Bart wrote:
Not if your black? You get it all. Its just the white middle class getting screwed.
The middle class has two enemies of equal ferocity. The extremely poor and the extremely rich. The extremely poor wages war on the middle class because in their eyes they are the rich. Even though this is not true the middle class is the only better off group that they can easily recognize and see in their everyday lives. The extremely rich are just to far removed for the extremely poor to acknowledge. Meanwhile the extremely rich wage war on the middle class because they see them as their only threat to the position they hold. Together these two groups assault the middle class from two opposite fronts. The truly odd thing about it is how many in the middle class align themselves with one or the other groups against them. You have middle class people who think they are far richer than they are and join the war against themselves with the extremely rich and those that think they are still less than middle class who join the war on themselves by aligning the poor. It is a lack of unity on the part of the middle class itself that is the real problem. It almost seems that a lot pf people don't even want to identify as middle class. They rather think of themselves as poor and downtrodden who continue despite the struggle of poverty. Or as rich who are an elite group who has risen above all others except a small few. Being in the middle seems to not help the ego.