. I said it was an insult at best and that she was lying. but the other woman lied also and collaborated the spitting story and the officer explained that I could be taken to jail at this point. My children started to cry, I had to call my husband. During this time, both women were inside smiling as I was going to be arrested in front of my kids. I couldn’t believe what was happening over a HAMPSTER. I had no witnesses but my own children since the patrons that were there had left. My oldest is 13 and I asked the officer if her statement was any less valuable, she saw the whole thing too. He talked to her then my other daughter remembered that someone next door was taking a smoke break at the time. So I went over and asked if they would come talk to the officer to prove my innocence, that I did not assault her. The officer then determined that the stories did not add up and that there was no cause for my arrest. he told me that I am trespassing if I return and I told him he didn't need to worry about that because I was never coming back. I was accused of being a bad mother and a murderer that day and almost arrested in front of my children at their approval. If they are willing to lie to the police so a complete stranger can go to jail in front of her children over a HAMPSTER, then I question all of their business practices.

Spokane, WA

#2 Jul 12, 2010
She is filing for bankruptcy this week according to her. I'm not sure if this is true or just what she is telling people she owes money to.

Spokane, WA

#3 Aug 14, 2010
We are firm believers that the reason she is filing bankruptcy is that she has an obscene amount of debt because she doesn't know how to treat her customers. We had an incident when she ran the store on Bowdish Rd. We had been going there for some time buying crickets and roaches for our lizards. We felt she was a reasonable person until she yelled at us for trying to buy roaches. We had asked her if she had any large roaches and she snapped at my wife saying no you have bought them all. We felt she was being cross with us for buying her roaches and giving her our business. We ceased to go there any more because of her attitude and the professionalism that was displayed at her store or the lack there of. Her conversations were inappropriate as well telling other customers that she had been involved in pornography while there were young kids around and other patrons. There is a review written by the owner of reptile addictions on another web page berating all other reptile stores in the city of Spokane saying that all of them didn't know the first thing about reptiles to mention Northwest Seed and Pet and others in her review was highly unprofessional. We would also like to bring to everyone's attention that she says that all of her animals are parasite free, this is a lie as well because the two lizards we purchased from her both had mites and one almost died before we caught and treated him. The owner of reptile addictions is highly unprofessional and rude we strong suggest that the fine people of Spokane go elsewhere to get your reptiles and feeders. Another untruth to add to the list is the feeder situation. She says she has the cheapest feeders in town and that may be true if she gave you the amount you asked for. on many occasions before we stopped going there we would ask for 3 dozen crickets and only get 2 dozen that is why they are so cheap she swindles and cheats people out of what they are asked for. Reptile addictions and its owner are one of the worst places to go and buy any type of reptile or feeder. I say again we strongly suggest you go elsewhere to get your reptiles and exotics.
Needs new owner

Spokane, WA

#4 Aug 18, 2010
The only reason I kept going there was for the roaches but I am so fed up with the way I am treated that I just can't do it anymore. I had a few questions about how much to feed my dragon and it was more than I was at the time (wich is why I asked) and then she was yelling that I was going to kill it and was surprised it wasn't dead already.. she tells me this not in a concerned or helpful voice but YELLING and my son then was freaked out and cried all the way home that his beloved pet was going to die and it was all his fault. Wendy is a complete bitch! I hope her business goes under and maybe she can get some help or take some life 101 classes. Sucks to have such a great store with awesome reptiles and an owner like that.
Porn Star has been

Spokane, WA

#5 Aug 18, 2010
I did a little research on this woman and OMG! I hope she gets the hell out of Spokane. I hope enough people find out about her past to make her leave and never come back. See for yourself:
careful if you google her porn name "Bianca Trump" because her former photos are as offensive as her attitude is now.
sad and wierd

Raleigh, NC

#6 Aug 25, 2010
You both sound like a couple of idiots. First of all, who the hell takes their children to see their pet being devoured by a snake? That's really messed up. Yes, some snakes will only eat live prey, but this is your children's PET you wanted to see fed off. Way to teach your children responsibility. Any research would have told you that hamsters don't cohabitate well and you should have rehomed the poor thing if you didn't want him.

