Brother Wease Els stations ratings ar...

Holley, NY

#203 Oct 16, 2013
By the way ,here is the big question.When will Alan Levin debate if he dares and why does he have such fear to answer simple questions /For example ,does the contract he signed have a clause that allows CC to terminate it for a small payout of 3 -6 months .

If Alan Levin cares so much about his family ,does he feel that it is more important to work for the next 4 years straight or would it be better to spend as much time as possible with the people he says he cares about.

Did wease make a deal ahead of time with management and does he allow D L to attend the meetings involving his contract and what ever happened to the agent he had???

Why is wease hiding so much from the listeners if as he says he is always honest with the audience ??
Dorky Dave

Alden, NY

#205 Oct 18, 2013
After listening to John Dituillo filling in for wease all week who did not hear the energy that John brought to the show. Clearly he is the guy that will take over for wease for good one of these days.

Holley, NY

#207 Oct 19, 2013
Without.? Alan would like to have some one he thinks can carry on the show he is on and will best suit what he believes he started to move forward . It is obvious to any thinking person that Pauly is vying for that spot and it's almost embarrassing to listen to him kiss the butt of Alan to a point that Doreen might be getting jealous . On the other hand Alan is enduting a like minded parrot takes his place .but what is hilarious is the fact that Alan does not have the power to Make that decision and he knows it .but he is so drunk with power he can't help himself .

Look I found out some info that makes it difficult to write truthfully about the problems of the show he is on so besides his age all I can say is as I can see it , look for more changes to the show he is on .

Holley, NY

#208 Oct 19, 2013
And by the way and I am being honest and sincere ( hey if wease thinks it makes him more believable than I can do the same ) I can tell you that with the information I have I have decided to not hold him accountable for the next few months to bring truthfull .. In general he pretends to play the I am honest and Kimberly and beck are not . But I am going to allow some time to elapse ( big word wease ) and I believe he will finally level with the listeners . Time will tell wease

Holley, NY

#210 Oct 19, 2013
People must never forget that brother Wease also known as Alan Levin has been the only show that had no competition for decades.Of course now that he has been knocked out of the top spot he is not happy about the consequences of his actions and he has found a way to besmirch the good people who he once worker with.

It is in Alan's MO to attack any one that exposes him as the radical phony that he is . As always challenge him to a debate but i expect a answer of NO .It is what is it is .

Holley, NY

#212 Oct 21, 2013
Well I guess ALan and his minions not only fear the truth ,but the fact that they look hapless in the wake of losing jamie and not being able to compete for the Number one spot anymore. Can any one imagine even 5 years ago that Alan the weasel levin would not be able to carry the top spot anymore in the tiny market of Rochester NY ?/

He is so passe it is almost surreal ..Big words Alan,you might want to get a dictionary ..HA HA HA HA .Even the rummies around him are ignorant blokes who can only follow and have trouble spelling without looking at their tats. Hey Alan is what he is and no one has ever accused him of being intelligent.One must never confuse money with smarts because if that was the case drug dealers would be running for president.

My point is Alan is a lucky fool who stumbled on a job and never had the intelligence to turn it in to a national show. And now in his late 60s he still has to grind out a living and that is a fact

Holley, NY

#217 Oct 29, 2013
And by the way ,I want to bask in the glory of winning and defeating Alan the brother wease el levin and the horrible little trolls who peruse the internet looking to protect the old feeble man.

These people who hang on to him are leeches who need to keep in working even if it is against the doctors wishes and in only their interests.

They are blood suckers who will do anything to protect the money stream at all costs.Even if they pretend to care or in their small minds think they care,it call comes down to them protecting the money stream known as Alan Levin.Look for some sparks very soon as the numbers are down and alas Alan is reaching a point where he is not far from a land mark that very very few people in the media have reached and been able to stay relevant .70 is a number that he personally hates and the minions close to him do everything they can to convince him that he is not as old as he feels .It is horrible and so selfish on their part ,he should be allowed to retire with dignity before he breaks down and can no longer function.Instead they choose to milk him for every penny and it is abhorrent.But know what they are and what they stand for ,Alan is all alone and he can no longer make his own decisions and we all know who is behind it.

