Brother Wease remembers his experienc...

Brother Wease remembers his experiences as a soldier in Vietnam

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Ha Ha


#3 Nov 13, 2012
A door gunner in a Huey?
He was petrified the last time he flew one ...
I spoke with the pilots right after his ride, and they said they had NEVER seen a crewmember behave that way.

Holley, NY

#4 Nov 19, 2012
I can not say for sure what he did but he did go .But with all the miss truths and his pure selfishness how could any one believe anything he says.His only goal is to earn money to keep the graft flowing and keep the peace.Who else would work that hard in their late 60s if they did not have to.take away the money an it all unravels and with out giving away to much I believe some change is a coming .

People think that if you win a million bucks your set for life but that is so untrue especially in NY .

A house that is worth say 350 K cost at least 25 a year in taxes and utilities .Add another 15 in sodus property tax and wow 40 k a year just in property and school tax. Even with free dinners he grubs from business owners he has to work until he is at least 80 and trust me on this ,he is on the verge of being let go any contract now.It could be a month or a year but he is facing a huge financial burden .Look for big problems on the cost of school for kids from the third marriage. In the end I still wish him well because no man should be under that duress no matter how rude he is to people.
Semper Fi Forever

Rochester, NY

#5 Nov 20, 2012
Why do you, worry so much about him????? Doreen, is set for life, his children are set for life!!! You need to worry about those BAD teeth!!!!!!!!!!

Holley, NY

#6 Nov 20, 2012
I guess I have to ask the simple question.Why is he feverishly working as hard as he is at the onset of being near 70 and retirement if he is all set ?/

No man who is well in to his late 60s should be laboring as hard as Alan is if financially he does not have to.Alan has said he is working harder than he ever had to and that is his words not mine.

He clearly is worried about money how can you not blame him for this.The entire house of cards collapses if he is sent home for lack of ratings .It could be very well that he is worth much more deceased than alive and in this case he might want to watch who is making him dinner. After all without the graft he is just a angry old man who is more or less a very very selfish old man.As usual I am correct and Alan is living the act of a high wire artist who is at the end.But one must admire his ability to act as if nothing is wrong .He certainly does as guts even if it hurts him physically.I could never divulge personal info but just look at the facts and add up the sadness.

No man should be under the immense pressure he is under to continue to worry about the pressure of daily ratings and demos that bounce around like a pin ball.But than Again Alan usually only worries about himself so he could be '''

Semper Fi Forever

Rochester, NY

#7 Nov 21, 2012
I know, this is hard for you to understand, working at such a thankless job, but Wease, loves, what he does, he's done it so long, that the early call, is second nature, so once again, YOU'RE WRONG!!!!!!!

Holley, NY

#8 Nov 21, 2012
What Alan loves D, is money and that is what the house of cards is built on. If that money train ever stops then the real life emerges and whenever any one stops getting what they are used to the claws come out.And Alan who came from nothing knows all to well the truth of that statement and it scares the hell out of him.

And the facts are that the people who take the gravy train for granted have no idea how hard it is to reach that goal.Bottom line is that Alan is working harder than he ever has in his entire life and he wants to make sure that the train of money keeps flowing to keep the house of cards from falling apart.The truth is who would not do exactly what he is doing in order to keep the peace.I have said it before that I just want the truth to be told ,nothing more

After all how many men in their late 60s have multiple children who are not in high school????

What I can tell you about Alan the brother Wease el Levin is that he wants to makes sure he is secure financially and if he has to con the listeners in the small market of Rochester NY than so be it.It is all a ruse.
He is a bully and trust me on this he can talk the closest people around him to believe he is a decent man and still get what he wants .

For me personally I am simply a honest man who wants to make sure that people have all the facts and allow them to make their own decision.Why the haters hate is beyond me but it makes sense if the money train is all they are interested in.

I have only a few ? to ask of Alan.Is your first born daughter from your original marriage included in your will?/ Have you ever donated your own personal earnings ( 350 K a year since the 80s ,your words not mine ) to any charity with your name on it?? Do you believe that your charity allows you to exalt yourself above everyone else??
Semper Fi Forever

Rochester, NY

#9 Nov 22, 2012
You ask all these questions, but you've NEVER answered ONE question, posed to you here, WHY???????
What do you care, who, is in, or isn't in, his will?
It's not for you to decide. He, earns the money, he decides, what he does with it. He takes HIS TIME, to work for his charity, HIS TIME IS WORTH MONEY!!!!!!
Just like EDDIE MEATH, with his penny fund, years ago, and just recently, Jerry Lewis, with the MDA!
So, what have you done lately?????????? HYPOCRITE!!!!
Halotosis Gary Slammer

Rochester, NY

#10 Nov 22, 2012
Gary is a prickless jealous punk who got run and blackballed from the business by Wease.

Holley, NY

#11 Nov 22, 2012
The main goal of this site is to prove that Alan is a very selfish man who has polished a media image that is completely false and untrue. Alan can and has done some charitable work that has helped a few people in need but the larger false image he portrays is truly a case of fraud.

As an example according to what I believe to be the truth and the response of what appears to be his confidante Alan has not included his own first born daughter in his will.What kind of man would do that especially after leaving her as a baby.

Alan wants the spot light on him for what he perceives to be a good deed but yet when serious ?? are asked of his own contributions he becomes indignant and angry.My sole wish is to expose him as a phony who uses his platform to further his own agenda and nothing more.Money is what drives Alan and that in turns greases the wheels of a giant machine that will halt without it.No money and the entire facade disappears.It is why I believe he is being coaxed in to working well past his golden years even if it against the doctors orders and it is not healthy for him .

What is really scary is the fact that he really believes he is a good person and that mindset is what bad humans use to justify the worst of their intentions.In the end charity can be a positive factor in life but when it is used to mislead people it is woefully wrong and dishonest.But hey Hitler said the bigger the lie the more people that will believe it and that seems to be the true about Alan and his charity ..Sad but true....
Halotosis Gary Slammer

Rochester, NY

#12 Nov 22, 2012
You havent proven a single thing. Just empty allegations and hearsay.

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