The lady at the petstore is equally trashy, but you shouldn't have gone psycho in front of your children like you did. Show a little grace next time.
509 lifer

Harrington, WA

#7 Aug 26, 2010
Wendy is an jackass... thats putting it lightly. But thats whats to be expected when u live the meth life though. And i had been buying roaches there until i couldnt take her shit ass attitude anymore, then when i saw the rap sheet and theres like 3 count of forgery on there. thats not really someone i want handling my credit card. And funny thing is the minimum debt card purchase of 5$ is illegal. Having family working in a bank i know of this, you cant pass on your fee's for having a debit system to the customer. Also im sure that is why you have to pay 5$ just to get in the damn store now "F" that. Her piss poor attitude is the problem. Her knowledge of what shes selling all comes off "care sheets" printed off other breeders site's and knowledge base's anyway. And if you even watch some of the stores videos on youtube she flat out says quiet a few times "im not sure how to take care of this one, im gunna have to look up the care sheet" right on video wtf... i dunno i was just put off by her crap ass i dont care bout ANY of my customers attitude.. i wont ever go back or recomend it.. under different ownership this place would no doubt be on top. But not at the 500,000$ price tag she attached to it. "claiming" its worth 750,000$ pfffffft

Bozeman, MT

#8 Sep 13, 2010
To the "unbelievable" mother above.

Let's see here who is REALLY insane. You buy a hamster, you don't monitor him enough or let alone separate him from the female, then simply because he may or may not have bit the female, you just automatically have to "get rid of him", because you have no clue how to take care of pets, and now you're just teaching your own kids how to be irresponsible and uncaring about helpless animals.

Then you have the nerve, to ask a pet store staff to take the hamster, based only on his biting your pregnant female, and you're also interested in getting a turtle now for your kid. Gosh, the kid no longer cares now either, as long as monster-mommy is happy, right?

Then you have the audacity to ask the store staff if they will feed the poor hamster to a live snake so you can see your kids' faces and you have the audacity to call that "cycle of life"?

Then when the staff attempts to educate you and call you out on your total incompetence and evil ways, you react by yelling, screaming, spitting and herding your heart-condition child out into the heat and continuing your little fiasco?

You don't deserve pets, I wonder if you treat your children the same way you almost treated that poor hamster. I sort of pity them because they witnessed your psychotic actions.

You're despicable.

Spokane, WA

#9 Nov 3, 2010
To be honest I really don't see the problem at all with feeding a hamster to a snake. People just blow things way out of proportion...hamsters are rodents, snakes eat rodents. plus you already have to get mice and rats at a large enough size if you have a bigger snake so there really is no difference between feeding a large rat or a large hamster to a snake. also if some woman was disrespecting me in front of my family I'm sure I would of reacted in a similar way.

Plus I recently found out that after she went bankrupt she open a new store claiming to be somewhat of a petting store charging a $5 dollar entrance fee that will only be returned if you buy something.

****Beware she sells mainly wild caught****

Spokane, WA

#11 Dec 12, 2010
I just moved to Spokane and was going to visit the store but not after what I have read !

Hayden, ID

#12 Dec 19, 2010
I'm almost afraid to write this after all the poison spewed here - but I have found her to be knowledgable (at least about my bearded dragon and the feeders) and I felt she was UNDER charging me for the roaches I purchased. She also (at my question of the cheapest/best way to maintain a constant meal for my gluttoneous little beardie) recommended to me to raise my own and gave me a detailed and informative lesson and advice on how to do that. She was patient with my VERY inquisitive son and although she was a bit scattered - overall it was a good experience. Just sayin'...
hampster killer

Spokane, WA

#13 Dec 19, 2010
For those of you calling me despicable and unbelieveable, offensive etc. YOU are exactly like this woman in the store. There is nothing wrong with feeding a hampster to a snake. I have asked snake people this question. yes the hampster was supposed to be a pet, but ended up vicious and mean and the kids could not even hold it. I'll tell you what, after now having a pet rat, it is far more offensive to me that she fed those creatures to snakes. Rats are fantastic loving pets.
News flash....The cycle of life is a reality...
....something you treehugging fools can't handle I guess.
I can't believe the comments here about my character over this F-ing hampster. Its comical.
Yes we were trying to find the right pet, but this does not make me a bad mother. Grace? like the kind you've shown me?....thats easy...all I would have to say to "really" and "Kristen" is please do the world a favor and fall in a pit of venomous snakes.
Now THATS something to feed a snake eh?
Laughing Loudly

Louisville, KY

#14 Jan 7, 2011
She went out of business. You can even see in public records where she was evicted from her place of business. She moved to her "superstore" location and never paid any rent!
Still Going

Bothell, WA

#17 Feb 26, 2011
I actually saw she has a new store. Still in the valley. I hope everyone can chase her out of Spokane or put her BACK IN JAIL.. She has been there enough....send her back!!!!!