Alan ,you better make sure all your finances are set in case at your age something happens.Very famous people are leaving the planet forever and you are very close to the age of the average actor or musician .Look at James Gandolphini ,or some of the famous singers who have kicked the bucket and they were all 68,70 ,69 ,.. Knowing the problems that exist with children from different mothers you want to be sure it is written in stone.The history of what happens with the last mother and children does not look good for your first born.

God speed and I hope this does not befall you ,but beware for it seems people are trying to keep you from hearing the truth and why in the world would they want to hide how old you are and convince you that the people that are no longer with us are anomaly while you are someone special.You only have ten years left at best wease ,just look at what is happening around you..

Holley, NY

#220 Oct 31, 2013
And by the way ,how does it feel to be on a station that is trounced by WCMF?? Wease ,you have used to be the number one show in the small market of Rochester NY ////??

How are you going to reverse the ratings slide you are on?/
Tommy Rules

Alden, NY

#222 Nov 1, 2013
Yes Wease is off to another vacation this weekend to Turning Stone Casino. This just after being home for what 2 weeks from his trip to Aruba. No wonder why he simply can not relate to the EVERY-MAN anymore. He is to high and mighty as most COMMON folks cant take vacations every 2-3 weeks.

Must be nice

An avid every-man listener !!

Since: Nov 13

Location hidden

#224 Nov 7, 2013
You must understand, how obsessed, Gary is, with Brother Wease!!!! He has pictures of the man, all over our basement, he has coffee mugs, and everything
I don't understand the fascination, but, it's all he has!!! He tries so hard to be like his hero, he even has a little studio, set up in the basement, and he imitates, his hero. It's so adorable, but it's also disturbing, as, I don't think, a grown man, should act like that.

Holley, NY

#225 Nov 11, 2013
Well ,obviously the people that need to keep Alan alive for as long as possible for monetary reasons and when any one exposes him for what he is ( and them for what they want out of him) they feel the need to attack any one that upsets the apple cart.

All I can say is ,Alan Levin will only give up so much of what he wants before he just throws in the towels.As I predicted from a initial bump in the ratings to a long slide downward from number one to now fighting for 2 or 3 ,and lets just say other problems that I will not discuss on this forum.

In all honesty ,Alan has survived 3 tours ,3 marriages and cancer.I say let him choose how he wants to live and he should have thought about his choices knowing his age and the responsibility that comes with what he did.

Look for him trying to find a way out sooner rather than later.God SPeed ALan because you will need it ,

Since: Nov 13

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#226 Nov 12, 2013
Oh honey, you're obsessing again. Can't you find another hobby??? You, really should go back, to torturing small animals, like you used to do, when you were younger. This obsession with this radio, person, is UH-HEALTHY!!!

Holley, NY

#227 Nov 12, 2013
By the way ,I accept being a honey but it does not ring true ? And I wonder when that does not work anymore with the big fish who has taken about enough of the BS ??/ Look Alan is what he is and no one will be able to change or control

Since: Nov 13

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#228 Nov 13, 2013
Are you going to take up fishing now, dear????????? That would be so much healthier, than this one way love affair, you have with that radio person. You so desperately need to get out of the basement, and stop playing with that HORRID BLOWUP DOLL!!!

Rochester, NY

#229 Nov 13, 2013
slammers mom wrote:
Are you going to take up fishing now, dear????????? That would be so much healthier, than this one way love affair, you have with that radio person. You so desperately need to get out of the basement, and stop playing with that HORRID BLOWUP DOLL!!!

Holley, NY

#230 Nov 15, 2013
Here is the bottom line regarding Alan Levin and te situation he is in. Alan is the master at the art of deception and misinformation and that is opinionated fact.

What my sources tell me and what makes total sense in the big picture is Alan has made a deal to stay on longer than what he told people close to him .The reason being is he gets what he wants and in his selfish mind that equals time to himself.

And by the way Alan is very intelligent at manipulating people in to believing he cares about them while he always considers what he wants first .

