According to this article.....

Nguyen's family for a time lived next door to Spengler, and she knew him as "Uncle Billy," the lawyer said.

"I hope for her benefit that everybody understands how tangential, if at all, any role she had and how it is totally unrelated to what this maniac did on Christmas Eve," Parrinello said.


Tangential--- meaning merely touching; slightly connected.

IMHO...I guess one can live this lie when you can afford to pay a LIAR to represent you and assist in minimizing the colossal and enormous role she played.

Why doesn't she just admit her guilt.

Nah....that's too easy. She must go along and play the 3-ring circus so everyone involved can get paid. If she admits guilt, she could then save money by using a Pitiful Public Defender to help send her to jail where she belongs for breaking the law.

S/N; Uncles Billy. I wonder how much he paid HER to commit this offense?