Post Falls, ID

#18 Mar 8, 2011
I feel better reading all these posts! We also had a crazy incident with Wendy this last weekend. We went there to buy a snake tank for our python. She at the time was very helpful! We went to pay but of course she doesnt accept cards, we had no cash so I wrote a check. When I wrote the check I wrote it out to "Reptile Addictions" she said to also put her name on it, so I did. That weekend I start getting phone calls of her saying my check was bad and if I didnt fix it she was sending me to jail! I was shocked, concerned, and confused. I went home and checked my bank account and saw I had plenty of money in it, and also there was no activity of that check trying to be deposited or cashed. I was very confused and called my bank. They said they had no activity either and tell her (it was Sunday night) to just cash it on Monday. I had my husband talk to her at this point and he repeated the message. Then she takes a 180!!! She flips out starts screaming on the phone, cussing at him and hangs up! We are shocked, she has her friend call back later and he threatened us "Give us the money or else!" My husband tried to explain to them the bank said everything was fine, offered to call the bank on 3-way to prove we did in fact have money this whole time. They refused. The weirder part in the conversation was her employee mentioned he works under the table...kinda of stupid to say to people you are threatening!!! We then get numerous calls from them that afternoon saying "Give us our money or else!" We live in CDA, my husband was working that night and he was not going to have me drive alone to the Valley to pay this lady who was screaming at us. Finally she says "Give us our money by 7pm or Im going to the cops." We say, go ahead, and we still dont understand why you cant cash it Monday.... We also call the police, tell them our side. She later goes to the cops and files some civil suit against us. Later that night we get a knock at the door, its the CDA police! They say the Spokane police called them, as she is DRIVING TO OUR HOUSE!!! What kind of person does that?? It is very stupid and dangerous for her to show up at someones house demanding cash! The cop had to stay outside our house for our protection. He finally got a hold of her and told her if she comes here she will be arrested. He told her to cash the check Monday, she then refused and told him shes getting a lawyer. He told her fine, dont contact us again. She did, we got a long text abot how we will pay all her laywer fees, her gas...and that I will go to jail. We called the cops and told him. He gave her one more warning that if she called again she would get a phone harrasment charge. Of course she did 2 more times, threatening us with more legal talk and calling us names. We called the same officer. Monday rolls around and she goes to cash the check and texts us that it wont cash. I call every Chase bank in the Spokane Valley and FINALLY find were she is at. The teller tells me they DID cash the check but "next time when you write a name and a store on the check, write "And/or" to it." That was the whole problem this whole time! I COULDNT believe it!! She told us our check was bad, and we had no money, called us crimminals!! While the whole time it was a tiny oops that could of been cleared up in seconds!! We obviously will never go there again. Ive never seen anyone more unproffessional in my life!!
hampster killer

Spokane, WA

#19 Mar 8, 2011
To "shocked",
I am so sorry. I was like you...TOTALLY surprised by the craziness of this woman. Look her up. Her alias is Bianca Trump. She is an ex porn star who has been in plenty of trouble from Florida to Chicago to right here in spokane valley. Shes a nasty bitch. The kind of person that will come burn your house down or shoot you because she's more than just a little unbalanced. I was worried that she would show up at my door like that. I can't believe it actually happened to you. and ALL BECAUSE SHE TOLD YOU TO WRITE HER NAME ON THE CHECK. WOW, It was totally not your fault.
I suggest you look up her rap sheet here in spokane, You can find her under the name Wendy Iwanow-childs. She has had articles, books and plenty of other stuff written about her and none of it is good. You should file a formal complaint if you haven't already, and also file a restraining order and hopefully like me, you already have a gun at your bedside. THAT is how serious you should take this woman. She is for real on the physco-meter. Good thing for you is that she has many more enemies than she does friends. Blacks hate her, Aryan nation hates her, and Im sure they would love to know where she is.
help get the word out about what kind of person she is and lets drive her back outta here and back to Chicago or florida and have a little less smut roaming the streets here in beautiful washington/Idaho.
good luck!