I truly believe that he set up the entire deal to give the people close to him the cash that they love and give himself the time to do what he wants and its a win win for him.He gets to continue to evade the responsibility of being a good parent ( time ,patience ,effort) while saying he is providing cash to keep people happy). Alan might not be that intelligent regarding his ability to speak or even write the English language, but he has a unique way of misleading people in to thinking he is doing something for them knowing all the while he is getting what he wants at the expense of the people he says he cares about.

In the end Alan is a realist and he knows he has 10 -12 years at best of a decent life before he reaches the point of not being able to walk or talk with out help and he will do what he must to allow himself the freedom to do what HE wants.And in the end maybe that is not selfishness but realism at the life he is in. But What I can tell you is that it is starting to fray and all you have to do is look at how much time he spends away as opposed to with.

Since: Nov 13

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#231 Nov 16, 2013
Oh, Gary, why do you continue to berate a man, who, provides so well, for his family.I know, you're still angry, that your DADDY left, right after you were born!!! He took one look at you, in the hospital, and we never saw him again. That radio, person, is home every afternoon,when his children get home from school. How nice it must be for him, to help with homework, or go to their football games, things most fathers CAN'T do. Don't be bitter, because you never had a DADDY, at least you have your BLOWUP doll. What's her name????? CINDY???

Holley, NY

#232 Nov 16, 2013
truth be told ,I am defending a man who should be standing up for himself but is having trouble finding the right time and place to break the news.

Look ,as much as i see Alan as a person who will do and say whatever he has to in order to keep his ratings relevant ( Jammie leaving has hurt the ratings and the station he is on) he does deserve to live his final days in peace and happiness.

I can attest that Alan does work very hard and he has worked even harder since he fell from the top spot in the small market of Rochester NY ,and no one and I mean no one has continued to work as hard as he has despite of him being close to 70 years old.( and by the way ,has any one ever heard of senior citizen abuse and the FACT is Alan is a senior citizen)

Now the real question is why is he so anxious to work past an age of full benefits from SS I and Medicare??
Answer ,in my opinionated fact , it is easy to understand ,well I will let you figure it out because it is a simple and logical answer..

Answer to follow ,but look for certain clues beyond what he has said in the last few months to confirm what is happening

Since: Nov 13

Location hidden

#233 Nov 17, 2013
There you go, prattling on, with you OPINIONATED FACT
I thought we discussed that, phrase?? It's meaningless, much like your pathetic life!!!!
How can you begrudge a person, who LOVES his job, and wants to continue to work, and pay taxes, and contribute to Social Security, instead of sitting on his butt, playing on the computer, LIKE YOU DO!!!!!! I brought you another supply, of K-Y Jelly, for your BLOW UP doll.

Holley, NY

#234 Nov 17, 2013
D L is correct in that last post, Alan is working harder than he ever has and without ?? he is continuing to work well past what he needs to be working and now that we have D L on record as to the facts ,we can begin to ask why he has decided to work when according to D L he does not have to .

The answer is very simple but I am not sure if the people close to him want to face the truth.

The show Alan is on has been sliding down as of late and with out ???? they are missing Jamie.As Alan said ,he was the best side kick he ever had and that chemistry is very difficult to replicate . Now considering that Alan is no longer in the top 2 but is still in the top 5 he feels compelled to try to not retire as a third fiddle .

But the real crux is and I certainly believe to be the truth and that is he made a deal well before telling any one in his family and sold it to them as a win win for everyone. And who could blame him, he gets to keep unity within the business tree and gets to keep using the same excuse to evade responsibility . Hey i have a surprise meeting,hey they want to talk about next weeks shows ,hey they have another boring corporate meeting but I have to stay late ,blah blah blah .

Truth be told one must give him huge props for pulling off the biggest hoax since Bush and WMDs .Alan will and most people will make excuses for purely selfish reason to get what they want and when you look at Alan and the situation he is in ,it all makes perfect sense ,..

He gets to stay away for a few more years ,the money still flows to keep certain people quiet( not who you think by the way) and if you know Alan he is not one for confrontation .Of course on the radio he pretends to be some big shot and is not afraid of arguing with any one.But in real life Alan is bossed around and he is more or less been silenced .Sure he might pipe up here and there on the air ,but he knows who is in charge and all i can tell you for now is,that will probably be changing soon.

God Speed Alan god speed ,

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