Post Falls, ID

#20 Mar 8, 2011
This Wendy bitch is the biggest psycho I know! I could tell she was a tweeker the first time I me her. I have years of experience with reptiles and she was trying to tell me something very general about snakes that was incorrect. I told her she was wrong and she immediately started yelling at me and started cussing at me. I was in shock at her lack of personable skills, I was the costumer!! She is the nastiest, most vulger and idiotic moron I have ever met!! She then told me if I didn't leave her store she would call the police! Are you kidding me?!?! If you have any brains you will never go to Reptile Addiction and spend a dime!! JUst so you know, I did a little research on her and here is what I found out- Please take the time to look at this link!!!
Bianca Trump
AKA Wendy Christine Iwanow
Born: 7-Nov-1972
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Gender: Female
Race or Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Pornstar
Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Rent-a-Butt
Husband: Jason Childs (m. May-2005, div.)
Boyfriend: William Ochs
Prostitution Pompano Beach, FL (1995), charges dropped
Armed Robbery Pompano Beach, FL (1995), acquitted
Bankruptcy (Nov-2001)
Forgery arrested, Spokane, WA (7-Nov-2003)
Forgery arrested, Spokane, WA (2-Feb-2005)
Unlawful Possession of a Firearm arrested, Spokane, WA (2-Feb-2005)
Drug Possession: Methamphetamine arrested, Spokane, WA (30-Jun-2005)
Assault sentenced (29-Nov-2006)
Kidnapping sentenced (29-Nov-2006)
Forgery sentenced (29-Nov-2006)
White Supremacists
Risk Factors: Methamphetamine
Do you know something we don't?
Submit a correction or make a comment about this profile

Post Falls, ID

#21 Mar 8, 2011
To "NOT" Hamspter killer!
Thank you so much for your response. It made me feel SO much better knowing we weren't alone. It was so shocking and upsetting when we went through this! The good news is...I have looked up all the info that "Needs a New Owner" posted!!:) OMG!!! Since the cop told her not to contact us and she did we saved, and printed her texts.. and also printed those rap report sheets. My husband told the cop about them and he was very interested!!! I agree with you!! She is the type of person that would posion your dogs, or burn your house down!!! My husband is a former Marine and would blow her head off if she actually showed up to our door!!(Which he told the cop!) I dont understand her mind set, but if you add drugs into it, it might make sense... BUT she went overboard , So crazy and I feel for you!! And we will respond to those assholes, who said you were wrong, really?...when they go to Zips every day for a Hamburger Meal?? Also.. We did file a "Phone harrasement " Charge!(the cop is coming over tomorrow), and the Spokane PD is going after her for filling a false report and we also are calling the Better Business Bureau! Trust me that Bitch well pay! SO!!!! Sorry you had to go through that :(

Post Falls, ID

#22 Mar 9, 2011
"Kristin" you "outed" your self the moment you signed on.. really??
There is a beautiful saying called the " Golden Rule" And Kristen, It is ALSO ABOUT YOU! Whether a snake eats a rat/hamster or not is not the problem...... the problem is your bitch ass attitude!! You are putting your nose in something which you have NO IDEA, what going opn. The next time you and your underage boyfriend go out for "fine" dinging at Burger King call me, and Ask me how the "Meat was prepared??" (Dont worry Kristen... the beaf/rat/ and pig meat that went into your next burgers hand were.....sung happy songs TO before were killed.??! CALL YOUR BEEF CO. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!!!
Shocked to Really WY

Post Falls, ID

#23 Mar 9, 2011
So "Really???? WY....Really?" Are you that bored, that placent,...that there is no one you know to take care of these reptiles??? Do you have a snake?? Do you have a lizard?? have a Reptile?? Im assuming you DONT! And youre trying to fight fire with fire! Just remember, when ever you eat your sandwhich, burger, or bacan your just as much a murder as any snake or reptile out there!!! WRONG!! Stick to what you know which is sledding and skilling! If you want a full out porn star, KKK member, or a women who has been charged with forgery, assalt, "and/or" (guess itdoeasnt matter) kidnappping..Call THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!

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